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Bom Jesus Do Congonhas – An Unbelievable Sanctuary In Brazil


We have come across some wonderful UNESCO World Heritage Site across Brazil. Some of which are beautiful landscapes, traces of ancient civilization and some breathtaking architecture. But the next on our list is quite an exceptional World Heritage Site.
The Bom Jesus Do Congonhas is a sanctuary, but nothing like the rest sanctuaries across the world. This brilliantly constructed sanctuary is one of the finest examples of manmade marvel. Inside the sanctuary consists of some magnificent Italian architecture. The sanctuary reflects the religious aspect of Christianity. The entire primes of the place do have the capacity to port you back to the 18th century.

Let’s get to know more about the place, its culture reflecting past and other tourism facets related to Bom Jesus Do Congonhas

About Bom Jesus Do Congonhas

santuario de bom jesus de congonhas
santuario de bom jesus de congonhas: Image Credit/

It was around 18th-century Bom Jesus Do Congonhas that was designed and constructed. Tourists are often overwhelmed by the beauty and the majesty of the architecture spread over the sanctuary. It is said that the travelers find themselves exploring 18th century culture while exploring the place. Such is the magic of this 18th-century Baroque architecture.

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This sanctuary has some beautiful churches and sculptures. The interior of the church is designed Rococo and Italian inspiration. There are six chapels inside the sanctuary that illuminates the holy cross. The masterpiece like the sculpture of Aleijadinho is one of the main attractions in the place. baroque art and style of architecture can be prominently seen across the sanctuary, people particularly who love art and culture have a great time wandering among the sanctuary.

History of the place

Sanctuary Bom Jesus
Sanctuary Bom Jesus: Image Credit/

It is said that the story behind building this wonderful place is quite interesting. Though most of the part seems to be a rumor, however, the live construction stands tall in front of you. It is believed that Nicodemus built this entire sanctuary reminiscing the arrival of Jesus in Portugal. Also, the interior of the place tells a story about the last days of Jesus Christ. Nicodemus knew Jesus very well, and thus the sculptures are originally how Jesus may have looked like.

The purpose of building the place may have been to recreate the lives of his beloved Jesus Christ. However, the creation itself was so wonderful that it was listed soon into the UNESCO World Heritage Site in no time.
In no time the place become the most believed pilgrimage site as people started to believe that any prayers would be answered soon.

Tour inside the Bom Jesus Do Congonhas

aleijadinho sculpture
aleijadinho sculpture: Image Credit/

The sanctuary is created by the imagination of Antonio Francisco Lisboa, a genius known by the nickname Aleijadinho. When you enter the premises the most interesting and welcoming feature would be the twelve sculptures. Inside the sanctuary, six chapels reminiscing the steps of passion. The creative imagination of Antonio is quite an impressive one.

The soapstone wooden sculptures have a hundred stories depicting the lives and last days of Jesus Christ. This creation of unimaginable art and architecture earned the creator a crowning achievement. Tourists love to explore the place and be a part of age-old believes and traditions.

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Protection and Management

Brazil Tourism
Brazil Tourism : Image Credit/

Since the place entered into the historic site and was also recognized to be UNESCO World Heritage Site, the protection and managed care has been taken into National consideration. The National Institute and the Artistic Heritage have been working tremendously towards it. However, the cultural and heritage property comes under the UNESCO list. The sanctuary of Bom Jesus is also chosen as the federal heritage site by IPHAN and other federal departments.

Also at the local level, the municipality is taking care of this World Heritage Site issues such as expanding the area and ensuring more protection. A Congonhas Plan has been executed to set out certain rules in terms of using the area surrounding the WHS.

Best time to visit the place

Night View of Bom Jesus
Night View of Bom Jesus: Image Credit/

The place is visited by the tourist all around the year. And hence it is too hard to say which month is the best for visit! However, the month of June and July are the best to explore the sanctuary and other parts of the world.
For those who love to explore the city without any hustle-bustle, it is recommended to hire a cab to reach the place. After exploring the sanctuary many other places in the vicinity can be explored. Hence instead of looking for the best time to visit the place, it would be better to look for a well-planned trip. As it will allow you to explore this heritage site much efficiently.

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We have visited several sanctuaries beforehand; however, something like Bom Jesus Do Congonhas I bet would be the first. A pilgrimage Sanctuary that implicit the past so marvelously is a sight worth visiting. And that is exactly why Bom Jesus Do Congonhas is famous among tourist. Hence visit the place and explore the deeper side of the art and religious exploration together. Till you plan your visit the famous Bom Jesus Do Congonhas its Bon Voyage for me!

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