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Top Ten Places Across The Globe To Celebrate New Year’s Eve Like Never Before!


Parties, Fireworks, Music, Food new year celebration comes in different colors and excitement to people across the globe. But to make them special, you need to be a little creative and choose places that will give a lifetime reminiscence for sure. Looking for an enthralling New year Celebration? Let’s chalk out the top ten New Year places in the world that are popular destinations for celebration. All you need is to pack your bags, go ahead and be a part of different cultures and diversity to kick start the year!

Let’s get started-

Sydney (Australia), New Year Places

Sydney is where New Year begins, and there no wonder people around the globe come down to this city New Year night. One who witnesses the Sydney firework will be awestruck forever. New year night at Sydney is indeed a magical experience for lifelong. The celebration starts from 6 pm on the evening of December 31st till the clock struck midnight to welcome the new year! First, there will be a fire display over the harbor side lighting up the sky.

Sydney (Australia), New Year Places
Enjoy firework at Sydney Harbour Bridge, Via:

Along with which breathtaking water show and “traditional welcome to our country” performance by the curators. Around 9 there will be a massive firework that will erupt the sky and bewitch you entirely.

Main Attraction- The world-famous firework ad Sydney Harbour Bridge

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Goa (India), New Year Places

Beaches, parties, and music that will rock you, Goa is the best place to wake up the party beast in you. New Year’s Eve at Goa is all about sunbathing, party all night and delicious Goan cuisine that will tickle your taste buds. The tourist comes here from all over the country to enjoy New Year at Goa.

Goa (India), New Year Places
Supersonic Festival Goa, Via:

If you have planned a day stay or two, you can opt for a Mondovi river cruise, to enjoy a fabulous sunset. All you have to do is choose the best beach place perfect for your New Year’s Eve.

Main Attraction: The Sunburn festival, Supersonic Goa festival, and the exiting water sport

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Dubai (United Arab Emirates), New Year Places

Dubai organizes the best new year party that one can even fathom. Witnesses an enthralling VIP performance along with fabulous firework and delicious food. Dubai is well known for the majestic Burj Khalifa.

Dubai (United Arab Emirates), New Year Places
Burj Khalifa firework and light show, Via:

The majestic building standing tall all dressed up in the light on the New Year’s Eve is a feast to your eye, an experience worth for lifetime!

Main Attraction- Light show at Burj Khalifa

London (England)

If you are planning a splendours New Year with your loved one, London is the best place one can probably think. London is a place known for elegance and grace. A day at Duck and Waffle, the rooftop part at Skylight Tobacco Dock and Viennese ball can add fun to your New Year plan! Another vantage for a better holiday mood is Clipper Boat Cruise

Main Attraction- The Cannon street and the majestic firework 

New York, New Year Places

Tourists across the world pour into the city that never sleeps, particularly to spend Christmas and new year. The Christmas and new year in New York are magically overwhelming.

New York, New Year Places
Take a snapshot at Time Square 2020, Via:

Experience the magic of Times Square in Manhattan which is the busiest and crowd place during the New Year’s Eve.

Main Attraction- Time Square

Las Vegas (Nevada)

Another city that doesn’t sleep on the new year is Las Vegas, Nevada. Occupied with a street party and Las Vegas strip, one of the main attractions for the youngsters and party lovers across the world.

Main Attraction- Pubs, casinos and night parties and of course firework.

Melbourne (Australia)

One of the busiest and crowded cities during the new year. Millions across the world come down to celebrate the new year with utmost fun and excitement. The celebration is a mix of party bash and firework, however, the spirit and enthusiasm of the people make the place a top priority for the new year celebration.

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Main Attraction: Victoria Harbour-stunning light show

Edinburgh (Scotland)

Are you ready to experience the essence of the medieval period with booming neoclassical archaeological beauty this new year, Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland is one for all. Grab your place at Calton Hill or Arthur seat before to ensure you along with your loved one witness the famous firework that lights up the sky.

Edinburg Firework, Scotland, Via:

The view forms the place gives you a fascinating experience to treasure all your life. However, if you are opting the hilltop castle out and prefer to be staying in the hotel, almost Balmoral hotel is best to view the firework and avoid the crowd.

Main Attraction: Music concerts and Calton hilltop to enjoy the firework

Barcelona (Spain)

Celebrate the new year with all your heart at the capital of Spain. You will not find a dull spot in Barcelona, as the entire city is decorated for the welcome of the new year with great grandeur. Midnight firework under the Barceloneta beach and special events concerning New Year’s Eve is celebrated with Zeal at every nook ad corner of the city.

Main Attraction: Barceloneta beach, fireworks. 

Vienna (Vienna)

What about experiencing galas and ball dance to create reminisce throughout the year? Pack your bags for Vienna ad fall in love with the city. Parties and celebrations are different here, hence if you are looking for out of the world experience, you are at the right place. The city is well known for its artistic legacy that implicit in every celebration.

Enjoy night party at 2020 eve Hip Hop club Vienna, Via:

Main Attraction: Fresh wine, ride in Majestic Imperator train.

I hope the list helps you to choose the best suitable place to enrich your New Year’s Eve and ensure the experience stays throughout the year along…

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