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8 Indonesian Beaches You Must Visit This Year


Indonesia, a country in Southeast Asia, is one of the famous island holiday destinations. Travel and tourism are essential aspects of the Indonesian economy. If we keep aside the ancient temples, historical places and volcanoes, the best part of this island nation are its beaches. Indonesia is very popular for beautiful scenery, white sandy beaches and clear turquoise waters, along with its delicious seafood. This is the main reason for Indonesia drawing the attention of many tourists and beach lovers.

Due to the amazing beaches and islands, adventure activities are also quite famous on these beaches of Indonesia. Activities like scuba diving, snorkelling, fishing and underwater sports will definitely force you to visit Indonesian beaches.

So, listing 8 most famous beaches of Indonesia, which are topical heaven for beach lovers.

1. Kuta Beach – Indonesian Beaches

Kuta Beach is the most popular beach in Bali. This beach and its resorts are the leading travel highlight among tourists. If you want a perfect romantic walk with your bae on the white sand along the beachside, then you should prefer Kuta beach in your itinerary. Enjoy your spa with crashing waves from your resort, dance all night at famous nightclubs and relish your drink at nearby cafes.

Kuta Beach - Indonesian Beaches
Tourist relaxing at Kuta Beach- Via:

Due to massive popularity, this beach is crowded all the time. Kuta beach is also famous for surfing. The atmosphere and fun activities on this beach are just enticing.

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2. Nusa Dua Beach

Nusa Dua Beach or Pantai Mengiat in Bali is considered as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. This picturesque paradise attracts many tourists to visit Indonesia from all over the globe. Enjoy your sunbath at plenty of white sand. There is water below site on the shore of Nusa Dua, here the funneling of waves causes the water to shoot up to 30m in air.

People enjoying Water Blow at Nusa Dua Beach-Bali, Via:

This water blow will drench you thoroughly. Try various watersports and adventure activities on the beach. Stay in world-class resorts and 5-star hotels. You can also enjoy glass-bottom boat rides and swimming on the beach.

3. Senggigi Beach – Indonesian Beaches

You have heard of white sand, pink sand, golden sand beaches. Surprisingly Senggigi beach is a grey sand beach. The most prime tourist destination located in Lombak, Indonesia. The views around this beach are undoubtedly panoramic. You can have the best aspects of this beach from the hilltop.

Senggigi Beach - Indonesian Beaches

This beach has colorful reefs that provide habitat to a variety of marine life. Thus this beach is also famous for snorkeling and scuba diving. The swinging palm trees and breezy air make this beach a perfect place for relaxing.

4. Pangandaran Beach

The best-kept secret of West Java is Pangandaran beach. This fabulous beach destination offers a combination of both black and white sand, calm waves and spectacular sunset views. Hold the hand of your bae and fall in love at this beach with a fantastic view of the sunset. Pangandaran also hosts many annual events like the International Kite Festival, which is held in July every year.

Mesmerizing Sunset View of Pangandaran Beach, Via: Pinterest

Many kite enthusiasts gather for this festival. Get a thrill out of swimming, jet-skiing, snorkelling and fishing. Go for hiking and hill-climbing adventure at Pangandaran Beach.

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5. Sanur Beach – Indonesian Beaches

If you want to witness the most incredible early morning views with traditional colored Balinese boats, then Sanur Beach is the right option for you. The beach has a paved boardwalk; you can enjoy the walk along the boardwalk. The relaxing and peaceful atmosphere of Sanur beach will blow your mind.

Sanur Beach - Indonesian Beaches
Morning View of Sanur Beach, Via:

You can enjoy water-sports on this beach like windsurfing, jet skiing, paddle boarding. For dining options, you will find an amazing blend of restaurants and cafes near the beach area.

6. Pink Beach

As its name suggests, Pink Beach has a combination of white and red sand, which looks pink in color. This is a natural phenomenon that can be seen in Komodo National park located in Lombak. Pink Beach is one of the seven beaches in the entire world with pink sand and it has been nominated as one of the seven natural wonders of the world.

Via: Pinterest

This beach offers an awe-inspiring experience of watching gigantic Komodo dragons and amazing marine national park. This beach is a perfect combination of pink sand colorful coral reefs, clear blue water and unique sight.

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7. Atuh Beach – Indonesian Beaches

Atuh Beach, located in Nusa Penida, is one of Indonesia’s most alluring beaches. The drive to this hidden beach of Bali is also very scenic, but still, Atuh beach is rarely visited by tourists. The view of golden sand with rugged cliffs and clean water is very astonishing. The offshore rock formation surrounded by turquoise water with small rocks looks terrific. The best time to visit this beach is in the morning around 5:30 am.

Atuh Beach - Indonesian Beaches
The Offshore Rock Formation At Atuh Beach, Via:

Visitors can also explore some picturesque villages near to Atuh Beach. For witnessing the beautiful view of Atuh Beach arch from the top of the cliff, enter from the east side of the beach.

8. Derawan Island Beaches

Derawan island beaches are a relaxing paradise and dream destination for many tourists visiting Indonesia. The archipelago in East Kalimantan is one of the best examples of tropical heaven in Indonesia. This island has 31 small islands out of them only 6 are reachable. This island has many eco-friendly resorts and lodges.

Enjoy scuba diving at Derawan Island beaches, Via:

Its coral reefs and abundant marine life is suitable for scuba diving and snorkeling. Most tourists visit this island for breathtaking views and abundant marine life.

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There are other beaches apart from all these mentioned above which are popular in their own ways. Such as Lengkuas beach, Gili Meno, Ngurtafur Beach, Tanjung Gelam beach and Air Manis Beach. If you want to read more about these beaches, then let us know in the comment section. And also mention the beaches visited by you in Indonesia so far.

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