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Seven Amazing Places to Travel in Sharjah


Sharjah is one of the jewels in the crown that represents the United Arab Emirates in terms of art and history. This Place has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage site. While exploring Sharjah you get to learn about history, museums and art from the region. You can find interesting edifices that inherently shed light on the history of Emirati history. However, it’s a place you can explore the new and old tradition in a well-preserved way and the respect people have towards their culture and tradition.

Sharjah Museum

The Sharjah Museum is one of the places to travel in Sharjah that seems highly recommended by several visitors. You can find out more about Islamic civilization when you visit the Sharjah Museum. It is located in the heart of Sharjah and one of the best-designed state-of-the-art museums. The unique artifacts are the center of attraction as the collections, date back from the first century to the 14th century.

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Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilisation/Image Credit:

You can have a look at the discoveries and inventions that Muslim scholars have made throughout the ancient times of Islam. A visitor can look forward to seeing 5000 distinct pieces collected from all over the world. The items get displayed in various galleries according to their time periods. As a visitor, you are sure to be impressed by the cultural and historical significance of the collection.

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Al Noor Island

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The Al Noor Island/Image Credit:

The locals find this island to be a great weekend getaway. The tourists from all over come over to check out the amazing attractions of this island. The island is a wonderful place to explore different interests, such as the literature pavilion, or those who seek solace in nature can look out for the beautiful fluttering butterflies. The visitors who have a passion for art can check out the exceptional sculptures. The entire evening can culminate in phenomenal lighting displays.

Souk Al-Jubail

It happens to be the largest fresh produce market in Sharjah. This market is one of the most popular bustling souks for locals and visitors to enjoy the best shopping experience. Just on the outside, you will find the harbor lined up with fishing boats. The domes and pillars of the Souk Al Jubail that make up the structure of the market have utilized several of the traditional Islamic architecture.

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Souk Al Joubail’s Fish Market/Image Credit:

You get the best fish, fruits and vegetables, which prominently get imported and locally found in one place. While you do the shopping, there is a great place in the central atrium to keep the kids occupied. It’s a good place to bargain and get the best of wares. And if you are early (at 6 am), you could witness the auction of the day with the prize fish catch.

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Touring Kalba/Image Credit:

For all those eco-enthusiasts, a big shout-out when you reach Kalaba. One of the popular places to travel in Sharjah is well known for ecotourism. The visitors could spend their time trekking, kayaking and those who want to get into the water can vouch for great scuba diving experiences. You will find the national animal of Sharjah here, the Arabian oryx. The beach is a popular spot for pics with the scenic background of the ebbing deep blue sea. You will find, great weather complementing your desire to have fun on the Sharjah beach.

Al Qasba

Al Qasba is one of the cultural landmarks of Sharjah known for several attractions in the waterfront community. A plaza with gardens and fountains, an apt place for the visitors to relax in the shady nooks and enjoy the charming canals as they do so. It is a good place to shop or dine. You could pick some waterside entertainment as well. The local mosque teaches the Friday sermons in English, one of the few religious centers in Sharjah which do so. An art center with three leveled galleries encompasses state-of-art facilities that include a video archive, multimedia support systems, and an art library.

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The Nightlife in Al Qasba/Image Credit:

The main building of the Maraya art Centre main building exhibits sculptures and other interactive projects that the visitors can look at. Those who are into theatre can have an enjoyable evening with depictions on stage by some brilliant actors who perform selected pieces from the world of stories, fairy tales, history, ancient tales etc. You could look forward to an enjoyable day. However, there seems so much variety to choose from in Al Qasba.

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Khor Fakkan

It is one of the best beaches to hang out. The footfall for this place proves the popularity of the Khor Fakkan. The weather is just perfect for relaxing on the golden sandy beaches of the longshore, one of the many places to travel in Sharjah. The photogenic rock formations around the Hajar Mountains bring out a photographer in you. Those into adventure sports can have a gala time in snorkeling, deep diving and several other activities.

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Relaxing by The Beachside in Khor Fakkan/Image Credit:

Visitors could enjoy excellent spa facilities to pamper themselves by getting a massage and other body treatments. The shimmering sun on the water can set the mood for sailing on those waves, kayaking, or perhaps hopping on a dhow cruise. Still, on the water, you might as well go for the catch because fishing spots are just around the corner. You could rent out a jet ski and try all the swerves you have seen in an action movie.

Al Noor Mosque

The mosque is open for public worship and is considered one of the iconic places. The architecture is very inspiring, with cascading domes and two Ottoman-styled towering minarets. The interiors seem inspired by the holy book, Quran, which gets intricately etched in calligraphy. To enter the mosque, you may need to wear a traditional Emirati dress at the entrance. (The dress gets offered at the entrance. As you have to oblige to the modest dressing in certain places in public.)

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The Resplendent Look of The Al Noor Mosque/Image Credit:

You could get a guided tour explaining the spectacular architecture of the mosque. They even explain the significance of the mosque to Emirati history. The courtyard houses a beautiful butterfly garden and an excellent chance to check out this place before sunset. There are contemporary installations of art and the lighting arrangements at dusk which add opulence to the mosque’s architecture. The backdrop provides amazing pictures to take home.

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Sharjah for long has been popular for showing art, but over the years, a lot of significant events held in this beautiful Emirati kingdom. The day travel to the nightlife of this place has so many fascinating things for visitors to do. The best part is travelers need not find particular places to click picturesque images, but every building or backdrop readymade for an Instagram pic. You could explore cities, gorge the delicious food and then collect memories of Emirati culture for posterity.

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