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For a Small Weekend Getaway Plan a Trip of Bahrain


Middle East countries are known for their exotic beach locations, delicious Arab cuisine and amazing horizon. Talking about Bahrain then yes this middle east country comes in the same league but what special here! Why it is one of the hottest destinations for planning a small weekend getaway. Bahrain is the most fascinating beach country in the Middle East that lures beachgoers and solo travellers.

Let’s discover the travel attractions and know why a tour of Bahrain is a must for you.

What Bahrain is all About?

Bahrain is an island nation settled beautifully in the Persian Gulf. It is surrounded by around 51 natural islands and 33 artificial islands. Apart from attracting the voyagers with the natural landscape and beach vibes, this country also renowned for remarkable architectural buildings, unusual mosques, museums and popular markets which reflect the culture & traditions. If you want to take Dubai feeling on a low budget then travelling to Bahrain is not a bad option for you.

Travel Bahrain
Adore the Skyline of Bahrain / Image Credit:

From the Bahrain National Museum to excellent nightlife, the attractive island country has a lot to offer.

Check Out these top sites to visit in Bahrain which makes it a gem of the Middle East.

Top Sites to Visit in Bahrain

Manama city holds many attractive sites where you can watch a lavish skyline showcasing modern designs and Islamic traditions sites reflecting the ancient culture of Bahrain. Take a look.

Bahrain National Museum

Bahrain National Museum is the biggest museum that houses various artefacts reflecting the rich history and culture of Bahrain. It is definitely one of the best tourist places to see in Bahrain. The highlight of this museum is the fascinating beachfront location and the fabulous modern architecture of the museum that entices everyone.

Bahrain National Museum
Bahrain National Museum / Image Credit:

This museum, which opened in 1988 and spans 9 halls divided into and six main parts, highlighting the history of the Kingdom of the past 4000 years. The archaeological treasures from ancient Dilmun are among the most prominent sights, but the replica of the old Souq should not be skipped.

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Al Fatih Mosque

Built-in 1988, Al Fateh is one of Bahrain’s largest mosques stretching in an area of 6,500m². Marble, glass and teak wood were used in its construction. The mosque’s dome, which is made of fiberglass and provides a wonderful view at night, is the most beautiful feature. For Muslims, this mosque is regarded as a significant religious place.

Al Fateh Mosque, Bahrain
Al Fateh Mosque, Bahrain / Image Credit:

The mosque, which is named after Bahrain’s founder, Ahmed Al Fateh, also houses Bahrain’s National Library.

Beit Al Quran

In terms of religion, Beit Al Quran is a must-visit destination for Islamic people. It houses a large Quran collection from every century as well as it one of the first translations into a European language.

Beit Al Quran
Beit Al Quran / Image Credit:

There is also a library where you may find books and works by some of the world’s most well-known Islamic writers. Another remarkable aspect of the Beit Al Quran is the little Qurans that can be seen here, the smallest of which measures only a few millimeters in length.

Bahrain World Trade Center

Have you seen anywhere that huge glass buildings meeting the sky in front of the beachfront? That is the beauty of Bahrain World Trade centre which provides a panoramic view of the skyline and beach at the same time. It is the most dramatic and inspiring trade centre, which rises to an elevation of 787 ft above ground.

Bahrain World Trade Center / Image Credit:

It is the most impressive trade centre in the world, rising to a height of 787 feet above the earth. This trade centre comprises 50-story twin towers that are connected by sky bridges. Three wind turbines are housed within two of the buildings, providing light to nearly 300 homes.

Explore Riffa Fort

Sheikh Salman bin Ahmed Fort, formerly known as Riffa Fort, provides a magnificent view over the Hunanaiya valley. It is a great location for history buffs as the Riffa Fort is renowned for its stunning ancient architecture from the Al Khalifas reign era.

Riffa Fort, Bahrain
Riffa Fort Bahrain / Image Credit:

Sheikh Salman Bin Ahmad Al Fatih constructed the fort in 1812. The fort houses a tiny museum that displays relics from the previous era. A mosque is also located within the fort and is open to the public. So if you love history then you can pay a visit.

Hawar Island

Hawar Island is one of Bahrain’s most well-known destinations for beach lovers. It provides a calm retreat for visitors who love nature and serenity. Hawar Island, which is surrounded by the Persian Gulf, provides opportunities for water sports.

Enjoy at Hawar Island Resort
Enjoy at Hawar Island Resort / Image Credit:

As Hawar Island is a renowned resort location, some of the top resorts in Bahrain can be found here. The island is also home to a variety of bird species and sand gazelle and Arabian oryx. Hawar Island is a wonderful spot to explore in Bahrain from picturesque views of the sea to opulent resorts.

Al Areen Wildlife Park & Reserve

Al Areen Wildlife Park & Reserve is both a zoo and a natural reserve. This lush green park is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna, including over 500 animal species and 10,000 plants. There’s also a bird park, a desert flower garden and a Wild Animals Complex on this reserve.

Al Areen Wildlife Park & Reserve
Al Areen Wildlife Park & Reserve / Image Credit:

It is divided into two sections, one of which is open to the public and the other is a reserved area. Al Areen Wildlife Park & Reserve is one of Bahrain’s greatest tourist attractions and pulls thousands of visitors each year.

Manama Souq – Traditional Market of Bahrain

Your holiday isn’t worthy if you have not strolled through the traditional markets of Bahrain. Here in this market, you will find enough antique items to take home. This market is located in the centre of Manama city. This tourist spot will provide you with a correct glimpse of the regional culture & tradition of Bahrain.

Manama Souq Bahrain / Image Credit:

It’s a terrific spot to buy Bahraini souvenirs, spices, jewellery and other products that are popular in Bahrain. So visit this traditional spot to experience the heritage and city’s history through the old market, savour homemade dessert and shop like never before.

Bahrain International Circuit

The Bahrain International Circuit, which is a Motorsport local, was established on March 17, 2004. Drag racing, Grand Prix, V8 supercars and a variety of other events were held across the course. A great number of tourists frequently visit this location to enjoy car racing.

Bahrain International Circuit
Bahrain International Circuit / Image Credit:
  • Also, pay a visit to Ali al-Khilafa – it is Shaikh Isa bin Ali Ali Khalifa’s mansion located in Muharraq, Bahrain’s historical capital and home to the ruling Khalifa family.
  • The Al Jasra House is widely popular for its heritage and the best of arts and crafts.
  • Isa Town is one of the best areas to go shopping in Bahrain if you love luxury.


So this is all about Bahrain in short. This country is ideal for a soulful trip because of its original Islamic architecture, traditional markets and delicious Middle Eastern cuisine. If you want to plan a small weekend getaway in the Gulf and Middle East side then you can plan a trip to Bahrain.

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