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A Tiny Hill Station For Weekend Getaways – Kausani


Kausani seems to be an unlikely place far away from the footprints of tourism. However that’s not the case, this place has its fan base that follows here every weekend or during appropriate touring months. It has a fabulous panoramic view of some famous Himalayan peaks. This place is a perfect place to breathe fresh air and enjoy a serendipity time!

About Kausani

Kausani Village
Kausani Village / Image credit:

Kausani is a small village and hill station in Uttrakhand’s Bageshwar District. The place is standing at a height of almost 1890m above sea level. Kausani is apt for those who are looking for an adventurous spot far from the city and close to nature. A place that gives you a mystic view that gives you a perfect holiday plan.

Some famous spots and things you can do at Kausani

Anasakti Ashram

Anasakti Ashram
Anasakti Ashram / Image credit:

Anasakti Ashram is a place where peace meets tranquility. There is a prayer room for those who are longing to be self-aware and meditate, some fabulous views to enjoy and a small Museum that reflects the details of the place. As a writer, I would assume this place as a spot that can render you peace of mind and serenity. A perfect place to collect your thoughts. If you think I am blowing out of proportion, back in 1929 Gandhiji stayed here in one of the prayer rooms!

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Kausani Tea Estate

Kausani Tea estate
Kausani Tea estate / Image credit:

As we are aware, hill stations and tea estates work hand in hand. I know tea estates that are quite famous and spectacular compared to the Kausani tea estate. However, what makes this tea estate is the picturesque Himalayan backdrop! You are bound to forget your thoughts for a minute and watch the beauty like never before. And to end up with a surreal feeling do enjoy the taste of the variety of tea flavours from the tea shop on the top of the estate.

Rudradhari Waterfalls

Rudhradhari Waterfalls are particularly worth a mention as it emerges among the remoteness of the forest. This cave-like structure gives you an experience right out of some Hollywood wildlife flick. And after a quick swim, you can head towards the temple that stands among the wilderness.

Pant museum

Pant museum
Pant museum / Image credit:

For the book lovers like me, Pant Museum is a never to miss destination. This little museum is completely dedicated to the famous poet Sir Sumitra Nandan Pant who was born in Kausani. A rare collection of his work including the draft of his poems is kept with utmost respect and care. There are also his awards and letters displayed for the visitors. This place is just a walkable distance from the Kausani main bus stand.

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Things to do

Camping – Kausani is a luminously lush green geographic area. So the adventure enthusiasts in us are aware of the benefits of hilly areas, mountains and lakes. What could be an apt place to set up your night camp. Sleep under the blanket of stars on a breezy night is a dream come true for a traveler enthusiast.

Hiking – there are few hiking trails that you can go around enjoying the natural beauty of the wilderness of Kausani. Tourists usually hike toward the Rudhradhari Waterfalls and to the little temple on the top of the trail.

How to reach Kausani?

By Air – The nearest airport being the Dehradun Airport, which is connected to major cities and states of India.

By Road – Kausani can be reached through road journey as well. Those who are staying in the northern part of the country can opt for buses to Kausani.

By Rail – Kothgodam is the nearest railway station that you can opt to reach Kausani. It is at a distance of 132 km connected to main cities like Delhi and Kolkata.

Kausani may look like an unlikely place to visit. However, we are living in a very unlikely situation and abnormal is the new normal now. So take a trip to this unlikely land far away from hustle and bustle of city lights and experience the serenity! Till then Bon Voyage!

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