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Interesting Things to Do in A Honeymoon Trip To Mauritius


Mauritius has always been one of the best choices for the Honeymoon Destination all along. This grand sprinkle of blue, green and white is the perfect mix to do what needs to be done. An island perfectly placed in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius has been promoted as one of the prime honeymooner destinations throughout the years now, and the scenes never appear to demonstrate something else. With huge amounts of bundles and travel directs on the rundown, we have rattled off the main seven things you could do on your Honeymoon trip to Mauritius with adoration for your life.

1. Enjoy Candle Lights Dinner On Beach Sides

Candle light is something that always excites couples. Such locations are available all around the world but doing dinner on a beachside would be really awesome. In Mauritius, you do get the chance to fulfil this dream. With so many beachside restaurants available, you can fulfil your dream of candle light dinner with your better half. Mauritius is quite famous for its food and the seafood available here are always fresh. So what are you waiting for: have a go for the hotels that we are providing here and experience a candlelight dinner experience.

Beautiful seaside Candle light dinner setup / Image credit:
  • Le Flamboyant:
    With its one of a kind round structure with an indoor pool and the jade tidal pond and candle light dinner setup.
  • La Plage Beach Club Restaurant:
    Have some fish at this café that is truly on the sea shore’s sand. Candlelight dinner is quite a different experience here.
  • Château Mon Désir:
    Trust us, the food is as intriguing as the name. Prestigious as the incredible restaurant center point of the island, this one has a presumed wine basement making for some exquisite sentimental eating encounters. It has an indoor and outdoor candlelight dinner setups available.

2. Dream Resorts and Hotel Stays in Mauritius

When you land in a country as flashy and unrestrained as Mauritius, rest guaranteed, you can without a doubt discover a hotel fitting your necessities and spending plan. Be it a fully furnished visitor house or an undeniable all modern necessities packed luxury hotel; you will undoubtedly discover an accommodation of your enjoying.

Image credit:

Unwind with your accomplice in the cutting edge spas in these Hotels that guarantee to really awaken your senses and connect with you in a top to bottom face to face chat with nature. The massages available in the hotels here are given by the professional and it will surely make you and your better half enjoy each moment with nature sounds and exotic smells.

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3. Adventurous Places in Mauritius

Many adventurous places honeymooners can visit here. The places here will surely make you fall in love with them as there are a wide variety of attractions available here. Seven colored earth is an extraordinary place where you can see different colored Earths crust made from the cooling of magma at different temperatures.

Image credits:

Another such place is Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Garden in Pamplemousses where you can see many different varieties of plants and even the giant lily pads. La Roche Qui Pleure is a beachside where stones breathe and you could really hear them doing so. Anyways that is because of the porous nature of these rocks. Sky diving, Scuba Diving, and Kayaking are other adventures that could be done in Mauritius.

4. Romantic Drives During Honeymoon Trip to Mauritius

Driving along the coast in a roof open car and feeling the winds in your hair and enjoying nature to the fullest. This thing is somewhat every honeymoon couples look out for. You can get this adventure here in Mauritius as the climate is best suited for such an adventure ride and fewer traffic roads with proper navigation will surely make this a memorable ride for you. Mauritius offers some of the best roads in the world with equally stunning beauties along with it. This road trip will leave you and your partner with many fond memories and the clicks here are a must for greater remembrance. Here you can easily rent a car as the rented car industry is well established here.

Romantic Drives During Honeymoon Trip to Mauritius
Image credit: Telegraph

From Bel Ombre to Baie du Cap and go through Macondo and Le Morne for stunning views of tidal waves and lagoon and you could even find the crispy and tasty fruits along the way. Drive along the Western side of the island which is encircled with sugarcane fields which turns to a golden view while sunset, which is a stunning view combined with the water of the beaches.

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5. Visiting Religious Places for Peace of Mind

What better approach to begin your wedded life than looking for the favours of the divine in Mauritius. Home to a few ethnic groups, the religious scene of Mauritius is different and sacred. Hindus structure most of the number of inhabitants in Mauritius, and thusly, you can discover eminent temples committed to Hindu gods on the island. Visit the absolute best places in Mauritius that have religious significance to the beginning of the lovely relationship on a serene and profound note.

Grand Bassin temple view from a distance in Mauritius / Image credits:
  • The Maheswarnath Mandir
    Situated in Pamplepousness with Idols of the divine beings Shiva, Krishna, Brahma, Vishnu, Muruga, and Ganesha.
  • The Ganga Talao
    A profound pit lake in the Savanne District is the most sacrosanct religious site for Hindus in Mauritius.
  • The Jummah Masjid in Port Louis
    A profound and building perfect work of art with transcending white exteriors and flawless figures.
  • The Chapel of Cap Malheureux
    Situated along the North of Island who’s Sunday Church services and pleasant religious psalms combined with the flaring red rooftop against the dark blue sky make it a treat for the faculties.

6. Enjoy Shopping During Honeymoon Trip to Mauritius

If you wish to gift your accomplice something that would help them to remember this get-away for quite a long time to come, the business sectors of Mauritius may have something for you. A significant number of these business centers are haggling agreeable so ensure you score the most ideal arrangement! Here is a rundown of what to purchase and where to get it from.

Enjoy Shopping During Honeymoon Trip to Mauritius
Image credit:
  • Clothes and Textiles 
    Market at Arsenal in Pamplemousses locale and Quatre Bornes only on Thursday and Sunday.
  • Homemade oils 
    Central Market situated in Port Louis provides some of the best homemade oils.
  • Diamonds and Precious Stones
    Floreal Square in the locale of Plaines Wilhelms has a precious stone cutting workshop. Here you can get top notch jewels straightforwardly from the producers.
  • Boat Models 
    Curepipe in the Plaines Wilhelms District is the hotspot of craftsmen. They are experienced in structure model boats enabling you to browse a wide assortment of models.
  • Extravagance World Fashion
    Bagatelle Mall in Moka is the place you’ll locate the most far reaching scope of extravagance brands like Armani or Calvin Klein or Aldo.

7. Picture Clicking Islands – Honeymoon Trip to Mauritius

Picture Clicking Islands - Honeymoon Trip in Mauritius
Seven Colored Earth sightseeing in Mauritius / Image credits: Wikipedia
  • Île aux Cerfs

Spread over the biggest tidal pond in Mauritius, the Île aux Cerfs one of the top attractions of the spot. Enjoyed broad white sands, vivid turquoise water, and greenery, the Île aux Cerfs is, without doubt, heaven inside the paradise of Mauritius. The island houses various restaurants and a fairway notwithstanding a variety of both land and water exercises and games.

  • Isla De Ambre

Isla De Ambre or Île d’Ambre is another Mauritian archipelago consumed in paradisiacal aspects of nature. The island invites kayaking, swimming, surfing, climbing and different undertakings to finish your ideal Mauritian wedding trip.

  • Île des Deux Cocos

A swimming and scuba plunging center of Mauritius, the Île des Deux Cocos offers resort comforts too. The island bolsters all your private occasions, be it weddings, birthday events or commemorations, they have everything secured. The island houses a 1920s British and Moroccan-styled manor, rationed until today to support your ideal wedding or special first night minutes. You would likewise get your hands on your private speedboat alongside the estate.

Your first outing as a couple is a pivotal event for you and your partner. It is the start of another part in your lives that makes ready for all the more energizing and cheerful events that might be on the horizon. In this way having a honeymoon trip to Mauritius is just befitting to have this stunning voyage. We trust you have a stunning background on the island and wish you an extraordinary coexistence!

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