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The Islands of Perhentian For A Fabulous Honeymoon


Looking for a fabulous honeymoon destination in Malaysia? Add the beautiful Perhentian Islands into your bucket list and enjoy like a true islander. Islands of Perhentian are basically comprises of two islands named Perhentian Besar and Perhentian Kecil. The name “Perhentian” means “stopping point” in Malay, served as a waypoint for traders. Every year tourists pour into this island to enjoy a dream come true vacation. The place is perfect for those who love outdoor activities and adventure and can make a memorable honeymoon destination.

Some best island activities that you shouldn’t miss on the Islands of Perhentian.

Try Snorkeling and Scuba diving at Islands of Perhentian

Snorkeling at Perhentian islands is what attracts tourists throughout the world. There are numerous snorkeling spot in Malaysia, but the Perhentian islands are remarkably the best and most loved one.
One of the reasons people visit this island is to explore underwater life which is a mesmerizing experience in itself. Can you fathom the extraordinary experience to swim along with hundreds of colorful fishes!

Islands of Perhentian
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Underwater life is always exquisite and full of surprises. You may encounter little sharks, view tiny turtle family tumbling around you and enjoy beautiful corals.
Scuba diving needs a trainer and a little bit of training prior. There are certified divers on this island, and one can enjoy deep dive till the depth of 20 meters. This understand experience will definitely last with you for the rest of your life. The luckier ones might catch a glimpse of the bigger sharks and giant sea turtles, too. Kecil Island offers the best possible spots to go diving compared to other places.

Best time: April-October
Where: Long Beach, Besar, Kecil
Cost: INR 1700 approximately

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Relax and sunbathe on the beaches of the Perhentian Islands.

Well, islands and beaches go hand on hand. There have to be beautiful beaches when it comes to the islands. But what makes beaches of Perhentian islands stand out from others is the aquatic life that thrives within them. Couples come down here to sunbathe, relax and enjoy the surroundings at its tranquil beaches.

Sunbathing image of couple
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There are many beaches for you to explore. But the white sandy beach- Teluk Dalam, is perfect for a comfortable walk around the shore or Love Beach for social moments which makes them favorite among the honeymooners and couples seeking romance in the air!

Suggested Activities: Snorkeling, sunbathing, swimming
Location: Pulau Perhentian Kecil, Terengganu.
Entry: Free throughout the year.

Visit Turtle beach and be a part of the turtle family.

Everyone likes turtle, be it kids or adults, a glimpse of these magnificent and lofty animals can make anyone happy. And to watch them roaming in their natural habitat makes it a perfect sight.

Turtle Beach Perhentin
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The turtle beach in Perhentian is one of the best places in Malaysia to see green turtles and hawksbill both as it is their vital nesting ground. It is indeed a pleasure to watch baby turtles run in hundreds across your feet once in a while. Do try your luck!

Where: Turtle Beach
Best time to visit: June-September
Entry: Free

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Try sea kayaking and reinvent the adventurer in you

Sea kayaking is one thing I bet you shouldn’t miss at any cost. The view of the island far from the sea is worth a watch for a lifetime. If you are confident enough to enter the sea, the 14 kms long sea kayaking across the Kecil will leave you spellbound.

Kayaking Perhentin
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Sea kayaking gives the opportunity to visit secluded lagoons that are off the course, cannot be seen on the shores. A bit of adventure in your romantic trip would definitely spice up your chemistry!

Where: Long Beach, Coral Bay
Best time: June-September
Duration: 3 to 5 hours
Cost: INR 500

Relax under the starry sky and enjoy fire dancing

What would be more romantic than to sit under the starry sky, next to your loved one in the warmth of bonfire? To add more to it how about fire dance? Yes you heard it right! The locals in Perhentian island perform hula and fire dance show for their guests.

Fire Dance, Islands of Perhentian
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It is really enthralling to watch. You can even join the dances if you like. If you like to explore different cultures, this is an amazing thing to do after the sun goes down. Amazing right?!

Location: Bubu Long Beach
Timing: After 10 PM
Best time to visit: In the evening

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Stay in the treehouse & beach resorts at Islands of Perhentian

The Perhentian islands own a couple of beautiful and astounding resort that faces the sea. The Coral View Resort, Tuna Bay Resort are among them. These resorts are filled with the best amenities and thus can be hefty on your pocket.

Resorts couple enjoying at beach, Islands of Perhentian
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But if your looking for some different approach then try the treehouses across the beaches. That would be more romantic and fun than you can imagine.

Tips that might help you.

  • As this place is basically an island, try to keep cash with you as there may be very few ATMs and street shops may not carry swipe machines with them.
  • It would be a better option to carry a medical kit with you in case of any unto emergencies, that don’t require an urgent consultation. To roam around looking for small clinics would be the last thing you probably want to do on an island.
  • Most importantly keep a mosquito repellent with you without any doubt. You may need that in handy!

A Perfect Honeymoon destination is a dream come true for many. Surreal places surrounded by pristine beaches, beautiful sunrises, and soft sand beaches, what more can a honeymooner ask for? Don’t think, just pack your bags and get started to enjoy the best trip of your life in the Perhentian islands!

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