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12 Most Mysterious & Strange Islands of the World


Mostly you have heard of islands that are cute little havens, surrounded by water, lush greenery and mesmerizing landscape. Can you imagine an Island which is visible on the world map for centuries but suddenly disappears somewhere!! Or dismantled body parts of Dolls hanging on a tree or Alienated Trees found on a mysterious island!! It feels strange to read, isn’t it? Have you ever wondered what can be odd about these islands?

Let’s get to know about 12 such mysterious and strange islands.

1. Socotra Island – Mysterious Islands of the World

Socotra Island, situated on the coast of Yemen, looks like an alien planet. Its endangered flora is unique due to its isolated remote location, extreme temperature and arid conditions. Plantlife of Socotra Island cannot be found anywhere else on Earth. The island features vast limestone caves, homes to bats, the only mammal native to Socotra.

Endangered Flora At Socotra Island, Via:

Messages in a variety of languages have been carved into the caves’ walls. Researchers attribute them to sailors who stayed on the island between AD 1 and 6. The residents of this mysterious island have a DNA haplogroup possessed by no other people on Earth. In 2008, Socotra was named under UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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2. The Island of the Dolls

This wired island of dolls is situated near Mexico city. The stroller Julián Santana Barrera lived on this island. The legend says that little girl had drowned in the back canals of the island, whom he failed to save. Since that day, various dolls and dismantled body parts of dolls started washing ashore to the island. Julián began dressing them up and hang them on the trees as a sign of respect, protecting himself from evil and trying to appease the girl’s soul.

The Islands Of Dolls, Via:

He had been collecting these terrible dolls for 50 years until he also drowned. He was found in the exact spot where he found the girl’s body decades before. Now, thousands of dolls hanging from trees or various objects, some mangled or wrapped in cobwebs, some with body parts missing, some just beheaded!!!

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3. Easter Island – Mysterious Islands of the World

Easter Island, also known as Rapa Nui, situated in South America. It is famous for archaeological sites, including nearly 900 monumental statues called Moai, created by residents between the 13th–16th centuries. But it is quite mysterious that who created these statues and where the population has gone, what is their origin.

Easter Island - Mysterious Islands of the World
Moai Statues At Easter Islands, Chilli, Via; Youtube

A research team from the University of California used paleogenomics research to determine the genetic history which states that using basalt stone picks, the Easter Island Moai were carved from the solidified volcanic ash of Rano Raraku volcano. The statues were then moved from the quarry to their intended site and erected on an ‘Ahu.’

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4. Floating Eye Island – Mysterious Islands of the World

Floating Island is situated in the Parana Delta, between the cities of Campana and Zarate in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The shape of the island is like a nearly perfect circle with a diameter of 120 meters. Again Surrounded by a channel that also forms an almost perfect circle.

Floating Eye Island - Mysterious Islands of the World
Floating Eye Island, Via:

The whole scene looks like an eye and it also rotates around its axis. Film director Sergio Neuspiller discovered the Eye in 2016 when he was scouting locations for a science fiction movie. Scientists are still solving the mystery behind this rotating and floating island.

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5. Isla Bermeja, The Lost Island

Isla Bermeja was shown at the Yucatan Peninsula’s coast in the year 1700 on the world maps. But in 2009, the National Autonomous University of Mexico study concluded the island doesn’t exist. The search team, using underwater sensing devices and aerial investigation assets, couldn’t find the island anywhere in the area in which maps indicated it should be.

History Map Depicting The Lost Island, Via:

The island is supposed to lie 55 nautical miles farther than Mexico’s 200-nautical-mile territorial limit. Mexican conspiracy theorists believed Isla Bermeja has bombed by the US, or it could have been a victim of global warming or an earthquake.

6. Partridge Island

Canada’s Partridge Island is situated at the coast of Saint John Harbour in the Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick. In 1830 it became a quarantine station and pest house. Diseases against which quarantine spreads include cholera, typhus, smallpox, red fever, yellow fever and measles.

Quarantine Lighthouse at Partridge Island, Via:

Quarantined immigrants who died of disease were buried on the Partridge island, on one occasion in a mass grave. In 1941, Partridge Island was closed as it becomes the mysterious, haunted and dangerous place for New Brunswick’s youth.

7. Rabbit Island – Mysterious Islands of the World

Yes, there is indeed an island where rabbits rule. Ōkunoshima is known as Rabbit Island which a small island located in Japan. The island was once home to several poisonous gas factories. Back in 1929, when the army began manufacturing chemical weapons, rabbits were brought to the island and used to test the effectiveness of the poison gas.

Rabbit Island - Mysterious Islands of the World
Play with rabbits at Rabbit Island, Via:

Some people believed them to be the descendants of the group which was brought there to test poisonous gases. Now it has transformed into a rabbit hub with thousands and thousands of rabbits hopping on the island.

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8. Earthquake Island

Earthquake island is also known as Zalzala Koh is a small mud island visible from the coastline of Pakistan. When the earthquake hit Pakistan in 2013, this island rose out of the water during a 7.7-magnitude. The Pakistan Meteorological Department’s director-general, Arif Mahmood, said locals reported the creation of the tiny island, measuring 330 ft in length and 30 ft high, near the port of Gwadar, Balochistan.

Mud Island/Earthquake Island, Vai:

The surface of this island is lifeless, but the sea around the island has become a haven for fish and other life forms like Coral Acibaria, which has boosted the local fishing industry.

9. Palmyra Island – Mysterious Islands of the World

Don’t get confused by seeing the surprising coastline, palm trees, sparkling water, beautiful nightfalls and bright corals present at the Palmyra Islands. This island has many mysterious revolving around it. For several centuries the island became notorious because of the many shipwrecks near its shores.

Palmyra Island - Mysterious Islands of the World
Lost Aircraft found at Palmyra Atoll, Via:

This place is famous for lost ships. In 1855, it was reported that a ship collided with the reef, but when the rescuers reached the place they were unable to find both the ship and the sailors. During the Second World War, the soldiers working there are said to have had panic attacks of unknown origins.

10. Vulcan Point Island

Vulcan Point is an island situated in the Philippines, which is located in the middle of a lake, in the center of a volcano, in the middle of a bigger lake, in the middle of a bigger island, in an archipelago, in the Pacific Ocean. Luzon, the largest and most populated island of the Philippines. Luzon is home to a large lake called Lake Taal, which at its center sits Taal Volcano. Yes, there’s a volcano within a lake and it’s been active for almost three decades.

Vulcan Point, Via:

At the very top of Taal Volcano is a caldera, it’s one of the largest crater lakes in the world. If that isn’t mind-boggling enough, at the very center of this crater lake, a tiny island is known as Vulcan Point.

11. Bouvet Island

Bouvet Island is situated in the South Atlantic Ocean and by all accounts the most confined spot on the Earth. There is no other land around it for 3,146,000 square miles. In spite of this, there is a fascinating story associated with this island. It was opened in 1739 and overlooked for right around 60 years. After this, an expedition went to the island and found an odd thing. The question is, what was that?

Abandoned Ship At Bouvet Islands, Via:

There was an abandoned ship lying in the Coastal waters. No breakdowns and no name nor other ID imprints were found on the ship. Paddles were lying 10 meters from the boat. It was felt that the ship had destroyed, yet no dead bodies and houses were found close to the ship.

12. Roanoke Island

A group of colonists has arrived and suddenly after three years, they disappeared!! This famous incident happened On Roanoke Island, located in North Carolina. In 1857, The settlement leader- John White left groups of men and women on this island and returned to England. On arrival, John White found the word “CROATOAN” carved into a post of the fence around the village and the letters C-R-O carved into a nearby tree.

Roanoke Island, Via: history.ciom

It is believed that lost colonists became the victims of ritual sacrifice to Croatoan (Indian God’s name). But some theories show that “Croatoan” is an incurable virus. How would those people die than??

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