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7 Most Mysterious & Fascinating Underwater Cities of World


You have heard of many mysterious towns, islands, monuments and ancient places but there are ancient cities which have submerged underwater about which nobody knows. Some of them have been discovered by marine scientists and drivers but some are not! But how they sunken in the water remained a mystery for many. However, some of these underwater civilizations have been explored over the years, thanks to modern-day technology and archaeologists. There are many underwater cities of world that have a proper explanation in history while many are unexplained and still a mystery to humans.

Here then, without any further discussion let’s head directly towards the most mysterious underwater cities of world.

1. Dwarka – India, Underwater Cities of World

According to Hindu Mythology, Dwarka was part of the ancient kingdom of Lord Krishna and the Nageshwar Jyotirling Temple located. This once-mythological kingdom was thought to have been built by none other than Lord Krishna 5000 years ago. According to Mahabharata, Queen Gandhari has cursed Lord Krishna that their kingdom (Yadu Dynasty) will vanish just like the decline of Hastinapur. It is also believed that Dwarka had 900,000 royal palaces, all made of glass and silver and adorned with emeralds.

Ruins of Sunken City- Dwarka, Underwater Cities of World
Ruins of Sunken City- Dwarka, Via:

The town was connected by an elaborate system of boulevards, roads, market squares, assembly houses and temples. Marine scientists have discovered ruins of Dwaraka 131 feet beneath the ocean in the Gulf of Cambay and concluded that it is 9000 years also. The debris recovered from the site includes construction material, pottery, sections of walls, beads, sculpture and human bones and teeth which indicates that it is older than the Egyptian and Chinese civilisations.

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2. Port Royal – Jamaica, Underwater Cities of World

The village of Port Royal was established by the Spanish in 1518 and is located in Kingston Harbor. The town was built on a natural harbour at the end of a 10-mile (16-km) sand spit between what is now Kingston Harbour and the Caribbean Sea. Once it was the largest city in the entire Caribbean but according to marines scientists, its major portion was founded inside water.

Port Royal - Jamaica, Underwater Cities of World
Port Royal artefacts found underwater, Via:

It was believed that the Port Royal consists of 4 forts and 2000 houses, was a hotbed for pirate activity in the 17th century. Blackbeard who was popular pirates at that time created his base in Port Royal from where he looted treasure ships. It is assumed that the massive earthquake and the subsequent tsunami of June 7, 1692, was responsible for the destruction of a large portion of the original city into the Caribbean.

3. Pavlopetri – Greece, Underwater Cities of World

Discovered back in 1967, this city was sunken 5000 years ago and when it was found by divers no one knows what this city was called. Later a modern name – Pavlopetri is given to it. No one knows who founded this town or which culture it belonged to, but it was part of the Minoan dynasty if archaeologists are to be believed.

Sunken city of Pavlopetri, Underwater Cities of World
The sunken City of Pavlopetri, Greece, Via:

It’s said this town was devastated due to an earthquake. Some scientists believed that it was part of Greece’s Peloponnese peninsula. Teams from both the University of Nottingham and the University of Cambridge were researching the undersea site. Divers discovered a whole culture in a location considered by some to be a Mycenaean civilization, from streets to ruins.

4. Yonaguni Pyramids – Japan, Underwater Cities of World

Yonaguni Jima is an island located near the southern tip of the Ryukyu archipelago in Japan, 120 km from the eastern coast of Taiwan. On this island, underwater pyramids were discovered in the mid-1980s which is now known as Yonaguni monuments. Although some scientists claim that this ziggurat-like structure originates from an ancient city, others argue that it was formed naturally.

Yonaguni Pyramids - Japan, Underwater Cities of World
Yonaguni Monument- Japan

But the question is how this big pyramids created underwater and if not created then was there any city inhabited earlier, which over time got submerged into the water? Since 1987 the Yonaguni Monument has not been discovered and it has already become a landmark on Yonaguni Island during this short period. You can read more here: Yonaguni Monument: Ancient & Mysterious Underwater Pyramid of Japan 

5. Shicheng – China, Underwater Cities of World

The city was considered to be 1,300 years old and known as the lion city. In 1959 the city was flooded because the government was constructing a dam on the famous Xin’an River. The end result was the Qiandao Lake. Shicheng was constructed in 25-200 AD during the Eastern Hand Dynasty. It’s ancient buildings and other structures are thus highlighted by rich Chinese craftsmanship.

Shicheng - China, Underwater Cities of World
The Lion City  (Shicheng) of China,

Indeed, the city includes 265 memorial arches, 5 gates, paved streets, several stone structures that belong to the Ming and Qing dynasties. Because the diving routes have aren’t fully mapped, only trained divers are permitted to visit.

6. Olous – Greece, Underwater Cities of World

Elounda has a rich history, beginning with the ancient city of Olous or Olunda which was known to be situated at the northeast end of Crete. Archaeological studies have shown that the region of Elounda has been inhabited since Minoan times, while Olous city-state emerged later in historical times here. But the ancient city Olous sunk into the sea, now marine divers and snorkelers have been exploring the ruins of this old town.

Olous - Greece, Underwater Cities of World
Sunken City of Olous, Via:

It was reportedly home to between 30,000 and 40,000 people. One ancient outer wall remains above water level it can be seen. In fact, floors, murals, and coins, floors and walls on land have also been discovered there. The research team thinks that an extremely powerful earthquake may have caused the city to drop beneath the waves.

7. The Lost City of Heracleion- Egypt

In rare inscriptions and ancient texts, you have read about the city of Thonis which was hidden away for thousands of years This lost and the ancient city of Hercleion is found in Alexandria, Egypt underneath the ocean. After searching for years by inspecting the vast region of Abu Qir Bay off Egypt’s coast, French archaeologist saw a gigantic face emerge from the watery shadows and had finally reached Thonis-Heracleion, fully submerged 6.5 km off the coast of Alexandria.

Relics found from lost city of Hercaleion
Relics found from the lost city of Hercaleion, Via:

Among the underwater ruins were 64 ships, 700 anchors, a treasure chest of gold coins, 16-foot statues and, most importantly, the remains of a huge temple to the god Amun-Gereb, and the tiny coffins for the animals brought there as offerings. The ruins and objects made of granite and diorite are beautifully preserved and offer an insight into what was one of the world’s great harbour cities 2300 years ago.

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