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Visit The Unusual Museums And be Ready to Get Stumped


Unusual exhibits and collections create a great deal of buzz, with people swarming to find out the uncommon things. Several such dedicated places on the globe have gone out of their way to make this possible.  A lot of these exhibits have been collected from centuries and preserved so that they are retained for several generations to find out.

Cancun Underwater Museum in Mexico

It is one of the biggest underwater museums globally, originally known as MUSA, which stands for Museo Subacuatiaco de Arte. It contains 500 life-size installations submerged underwater, which happens to be a world preservation site. It comprises three galleries with a variety of themes that have an interesting perspective of contemporary and traditional outlook by sculptors who made it possible.

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Cancun Underwater Museum in Mexico/Image Credit:

It’s a fun place for underwater enthusiasts to check out and those who are afraid to get in could either choose a glass-bottom boat to look at these man-made marvels. You will be amazed as these colorful corals illuminate with the sun’s golden rays as they blend in beautifully while growing on these figurines. You could get a chance to parasail to get a jawdropping view of Cancun.

The Mutter Museum in Pennsylvania

The museum is indeed one of the finest for collecting anatomical specimens, models, and medical instruments. You can learn the human body’s mysteries and appreciate the kind of treatment plans used back then. You can get to see a wide range of skull collections to the tallest skeleton.

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The Mutter Museum in Pennsylvania/Image Credit:

There are a plethora of medical instruments to the weird things, such as the jaw tumor of President Grover Clevland to slides of Albert Einstein’s brain. There is a section in the museum which exhibits anomalies. It may creep out some of those who are faint-hearted, but if you want to check out something unique, this is the place to be and get boggled.

Welcome collection in London

If you are an artist or a writer, this place can inspire you in every single way. The collections in this museum seem carefully collected over the years. Every single piece has relevance in every field. From health to human experience, you can find it all. You don’t have to be an academic researcher to be marvel at some of the collections exceedingly a task to gather yet so amazingly placed in the museum gallery.

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Welcome collection in London/Image Credit:

It is a place that encompasses greater diversity of voices and experiences lived. The museum exhibits visual art, many books, journals, archives and manuscripts in several world languages. It is a treasure world for those who can look at unpublished drafts, notebooks, letters, photographs, etc.

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Sulabh International Museum of Toilets in New Delhi

You would wonder at anyone dedicating a museum for the ‘flush pot,’ well, you got it right! There is one place with a rare collection of facts, pictures and even objects that date way back to 2500 BC on the historic evolution of toilets. The museum hasn’t spared any efforts in going to great lengths in putting together the chronological account of the toilet-related social customs, toilet etiquettes, sanitary conditions.

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Sulabh International Museum of Toilets in New Delhi/Image Credit:

The visitors will understand how extensively each chamber pot, privies, toilet furniture, bidets and water closets from 1145 AD. Most fascinating in the museum are the rare collection of poems related to the toilet and its usage is also out there for you to read and perhaps chuckle your way home.

International Spy Museum in Washington

Those who are gadget geeks and fans of sci-fi movies will love this space. It is one of the most technologically advanced museums in the world. This museum has solely gotten dedicated to giving the general public a peek into the world of intelligence and espionage. How the challenges take you to the unknown in an engaging way and an important role intelligence has played for history to pan out the way it has. With new technology emerging to help gain more success, perhaps even more controversies, yet an alluring aspect seems needed to run the world.

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International Spy Museum in Washington/Image Credit:

The state of the art museum has fascinating exhibits that get used for surveillance and counter-surveillance, disguise, do a secret entry, make an escape or do an evasion and everything relating to spycraft. Controversial techniques utilized in intelligence such as torture and secret surveillance are also covered. You could get a Q and A as you become a part of the undercover mission and get to know firsthand how to conduct a solo operation.

Kunstkamera museum in Russia

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Kunstkamera museum in Russia/Image Credit:

It is one of the oldest museums in Russia, having a large collection of anthropological artifacts and anatomical items. You will find swollen encephalitis skulls to tumors of various sizes. Some of the exhibits may freak you up a bit, but these are genuine collections and have generated curiosity among every kind of visitor. The museum was initially set up in  1714 to quell superstitions and blind beliefs and understand the true nature of science and knowledge of facts. The aim was to catalog malformed infants and debilitating diseases are quirks of nature.

Zigong Dinosaur Museum in China

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Zigong Dinosaur Museum in China/Image Credit:

The temperate climate of the region in the city of Chengdu of China helps preserve fossils and has been a place of incredible dinosaur finds. The actual site of dinosaur fossils has been used to build the Zigong museum. The colossal amount of bones that got recovered from the place have made Zigong a museum with the largest collection of dinosaurs fossils. The museum itself has three storeys dedicated to fossils dating back to 150 million years or more. You can take a look at the dynamically mounted complete skeletons of dinosaurs. The visit would feel like a walk in the Jurassic era.

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When you visit such places, they leave you amazed. Now you have information on how it all began and why they are so unique. These museums have gotten built with a lot of effort from the founders to the curators and every little detail put in is for the benefit of the visitors so that they enjoy the collection and go back knowing something relevant.

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