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Kangaroo Island – An Ultimate Island Escape in Australia


Kangaroo Island is located southwest of Adelaide and is the third-largest island in Australia. This island is named after the abundance of kangaroos found here. Kangaroo Island is famous for pristine beaches, rich wildlife and local wine. The natural beauty of Kangaroo Island cannot be described in words but still, we try to do it in our blog. On a single island, you can experience some of Australia’s most memorable things in your life. What’s more, you want!! Kangaroo Island has all the ingredients for a perfect family trip.

Besides Kangaroos, dazzling scenery, white-sandy beaches overlapped by blue seas, coastal rocks, rolling green hills, caves, sand dunes are the main highlight of this Island. Apart from this, meet Australian Sea lions, Koalas, Penguins and other wildlife animals. You can also try some outdoor adventure activities such as wildlife safaris, hiking, fishing, surfing and sailing. Kangaroo Island is also one of Australia’s best areas for moderate water diving, with plenty of fish-rich walls.

Kangaroo Island has much to offer to every age group. So, in our blog discover unique wildlife, mouth-watering seafood and wine, breathtaking scenery and top attractions you must see in Kangaroo Island.

1. Explore Flinders Chase National Park

Flinders Chase National park is always on top of the list of tourists. It is the most popular attraction of Kangaroo Island which is located at the western end of the island. It is one of the largest parks of Australia which covers 74,000 hectares of untouched forest. FCNP is a primary spot to witness the diverse wilderness of the Island. It also comprises of iconic and world-famous Remarkable Rocks and Admirals Arch. Besides them, Cape Du Couedic Lighthouse is another highlight of this National Park. Those who love hiking, there are some hiking paths in this area for travelers.

Family enjoying at Flinders Chase National Park, Via:

This park has a variety of fauna which includes Kangaroos, Tammar Wallabies, Koalas, endangered Cape Barren Geese. Other attractions of this park include wild beaches, pristine Rocky River and cultural heritage sites – including two lighthouses. Enjoy at Flinders Chase National Park on the network of walking trails and experience a stay at Lighthouse Keeper’s Cottage which is listed among heritage sites.

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2. Relax At Vivonne Bay – Kangaroo Island

Absolutely mesmerizing view and almost calm atmosphere make Vivonne Bay famous among vacationers. Vivonne Bay is an ideal destination for a family holiday, relaxation, surfing and picnics.

Relax At Vivonne Bay - Kangaroo Island
The mesmerizing view of Vivonne Bay, Via:

This 6km long, U shaped bay has white sandy shore with a combo of blue turquoise water. Sunbathing and fishing off the jetty are other popular things to do on this beach. For more adventure, you can visit the Little Sahara near it for witness naturally occurring dunes covering 2km. You can try Sandboarding and also take a Quad Bike tour there.

4. Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park

This wildlife park is stretched over 50 acres and is the habitat of around 800 animals. More than 150 species of Australian wildlife live in this park. It is located in the center of Kangaroo Island and is famous for Cuddling Koalas, feeding Kangaroos and Wallabies.

Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park
Play with Kangaroos at Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park, Via:

Besides this, other wildlife creatures include Wombats, Quolls, Penguins, Crocodiles and Echidnas. To observe wildlife closely, you can also interact and feed animals. Watch diverse ranges of dingoes, reptiles, birds and some marine life in this park.

5. Remarkable Rocks and Admirals Arch

Crown Jewels and astonishing landmarks of Kangaroo Island are remarkable rocks and Admirals Arch which are situated at Flinders Chase National Park. The Remarkable Rocks are beautifully sculptured granite stones that are artfully placed on cliffs.

Tourists at Remarkable Rocks, Via:

Similarly, near it Admirals Arch is located. It is another rocky naturally- formed archway dripping with *stalactites enhancing the coastal scenery of National Park. There you can view the fur seals playing in the water or resting on the rocks.

*Stalactites: A tapering structure hanging from the roof of a cave.

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6. Visit Stokes Bay – Kangaroo Island

Stokes Bay is the hidden paradise of Kangaroo Island located on the coastline of the Northern Coast. This beach needs to be uncovered as it is one of the best beaches in Kangaroo Island. as you need to pass a cove to reach Stokes Bay. As you need to weave through a little complexity of the cave. This beach is reached through a rock tunnel formation.

Visit Stokes Bay - Kangaroo Island
Kids at Stokes Bay, Via:

After reaching you will find a natural rock pool, which is perfect for kids to swim. Stokes Bay Beach is the best place for those who like surfing and fishing. On this bay, you can also watch penguins and dolphins passing by the beach.

7. American River

American River is a bird-watching paradise and a fishing village, located near the western shore of Eastern Cove on Kangaroo Island. It is named after American seaman and this river is perched on a bushy hillside, where locals and travelers love fishing, bushwalking and sailing. Also, it is a great spot for bird lovers, there you can watch Black Swans and Pelicans. Beyond birdwatching, the town is also home to the island’s oyster industry. To taste some of Kangaroo Islands’ finest oysters at the Oyster Farm Shop, you need to must-visit the American River once in your lifetime.

Travelers clicking the amazing view of Prospect Hill-American River, Via:

Additionally, due to the expansion of coastline in this region various other attractions are present there. The marvelous Pennington Bay is a must-visit for photographers and surfers. Another one is Prospect Hill which is the highest point of Kangaroo Island.

Other Highlights:

  • Seal Bay Conservation Park: It is located on the south coast of Kangaroo Island. It is the only place on the planet where you can walk among endangered Australian sea lions.
Seal Bay Conservation Park, Via:
  • Hanson Bay Wildlife Tour: Famous for the sustainable population of Koalas.
  • Raptor Domain: Raptors are the main attraction of this conservation park. Here injured and rescued birds of prey, as well as snakes and lizards, are displayed.
Raptor Domain, Via:
  • Emu Bay: It is a clear and gorgeous white sandy beach, popular among travellers.

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Coming to end, we can only say that, if you are out for a big vacation, there is a lot more to view at Kangaroo Island. Taste incredible seafood, savoring wines and purchase oysters as memory.

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