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Plan a Trip to Find Nature at Its Best on The Ivory Coast


The Ivory Coast is a West African country officially known as the Republic of Cote d’Ivoire, with Yamoussukro as the capital. A place that definitely attracts every traveler or backpacker to explore and check out the seemingly different landscapes of the country to explore, such as the beaches, rainforests to the modern landmarks that combine the history and tradition of the region.

You can find extraordinary places of historical relevance and exploration of nature’s diversity on the Ivory Coast. The places mentioned happen to be in and near Abidjan, one of the biggest cities of the Ivory Coast. The other places are just a and hour or two drive from Abidjan.

Banco National Park

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Banco National Park/Image Credit:

If you a wildlife enthusiast, it’s a great place to explore where you can take an off-path diversion for tramping to check the untouched forest in Abidjan. It’s an amazing experience with giant trees all around the listening to the birds and sounds of the forest. You will find different species of animals, birds, and insects that get only found in this region. A place wherein you can experience nature at the nearest with everything so majestic and well-preserved.

St. Paul’s Cathedral

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St. Paul Cathedral/Image Credit:

The place is serene and almost takes you to another world with the old-world charm in the architecture and ambiance in Abidjan. You can check out the curved structure that is standout because its highlighting is done both inside and outside. Like most places of worship, you will definitely find the serenity to captivate as you join others in prayers. The stained glass is common to cathedrals, but a rare sight now has a lovely depiction of Ivorian culture.

Jardin botanique de Bingerville

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Jardin botanique de Bingerville/Image Credit:

This garden is a great place to picnic with your friends and family in Abidjan. You could take walks and check out the beautiful bamboo alley. It is a fun place for the kids to explore nature at its best, with a wide variety of flora in full bloom. You can find wildflowers in all glory that are not a regular feature even in the most exotic gardens. A cycling alley is well maintained for you to move about and check every nook and corner of the garden.

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Musee des Civilisations de Cote d’Ivoire

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Musee des Civilisations de Cote d’Ivoire/Image Credit:

When you want to know the culture of the place and learn about its history, the best place is to find all the information is to find a museum in Abidjan. In museums, you will find items that have been long forgotten and learn about their value and usage in the descriptions provided. One such place is the Musee des Civilisations de Cote d’Ivoire is well organized, well-lit and airconditioned space that gives you an insight into ivory coast culture, tradition and past of how this beautiful country came into being.

Zoo Nationale Abidjan

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Zoo Nationale Abidjan/Image Credit:

The zoo is a place both young and old love to visit. You can check out some exotic species of animals which get only found in this part of the world. It is a walkthrough zoo allowing you to check out the animals independently from their cages. You may find many of the local animals as well as the ones brought from other countries and kept for people to see. It is an easily reachable destination using public transportation.

Grande Mosquee du Plateau

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Grande Mosquee du Plateau/Image Credit:

The mosque placed in a modern setting in the midst of the market is still a beautiful sight for sore eyes in Abidjan. Arabic features heavily influence the architecture. You will find that the mosque is elaborate in the detailing and expanse of the pillars show how much hard work got put in to make this magnificent structure. Though you aren’t allowed inside, you can walk around the pillars and click pictures and take in the divine nature of the place.

Reserve Naturelle de Dahliafleur

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Reserve Naturelle de Dahliafleur/Image Credit:

It’s a natural reserve where you get to animals in their natural habitat. You can enjoy the rainforests all around with the sounds of nature. Those from the city can enjoy the fresh air and quiet of nature in this wonderful reserve with plenty of bamboo groves. It’s an amazing sanctuary for animals who have a place of their own, and easier for the visitors to spot them in one place. There are places you can alight and walk around and watch nature at the closest.

Basilica of Our Lady of Peace

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Basilica of Our Lady of Peace/Image Credit:

The church deserves a special mention when you see it for yourself, with so much money spent on this beautiful worship place in Yamoussoukro. There are 7000 seats and 11000 standing ones, which just shows the scale on which it got built with materials procured from several countries of the world. An old-world charm makes a great place to tour around and learn about every piece that adorns the structure. The cathedral is modeled on the St. Peters of the Vatican, which took 100 years to build. A place you wouldn’t want to miss from your travel itinerary.

Musee National des Costumes

The museum looks like a colonial building with a whitewashed wall and expertly manicured lawns in Grand Bassam. If you like fewer crowds, well, this place sure isn’t packed with curious people. With so many cultures interspersed, you definitely find those specifics in how the outfits of those days looked. It’s a quaint place wherein you can take your time to look around, which shows how steeped in tradition and hierarchy was when ancient societies existed. This museum is known for the costumes, jewelry, and various regular items used during those times.

Les Cascades de Man

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Les Cascades de Man/Image Credit:

It’s good to visit the waterfalls during the rainy season as you can see ample vegetation and the lush greenery is quite inviting when you visit de Man or in Man (it’s the name of the place). The falls happen to be from giant granite rocks. It’s a good place to enjoy under the waterfall, assuming to be a natural shower that is both fun and relaxing. You could carefully climb your way into a shallow pool and enjoy the falls and relax in the soothing arms of mother nature.

Dipi crocodile Farm

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Dipi crocodile Farm/ Image Credit:

Now that you might have an ingrained fear of this massive reptile. You still got to see this crocodile farm replete with all sizes and ages of crocodiles seemingly happy in this artificial setting in Assinie. As a visitor, you get to touch and take the small crocs in your hands (i.e., if you aren’t faint-hearted. It’s a safe place to visit with your family with kids in tow. The sheer number of crocodiles can make you wonder how they manage so many of them in one place. You can learn a lot about crocodiles about their breeding, mating, and lifecycles in detail on this farm.

Commonwealth war grave commission tomb for MV Dumana RAF Seaplane Tender

A little know piece of history is buried right here in a place called Sassandra on the Ivory Coast. If you want to learn about wars and war heroes, this place could actually make your day. On Christmas eve in 1943, a royal air force ship fighting world war II for the British was hit by two torpedoes and sunk, wherein 39 soldiers died. A war memorial, set up in their honor.

Lighthouse Grand Bassam

The lighthouse is a great memory of the good old days in Grand Bassam when seafarers were a common sight. The architecture on the lighthouse has lost some of the masonry at the very top through the years. The lighthouse has a walled compound. It still has holds the long-lost glory together. It is usually locked to prevent any kind of vandalism. But the background supports a good panoramic view for all your Instagram shots. It doubles as a great play area for children.

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The country was once a French colony and French has remained the official language of the country. With a fascinating blend of cultures due to diverse ethnic groups as well the people from non-African ancestry are making up for the unique cultural cosmos. It’s a great place to make your next travel holiday.

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