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Mornington Peninsula For Festival, Food and Ferry


Australia is a dream destination, for any travel enthusiast on earth. The country has a vibrant and lively culture and lifestyle to adore. And when you are traveling to Australia, Melbourne undoubtedly will have a special place in your list.

Today we will be looking at a place in Melbourne called Mornington Peninsula here at India Imagine.

Mornington Peninsula is located in the south of the city of Melbourne with merely two lakh population. The city has a rustic atmosphere with countryside views and beautiful scenery. There are lakes and wetlands to balance the valleys and mountains. If not there are several places that provide yummy food and tasty wine.

Art and culture of the Mornington Peninsula

Art Gallery Mornington Peninsula / Creator: Nathanaël Semhoun Copyright: Creative Commons

The city has some vast collection of artifacts and sculptures in the galleries. One of the most significant gallery in the city is the Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery. There are several arts that depict the traditional, modern, and contemporary culture of the city. Don’t forget to visit Cape Schanck’s 1850s lighthouse which is one of the best destinations.

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Land adventure in Mornington

Mornington usually has some stunningly beautiful landscapes, beaches, and wildlife. However apart from the usual sightseeing and touring the city has stored in some adventure for you. There are tree surfing, wetland walk, and tube sliding. You can opt for cycling to get close to nature while you are touring the beautiful landscapes. Visit the herb nursery to get knowledge on the variety of natural herbs growing there.

Mornington Peninsula Hiking
Mornington Peninsula Hiking / Image credit:

If time permits you can join the gardening club to learn and get tips on growing plants. However, the best is yet to come, wildlife! Here at Mornington Peninsula tourists stroll into the wilderness during night time experiencing the most intriguing wildlife.

Water activities and ferry ride

Mornington Peninsula Water adventures
Mornington Peninsula Water adventures / Image credit:

The city has some exotic beaches and water that makes it the most sought place for water activities and adventure. Apart from the usual surfing, kayaking, and snorkeling tourists get mesmerized by the beautiful reefs and the sandy plain lands to explore and relax. With local professionals and experts you can always opt for a boat trip or ferry trip across and find happiness in fishing.

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Spa for rejuvenation

Mornington Peninsula Spa
Mornington Peninsula Spa / Image credit:

If you are planning for a weekend trip, book a slot for spa and rejuvenate your body and mind from one of the best spa and meditation centers available. People come down to Spa for a full body massage to make the trip worth experiencing.

Festival and events that you can’t miss

Travelers come to the Mornington Peninsula all around the year. But if you are lucky enough to balance your tour with event and festival dates then you will get to witness a blast of cultural and musical performance. The main events held in the city are the Winter and Summer music festival. Also, try to join the Peninsula Picnic that is normally held around the month of March.

Exotic resorts for a luxurious stay

Mornington Peninsula Resort
Mornington Peninsula Resort / Image credit:

When you are in Australia you are bound to get the best hotels, resorts, and homestay. Mornington has some exotic resorts with all luxurious amenities. You need to spend some hefty amount to book the resort, but believe me, you won’t regret a bit. After a long day tour, you would find the resort stay soothing and relaxing.

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Food and wine – pamper your appetite

Mornington Food and wine
Mornington Food and wine / Image credit:

Australian cuisine is famous worldwide. And when you are touring Mornington Peninsula go for the traditional food as much as possible. However Australian food is a balance of traditional and international cuisine. So you have a vast variety of food on your menu. Along with food choose one of the best wine available in the city.

Australia stands among the most visited place on the globe. Apart from the major cities like Sydney, Brisbane, and Gold Coast try to visit the untouched charm of the inner cities. If you are ready, the Mornington Peninsula of Melbourne is the right place for you!

Bon Voyage!

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