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Visit Top Ten Tourist Attractions Of Brussels


Brussels is the capital city of Belgium and also serves as European headquarters. Tourists visiting Brussels often boast their fabulous experience and share pictures of architectural beauty throughout the city. Why won’t they? The Grand Place, Atomium are some specimen standing tall on the European land.

Brussels was first a small rural settlement that turned to an urban beauty now! However, after the second world war, the situation of the city took 360 degrees round and from a small rural settlement, it turned to a major international political center with headquarters to its credit.

Tourists never have any confusion connecting to the city as the place has the main, largest as well as the busiest airports and railways in entire Belgium.

So, let’s visit the best tourists attraction of Brussels and the reason behind, here at India Imagine

Food, sightseeing, architectural landmarks, UNESCO spots, and wildlife, You name it, Brussels have it. However, it is not feasible to cover the entire tourist attraction due to the vast style and places. We will look into the top ten best destinations for the start. Read on…

Grand place

Grand Place
Grand Place / Image credit:

The Grand Place is marvelous, royal, and a feast for photoshoot lovers. The magnificent place is the city’s main center of attraction and major landmark. Completely built by the year 1700 is the well preserved European historical place and buildings. The place is a hub to many economical, political and social centers and town halls.

Where to find: Central Brussels
Look for: Tow halls, historical buildings


Anderlecht / Image credit:

Anderlecht can be called a Brussels in nutshell, with places like Erasmus House and Museum for history and tradition of the place while a place like La Senne for the city’s natural beauty. Tourists and locals often visit Astrid Park to sit and relax amid the silence and solitude. You can visit Gaasbeek Castle and get mesmerized by the Roman style architecture with beautiful gardens.

Where to find: Central Brussels
Look for: Landmarks and nature

Saint Gilles

Saint Gilles is a place that is popular among travelers for a home-like feeling. Saint Gilles is a residential area with beautiful houses that would take our breath away. The Horta Museum is situated in the heart of the place with major design goals from art nouveau forms. There is a Sunday market which is a busy place with lots of shopping items for travelers to dig in. Collect your souvenir from here.

Where to find: South of Brussels, the border with Anderlecht
Look for: Horta Museum, Sunday market


Ixelles brussels
Ixelles, Brussels / Image credit:

If you are really into some serious shopping, you are in the right place. Ixelles is a hub of chic boutiques with fabulous garments with the best possible designs. After a shopping spree if you are looking for yummy European food then you need not worry much about it, the place is full of restaurants with traditional and international cuisine. Apart from this, there is a Children’s Museum that you can look for and the European Parliament complex.

Where to find: South of Brussels
Look for: Exclusive Boutiques, Museum, Escape rooms


Uccle, Brussels
Uccle, Brussels / Image credit:

Tourists go to Uccle to visit the Nemo 33 in particular. So, what’s so about the place that attracts people? It is an indoor diving space with shops and food places all inside. Got excited? There are also a few good parks and museums a few kilometers away from Nemo 33 which makes it an ideal place for tourists for a single visit.

Where to find: Brussels
Look for: Nemo 33, parks and Museum


Another place with lush greenery and fabulous giant museum in an art nouveau. The other attraction of Schaerbeek in the Belgacom Towers.

Where to find: Northeast Brussels
Look for : Muesum, Belgacom Tower


Etterbeek, Brussels
Etterbeek, Brussels / Image credit:

Etterbeek is popularly known for the archaeological findings both locally and at the international level. One should visit the Royal Museum of Armed Forces to get a rare sight of historic military equipment. Also, Etterbeek is the best place for tasting beer that comes in different flavors. So, just chill out!

Where to find: Neighbour to Ixelles
Look for: Archaeological findings, Royal Museum


Atomium, Brussels
Atomium, Brussels / Image credit:

Atomium in Brussels is a well-known landmark and tourist attraction. The structure is an exotic 102-meter high structure that looks like molecules of iron. The structure is a well-constructed of aluminum and steel, which was erected in the year 1958 for the Brussels World Exhibition.

Where to find : Brussels 
Look for: Atomium

Chateau Royal

Chateau Royal, Brussels
Chateau Royal, Brussels / Image credit:

Chateau Royal is the home to the Belgium Royal family. Don’t get too excited as the palace is not open to tourists and the public, but the beautiful garden surrounding the palace is open to all. If you are wondering only a garden? Don’t underestimate the fabulous garden worth walking through which as some exclusive exhibitions like Japan Tower.

Where to find: Avenue de Madrid
Look for: Royal Garden

Place Royale ( Koningsplein)

Place Royale
Place Royale, Brussels / Image credit:

Another palace that belongs to the Royals of Belgium, but this time you can go and get a glimpse of the royalties. There are also some traditional and cultural buildings surrounding the palace that are the best specimen neoclassical facades.

Where to find: Central Brussels
Look for : Palais de Acadèmies

Belgium is indeed a beautiful place for a fabulous vacation. There are a lot of places and things to do that will entertain wanderlust like never before. Tourists are listed in Brussels as the most loved place in Belgium. The people over there are friendly and the food is exotic. What else do you need to get your bag packed for a grandeur trip!

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