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Madhavpur – The Town of Sacred Union


Heritage and Biodiversity are two pods that can individually add charm to the place. But when they both co-exist, they create a blend of Inheritance and aesthetics. Madhavpur is one such example of rich co-existence of nature and culture.

Who does not love weddings? Weddings in India are no less than festivals endowed with a vibrant, cosy atmosphere filled with flavourful aromas. Sure enough they are a soul captivating event. But Why am I suddenly talking about Weddings? Well, the place which I am citing today is strikingly known for the Divine Marriage of Shri Krishna and Devi Rukmini.

Endowed with Shiny days and warm winds, This coastal town in Gujarat is a heaven for multiple reasons. From being a divine place where Shri Krishna once laid his feet, to the ever alluring crystal beach that has fascinated everyone, Madhavpur has it all!

Madhavpur, a small village lying on the seashore near the Porbandar district is an aesthetically valued place due to its rich historic and natural beauty. Heritage and Biodiversity are two pods that can individually add charm to the place. But when they both co-exist, they create a blend of Inheritance and aesthetics. Madhavpur is one such example of rich co-existence of nature and culture. How about taking a look over into this magnificent beauty.

More About Madhavpur


Madhavpur ghed is a diminutive region located in the Porbandar district of Gujarat. A small dominion yet culturally the melting pot of two extreme corners of India, that is West and North-east.

Madhavpur has been mentioned in Hindu texts as Madhavtirth. The oldest remains that are found in Madhavpur are around 1500 to 2000 years old.

According to the Hindu text of Mahabharata, Madhavpur is the same place where the marriage of Shri Krishna, the King of Dwarka with Devi Rukmini, the princess of Vidarbha Kingdom was solemnised.

The Blue waves of the beach add another hue to the vibrant shades of Madhavpur ghed.

Places to Explore in Madhavpur

The beauty of Madhavpur has been well described by now, let’s move ahead to explore some more corners of the town?

1. Madhavpur Beach


Enlisted as one of the most beautiful and clean beaches from the state of Gujarat, Madhavpur beach is a top location from Madhavpur. Filled with coconut trees, the Madhavpur Beach is an ideal spot for experiencing sea breeze. One must be cautious as the beach is not suitable for swimming. Nearby, there are ruins of a Shiva temple that stood there since the 12th century CE. The beach can be visited any time of the day but it would be have-it-all if the beach is visited during the sunset.

2. Shree Madhav Raiji Temple

An ancient temple, built to commemorate the Divine Marriage of Shri Krishna to his beloved Devi The original temple was built in the 15th century, where Shri Krishna presides as Shri Madhav along with devi Rukmini. However, the temple was attacked by invaders. The ruins of the temple can still be found near the new temple where devotees worship them today. The present Madhav Rai temple was built by Rupani ba, the Rajmata of Porbandar in 1840. The Original idol of Madhav Rai ji temple is kept in the new temple.

3. Madhuvan, Rukmini temple, Chori na fera

This is the exact same place where Shri Krishna married Devi Every year, beginning from the auspicious day of Ram Navami, a cultural fair takes place that lasts for five days, celebrating the vivah utsav of Shri Krishna and devi Rukmini.

4. Osho Ashram

Situated around 500m from the main city, Osho Ashram is a meditation and spirituality center which centers around the philosophy of Osho. Amidst the natural beauty and rock structures, The Ashram is an escape from the everyday rush with its serene vibes. One can stroll around nature and can also indulge in meditation to de-stress.

Madhavpur Fair – A Major eye catcher

Ever heard of concatenation? It is an act of linking together. Similar to this, there is an annual event in Madhavpur that links to regions of India that are separated by distance yet united by the folktales from Hinduism.

The Madhavpur Fair is an annual event that takes place for five days beginning from Ram Navami. The Fair alone is one of the most significant events for Madhavpur and its visitors.

Devi Rukmini hailed from the Vidarbha kingdom and came along with Shri Krishna after he abducted her wedding. The Madhavpur Fair showcases the “Rukmini Haran ” through folk dances and music. The Vivah Utsav of Shri Krishna and Devi Rukmini is celebrated with zeal and enthusiasm.


Every year, during the month of April, people from both the West and North east India join together to celebrate this divine incident. A beautiful chariot with shri krishna adorned in it is circumnavigated around the village, commencing the beginning of the festival. The artists from Arunachal pradesh, Manipur and assam join the Madhavpur ghed festival. Both the regions bring their cultures through folk Dances, music. While the western region showcases their traditional dance forms, I.e. Garba and dandiya, the north east present their traditional music with flute, pepa and dhol.

Not just the music and dance  but the Fair is also endowed with different cuisines and Handicrafts, adding more beauty to the festive event. The best part about the Fair is that every year, People bring efforts to make it more unique and vibrant, adding more activities, dances and cuisines.

The Madhavpur Fair truly stands as a beacon of multiculturalism, blending the diversity and strengthening The brotherhood.

How to reach Madhavpur

Madhavpur lies in the district of Porbandar. Since Madhavpur ghed is geographically a smaller region, there is no direct mode of transport to reach Madhavpur. However, One can reach Madhavpur easily via Porbandar.

For the people who choose Railways or Airplanes for travelling can reach Porbandar as the nearest Railway station and Airport to Madhavpur is at Porbandar.

It takes around an hour to reach Madhavpur from Porbandar by road. Tourists can fetch either private vehicles or cabs for the purpose.


Madhavpur, entrenched with the soul of Shri Madhav in it, is definitely worth visiting. With the amalgamation of natural beauty, religious significance and the cultural heritage, Madhavpur is surely an escape to the heavenly trance. So, update your travel list and make sure to plan a trip to Madhavpur soon.

Frequently asked questions

When is the right time to visit Madhavpur?
Madhavpur can be visited during the winters as the weather gets cool yet warm, due to the presence of coastal beaches. However, if you wish to attend the Madhavpur fair, then going between March-april is perhaps the best option.

How many days will it take to complete the visit?
It will take around 1-2 days to complete the trip. During the fair season, the visit can be extended and take around 5-6 days.

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