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Chikmagalur – Most Unexplored Hill Station of Karnataka


You may have toured many charming locations in Karnataka, which is renowned as the tourism hub of India. The reason behind its dynamic tourism is that this state is loaded with panoramic scenes, serene climatic conditions, cascading waterfalls, traditional places, coffee plantations and the main point is it provides pleasant climate throughout the year. At Karnataka, you can get all these perks of tourisms at one Hill Station which is still unexplored and that is Chikmagalur.

Exploring Every Aspect of Chikmagalur

This beautiful Hill Station – Chikmagalur in Karnataka is totally blessed with lush green atmosphere, the calm ambience that allows travellers to escape from the loud noise of the city and offers prominent for sightseeing and trekking in the Western Ghats. If you love nature and easily fascinate by rugged regions and scenic views and mountains… You must visit this unexplored and offbeat destination of Chikmagalur. Here you will witness the beauty in its purest form. All the basic amenities for tourists including good lodging options, restaurants, parks, internal transport facilities etc. which are easy to find.

Tale Related to Chikmagalur

It is thought that years ago, a younger daughter of a legendary king, Sakrepatna -Rukmangada was given the land of this district. It is based solely on this assumption that the hill station is called “Chikmagalur,” which means “place of the young daughter.

Explore this hidden hill station of Karnataka with the with us.

Pay a Sacred Visit to Baba Budangiri

The Baba Budangiri range is very prominent in places to see in Chikmagalur it is also known as the Chandra Drona Parvatha and rises to a peak of about of 1900m. The mountain is named after the Muslim saint Baba Budan and now it is a picturesque destination with rich sightseeing attractions. It has three caves which are Siddhas with are religious oracles. The scenery around this region is spectacular and thus gives travellers a perfect blend of scenic beauty and the intriguing caves. You can also visit the Sri Guru Dattatreya Bababudanswamy’s Dargah.

Baba Budangiri, Chikmagalur / Image Credit:

This dargah was verified to by the Hindus and Mohammedans. When you go inside you will find a cave in which is believed to be made holy by Dattatreyaswamy. It is said he stayed in this cave along with Hazrat Dada Hayath Mir Khalandar. Hence this cave is considered to be sacred and people come here to offer their prayers.

Escape to Kemmangundi for Rejuvenating

Witness the serene surroundings at Kemmangundi in Chikmagalur which is known for its panoramic views. This place is known for its beautiful gardens and breathtaking views. For the most enchanting visit, Raj Bhawan offers a magnificent view at sunset time rendering it the delight for the photographer. This is also a hotspot with stunning waterfalls, dripping rivers and tranquil valleys for nature lovers.

Kemmangundi / Image Credit:

There are trekking, nature walks and picnics in the area too. The Karnataka Royal Horticulture Society is based here and has some of the finest gardens. A few must-see attraction here are the Rock garden, Z point, Kalahasti falls, Babababudan hill town, and Shiva temple.

Hike Kudremukh National Park

Kudremukh National Park is a delight for wildlife enthusiasts and adventure lovers who wish to escape the worries of life in the most wonderful surroundings. Kudremukh and its lush green surroundings are the paradises of nature and wildlife lovers, serving the best of Western Ghats. For hikers and trekkers, the Kudremukh peak is a delight. Rising to almost 1,900 meters, it provides fantastic sceneries overlooking clear skies, rolling hills, thick forests and rich grasslands.

Kudremukh National Park / Image Credit: Flickr

A combination of unforgettable landscapes that take your breath away and it is one of the best treks you can undertake. It is also a heaven for Bird watchers as they can witness rare species of birds here such as the imperial pigeon, great pied hornbill, Malabar Trogon. If bird watching is your thing, get out early in the morning.

Trek Mullayanagiri Peak

Mullayangiri peak is Karnataka’s highest peak with a height of 1950 m. It has dwelled between the Nilgiri hills and Greate Himalayas. Thus this is the reason Mullayanagiri lures travellers with its panoramic beauty. There’s a small temple located on the topmost summit of this Mullayanagiri peak within which you have a small statue of Tapasvi Mullappa Swamy. According to the regional mythology, Tapasvi Mullappa Swamy observed meditation for years at the cave on top of the Mullayanagiri peak.

Trek Mullayanagiri Peak / Image Credit:

This is the reason why the peak got its present identity. Mullayanagiri peaks as one of the most appealing destinations for trekking, mountain biking, and road biking. This place is a favourite among many trekkers since it has some really challenging and scenic trekking trails. For those who do not really prefer adventure activities, they can also consider doing nature walks.

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Enjoy Picturesque Views of Hebbe Falls

Hebbe fall is one of the most magnificent natural places to visit in Chikmagalur. These falls are considered to be the most appealing throughout Karnataka and dwelled near the popular hill station of Kemmangundi and Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary. Hebba falls are truly a delight for nature lovers and the coffee plantations surrounding these falls will leave you awestruck. Hebbe Falls form an ideal location to experience a calm holiday in the backdrop of nature as they fall are enclosed from astonishing greenery, lush forests, coffee plantations, rich flora and hills.

Hebbe Falls / Image Credit:

One can hear the sound of the falls gushing with the ground from a distance. One of the best features of these falls is that the water is infused with herbs. It is like a natural jacuzzi with exotic herbs mixed into the water. So take a dip in these healthy waters and feel the difference. If you love adventure trip and panoramic views you must pay a visit to these Hebbe Falls to enjoy the realm of natural beauty.

Visit Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary

Bhadra wildlife sanctuary is located around 38 km from Chikmagalur and it is flourished with a substantially large number of tiger population. The mesmerizing Bhadra River passes through this sanctuary whistling soothingly, and hence it has given it the name Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary. This sanctuary is heaven for wildlife enthusiasts and offers diverse varieties of flora and fauna.

Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary / Image Credit:

The high range of hills and surrounding green vegetation from all sides make it look simply breathtaking. The sanctuary also serves as a habitat for reptiles such as king cobra and Indian rock python. About 120 species of trees are planted here. The main attraction of this sanctuary is a giant teak tree known as Jagara, which is believed to be about 300 years old. The Wildlife Sanctuary of Bhadra, one of Chikmagalur’s must-visit spots, offers numerous activities, including jeeping safari, watching birds, rock climbing and water sports in the Bhadra river.

Awestruck by the Views of Kalhatti Falls

As you know Chikmagalur is known for many waterfalls earlier you have read of Hebbe Falls now another one which attracts travellers a lot at Chikmaglur is Kalhatii falls. The water cascading 400 feet above is a sight to behold. The surroundings are also what makes this waterfall truly breathtaking. The Drona Hill covers much of the surrounding area and you’ll also find a picturesque and tiny temple constructed for Shiva next door.

Kalhatti Falls / Image Credit:

Waterfalls are a sight most lovers of nature enjoy. This waterfall must be explored, with its thick vegetation and lush greenery. There are plenty of options for trekking on this waterfall as well. It’s also quite enticing to walk through the forest. If you’re enthusiasts of camp just visit these falls. When you hit the top, you’ll be greeted with incredible views of falls.

Witness Spiritually at Sharada Temple

The temple of Sharada is in Shringeri, near the district of Chikmagalur. The Temple of Sharada dates back to the 8th century and is beautifully situated along the Tungabhadra River. Here the renowned Adi Shankaracharya founded its place of practice. This temple is said to have been built in dedication to the Goddess of Wisdom and can be improved by offering your prayers to her, learning ability and capacity. This temple’s architectural design is a perfect temple of South Indian origin. The temple had an image of the goddess made from sandalwood and now the image of the goddess is of gold. It was a temple under-explored but now many devotees from all over India and the world visit this temple.

Sharada Temple Sringeri Karnataka / Image Credit:

Summing Up here, After visiting all these if you left with some time you can also enjoy the views of backwaters of Hirekolale lake, exploring the coffee plantation fields, getting your feet wet at the buttermilk falls, exploring Belavadi and take a pilgrimage tour to Horanadu. You can after enjoy river rafting at Bhadra River

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