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Sanchi Stupa, Buddhist Complex Located at Sanchi Town of Madhya Pradesh


Sanchi is the Buddhist complex located at center part of the India is famous for its Great Stupa, Sanchi is an small town located at Raisen District of Madhya Pradesh. The great Sanchi Stupa is one of the oldest structure of stones in India its an important monument of Indian Architecture. The emperor Ashoka in the 2nd century BCE originally commissioned this.

The focus of interests are Numerous Stupas, Temples, Monasteries and Ashokan Pillar. Sanchi is an “World Heritage Site” declared by UNESCO.

When and Who Built Sanchi Stupa, Where it is Located?

Sanchi was commissioned by Emperor Ashoka of the Maurya Dynasty in 3rd century BCE. It is located about 46KMs from the City Bhopal (Capital of Madhya Pradesh).

How to reach Sanchi?

Sanchi is well connected by Road and Train, the nearest Airport is Bhopal is about 46KMs away. You can reach by Bus or Train from Bhopal.

Sanchi Stupas at a Glance

Here are some Photos of Sanchi Stupas.

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