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Take a Heritage Tour of Taj ul Masjid – The Largest Mosque in India


There are many attractive spots and destinations to visit in Bhopal Madhya Pradesh like Upper Lake, dams like Kerwa, Kolar and Kaliyasot, Bhojeshwer Temple, Manuabhan Tekri, Sair Sapata, Arch Bridge, Dadabadhi etc. But the most important yet hidden gem which glorifies the tourism of Bhopal, the lake city of Madhya Pradesh to the national and world level is Taj ul Masjid located near Motia Talab.

This blog is dedicated to the Taj ul Masjid – a majestic and iconic landmark of Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh.

Check out all aspects of this architectural epitome.

Taj ul Masjid – The Crown of Mosques

As the name suggests Taj ul Masjid or Tajul Masajid truly portrays being the Crown of Mosques and reflects the majestic architecture of central India. This heritage structure is the largest in India and the second largest mosque in Asia. Taj ul Masjid standing majestically in the centre of Bhopal near the Motai Talab, Kohefiza on Hamidiya Road. The Taj ul Masjid has its own special place amongst many world-famous monuments.

Taj ul Masjid From Motia Talab

The construction of this Mughal epitome was initiated by Sultan Shah Jehan Begum of Bhopal in 1868 and lasted till 1901. Later the construction started again by Allama Mohammad Imran Khan Nadwi Azhari and completely finished by 1985.

The Giant Stair Case of Taj ul Masjid / Image Credit:

The mosque has a capacity of 175,000 individuals with an interior area of around 430,000 square feet. It has a prominent staircase which looks mesmerising from the ground. A madrassa is also running inside the mosque.

On all days, the masjid is permits visitors, but non-Muslims on Fridays are not allowed inside due to Jumma, so remember when to pay a visit.

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History Associated With the Taj ul Masjid

The third female ruler of Bhopal, Shah Jahan Begum, decided to establish the world’s largest mosque, so she set about building the Taj ul Masjid in 1877. While the building of the mosque started in the 1800s, because of a lack of funds, it was delayed.

Namaz Ada at Taj ul Masjid / Image Credit:

Construction began again in 1971, and by 1985, the mosque was fully constructed through the efforts of Maulana Sayed Hashmat Ali Sahab of Bhopal and Allama Mohammad Imran Khan Nadwi Azhari. The entrance, which is also the eastern gate, has been renovated in a very grand way during this stage of construction.

Architectural Overview of the Taj ul Masjid

Taj ul Masajid is made up of a lovely mix of elements of Hindu, Mughal and Syrian architecture. The three marble domes, a pink facade with two 18-storey octagonal minarets built on top of it. But its main hall with an inter-arched roof, a wide facade, a spacious courtyard and smooth marble flooring are the most impressive features of this mosque.

Entrance Gate of Taj ul Masjid / Image Credit: Abhishek Mishra/WikiCommons

Each of these minarets has a large elongated dome, underneath which lies the main hallway with fantastic pillars and marble flooring. Besides this, in its courtyard, there is a huge tank in the middle where devotees perform a purification ritual in which they wash faces, hands, arms and feet before offering prayers.

Water tank for performing rituals inside the courtyard of Taj ul Masjid / Image Credit:

The double-storey gateway in the courtyard leads to the main prayer hall which helps people to connect and offer prayers. In the prayer hall, the wall is decorated in an adorned manner with 11 curved styles and a fine screen.

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Other Things to do

Due to magnificence of the many couples do a pre-wedding shoot here too. Many people take selfies sitting on the holy big staircase, and some visit to feel the divine aura at the time of Azan.

After Visiting the Taj ul Masjid you can also visit the Motia Masjid, Jama Masjid at Loha Bazar and spend some time at Vardhman Park. From there, you can visit the Mata Mandir near on Hamidiya Road. Apart from this, you can take a ride of Lakeside View on the Vip Road which is quite famous here and watch the Statue of Raja Bhoj. Visiting here at the time of sunset is a sight to behold for many travellers.

Visit Van Vihar Bhopal / Image Credit:

For seeing some wildlife you can visit Van Vihar National Park and meet Tigers and other wild animals.

Dining & Shopping

For Dining options near Taj-ul-Masjid, you can visit Jehan Numa Palace and Under The Jamun Tree are quite popular. Apart from them, you can also visit Narmada Restaurants, Greek Food and Beyond, Manohar Restaurant.

For Dining visit Jehan Numa Hotel / Image Credit:

For Shopping, you can visit the nearby Chowk Bazar(popular as city market) in the old Bhopal. It is quite rushy in the evening time so best you can visit is in the afternoon.

After taking the heritage tour of Taj-ul-Masjid refresh yourself at RTS The famous Raju Tea stall which is around 8 min from the spot. 

Modes of Reaching Taj ul Masjid

  • Raja Bhoj Airport in Bhopal is connected to big cities such as Mumba, Delhi  Jaipur. And after reaching the airport you can take a cab or rent a zoom car to reach Taj Ul majid which is around 9 km away from the airport.
  • If you want to reach via railways then two major railway stations are there. One is the Habibganj Railway station and the main one is Bhopal Railway station. From your city book any train dropping you at Bhopal station as it is closer to Taj ul Masjid as it lies on Hamidiya Road. Many magics, minibuses and autos re available from both the stations.
  • To reach Bhopal via road, there are regular buses that run from nearby places such as Sanchi, Ujjain, Vidisha, Indore and other places. Local transportation system within Bhopal can take you to Taj-ul-Masajid.

Other Details: 

  • Address – Taj ul Masajid, National Highway 12, Kohefiza, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, 462001, India
  • Entry to the Taj ul Masjid is Free of Cost.
  • Visiting Time is from 6 am to 8 pm is allowed on all days. But as I mentioned above on Friday non- Muslims are not allowed.
  • There are many hotels located near Taj ul Masjid Bhopal, where travellers can enjoy a comfortable stay according to there budget. Some are Grand Ashirwad Beacon, Lego Villa, Hotel Rajhans Recency, Hotel Shalimar, Hotel Ranjit’s Lakeview, Hotel Kamal Regency, and many more.

In the end, I want to say, there are many great spots to visit in Bhopal Madhya Pradesh but the heritage walk of Taj ul Masjid is must for not only to understand the Islamic architecture but the glory of old Bhopal and central India.

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