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Top 5 Places To Visit In Nagaland


Right from their weird headdresses to their eccentric sense of wardrobe, from their glorious loom to their queer style in food, from their spirited festivals to selection of trophies made from animal’s bone, Nagaland has continually stood except all alternative states in India. A vibrant land of impeccable culture and new traditions, this lesser-acknowledged state is definitely a tasty destination to explore. Very little can we understand that on every flip in Nagaland there’s a surprise looking ahead to us; the surprising influence of Hinduism, the unerasable marks of Christianity and therefore the legends that square measure acknowledged on the far side Indian borders, makes Nagaland actually a desirable land that has to be explored thus, yet again we’ve got obsessed the task to intimate avid travelers such as you a couple of land as hypnotic as Nagaland.

Dimapur, Nagaland

Dimapur, Nagaland

Reckoned to be the entry purpose of the state, Dimapur formally welcomes you to Nagaland. It’s a well-connected city that boasts glorious road conditions and scenic landscapes. The city offers ample opportunities to nature and history lovers. The thirteenth-century Kachari Ruins is amongst the foremost engaging places in Dimapur, whereas the ruins here are the proof of Ahom invasion. For nature lovers, Dimapur opens a good door and takes them on an unforgettable journey. Nichuguard Village, Kuki Dolong Village, Chumukedima, Sethekima Village and Medziphema are a number of the places that are best known for their spectacular landscape beauty. Quiet and much faraway from the hustle and bustle of town lives, these destinations in and around Dimapur are ideal for tourists. Diphuphar is one of the most effective places in Nagaland to witness the culture of assorted tribes like Angami, Lotha, Chakehsang, Sumi, Sangtam, Rengma Pouchury and Zeliang. Ruzaphema may be a one-stop look in Dimapur for shopping; situated concerning five km from Kohima, this place is celebrated for exhibiting a number of the best artifacts of Nagaland.

Kohima, Nagaland

Kohima, Nagaland

The capital town of Nagaland, Kohima is doubtless the foremost charming place to go to in Nagaland. Despite being an advertisement hub, Kohima hasn’t lost its natural charms and remains one in all the foremost attractive destinations to examine within the state. The mix of the traditional and also the trendy has painted this city in a remarkable color and Kohima has become an unerasable landmark for the state. The city offers lots of scenic views; it additionally reminds situations back within the time of the Second war.


Reckoned to be the foremost stunning and energetic district in Nagaland, Mokukchung is that the home of the Ao tribe. Celebrated for its cordial reception, made traditions and festivals, Mokukchung is gradually changing into a hotspot for business in Nagaland. It’s typically aforesaid that one amongst its destinations named Longkhum could be a paradise for nature enthusiasts. Its hillocks are adorned with bush and its pristine surroundings are the value falling taken with. Longkhum is additionally celebrated for its ethnic loom and handicraft and a sect referred to as Limapur that follow animist faith. Ungma is one more destination of interest in the Mokukchung district that’s believed to be the primary place based by Ao tribe after they entered Nagaland from Chungliyimti.

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The land of Konyak Nagas, Mon is a culture enriched area to visit in Nagaland. Renowned for warriors with tattoos on the face, head looking art and blackened teeth individuals, Mon could be a fascinating place to be in Nagaland. The Konyaks believe themselves the descendants of Noah and follow agriculture; it’s believed that they have the best harvest within the state. Around Mon, a someone will have a variety of fascinating encounters, for example if you happen to be in Longwa (the biggest village in Mon district), that shares border of a country, you can even have the opportunity to possess 1/2 your body in India and partner in Myanmar.


Wokha is nature’s spectacular gift to Nagaland. Dotted with vibrant orchards, carpeted with multi-hued flowers and fringed by hills and watercourse, Wokha could be a nature lovers’ paradise. regarding four hours’ drive from Kohima, this district is a good place to bask and see the glory of nature. A traveler village higher than Riphyim could be a major attraction in Wokha district, this place is thought to supply splendid views of a dam on the Donyan watercourse.

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