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Explore Incredible Views of Nature at Namchi – Sikkim


Namchi is renowned all over the world as one of the biggest pilgrimages of Buddhism followers in India. Namchi is famed for its views of the snow-clad Himalayan peaks, including the mighty Mount Kanchendzonga. This famous natural location is located about 78 km away from the city of Gangtok, Sikkim. Apart from Buddhist Monasteries, it is famed for being home to the World’s largest statue of Padmasambhava, the patron saint of Sikkim and beautiful mountain ranges.

Thus the town attracts throngs of pilgrims every year and vacationists who come here to spend some time in the calm and fresh atmosphere of the site. Besides showcasing the picturesque beauty of South Sikkim, the place also offers adventure sports and activities for the adventure junkies too.

The place offers panoramic views of Darjeeling, Kalimpong Hills and other snow-tipped mountains with vast stretches of beautiful valleys.

Let’s explore this beautiful destination cum best-kept secret of Sikkim with us.

Best Spots to Visit in Namchi

Find the most scenic sights, cultural hubs, and historic places that will blow your mind. Whether travelling with friends or family, there is a lot to explore in Namchi.

Samdruptse Hill – Known as Wish Fulfilling Hill

The most interesting destination to visit in Namchi is Samdruptse Hill which is a famous pilgrimage centre of Sikkim. The hill has earned so much acclaim, as the reason is for the presence of a gigantic statue of Guru Padmasambhava, also known as Guru Rinpoche – the patron saint of Sikkim who is believed to have blessed the land of Sikkim.

Samdruptse Hill Namchi / Image Credit:

The foundation stone of this statue was laid by Dalai Lama. The height of this statue is around 135 ft and it is known to be the tallest figure of this kind in the world. The face of the statue is glazed with gold that gleams in the sunlight. Start taking a stroll around the terrace as you will get a magnificent view of the mountains and forests from the above.

Relax in the Serenity of Tendong Hill

Tendong Hill captivates vacationers via its enthralling sight of the hills and valleys. It is located above Damthang and surrounded by lushness created by mother nature. This attraction is a must-visit for all those who want to spend some quality time amidst the vicinity of the mother nature.

Tendong Hill / Image Credit:

From the top, you can get engaging scenes of the hills of Namchi, You can also do trekking to reach Tendong Hill, apart from it indulge yourself in river rafting and watch about 90 species of birds that flock around the area and a large number of mammals like Himalayan Bears, Red Pandas and Leopards that shelter amidst this jaded forest. This is an excellent location to see the eastern Himalayas in a panorama.

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Namchi Rock Garden

Visiting Namchi Rock Garden is a reward for nature lovers as the landscaped garden below is quite beautiful. There are water bodies, a gazebo, tiny arched bridges over lily pools, many different rare flowers and plantations.

Namchi Rock Garden / Image Credit:

There are slides & swings for children, benches to relax & soak in the views – all make a wonderful experience. It’s calm and quiet out here and a great opportunity to blend with nature.

Ngadak Monastery – A Sight to Attain Spirituality

Ngadak Monastery is around 2km from the city centre and pulls the attention of numerous sightseers with its appealing beauty and spirituality. You can see the monastery is sustained by press railings, and another Gumpa is being built as the old structure endured harm because of the quake in the seventeenth century.

Ngadak Monastery / Image Credit: Flickr

Ngadak is one of the most seasoned monasteries in Namchi and it is an apt place to look for peace and reflect in the midst of nature.

Explore Wilderness at Maenam Wildlife Sanctuary

Maenam wildlife sanctuary has outstanding animal life in Namchi. This location is ideal for individuals who get a kick out of the chance to enjoy time with nature This must-visit attraction is situated on the Maenam – Tendong Ridge and it is besides a location to see medicinal plants and herbs.

Maenam Wildlife Sanctuary / Image Credit:

In here you can discover the kinds of calm and tranquil woods like Red Hill Partridge, Blood Pheasant, Magpies, Blue necked Pita, Sunbird and Black Eagle, for example, Red Panda, Goral, Wild Deer, Leopard-Cat, Civet-Cats.

Ralang Monastery – Most Sacred Monastery of Sikkim

The Ralang Monastery is known as the most sacred monastery of Sikkim and said to have been built to honour the pilgrimage of the fourth Chogyal to Tibet. This Buddhist monastery is situated at Ralang near Ravangla in Sikkim. The monastery is home to over a hundred monks and is also known to be the home to beautiful paintings.

Ralang Monastery Namchi / Image Credit: Flickr

The annual festival, Pang Lhabsol is celebrated here and the monastery lights up more than it already is to embrace the festival. The monastery is truly the epitome of Buddhist culture. It is among the best pilgrimage sites to visit in Ravangla.

Behold the Array of Colourful Flags at Doling Gompa

Doling Gompa is situated on a small hillock and offers a serene and lush green environment with a calm climatic condition. The monastery follows one of the oldest sects, the Nyingmapa sect of Buddhism. Being perched on an elevated platform, Doling Gompa is offered with the vista of mighty mountains and thick forest contrasting the patchy blue sky protruding striking rays of the sun.

Doling Gompa / Image Credit:

On the way to the monastery, witness the colourfully attired tireless people working on the lush green fields of cardamom. Doling Monastery is one of the most popular tourist spots of Sikkim, renowned for the stone bearing the footprint of Dorje Lingpa, permanently installed on the interior wall of the Mani Lhakhang along with the images of the Manjushri, Vajrapani and Dorje Lingpa carved on stone slabs by Dorje Lingpa himself

Lord Shiva Devotees Pay a Visit to Solophok Chardham

Solophok Chardham is a recently created pilgrimage site as well as a cultural centre, which is established over the Solophok Hill in Southern Sikkim. Around 27m high statue of Lord Shiva in the sitting position that denotes the area of the fundamental sanctuary.

Solophok Chardham / Image Credit:

Apart from this huge statue of Shiva, the generations of twelve Jyotirlingas alongside the four Dhams; Badrinath, Jagannath, Dwarka and Rameshwaram are additionally added which attracts many travellers. This imitation of Chardham during the tranquil scenes of Sikkim is totally mind-blowing and now it has turned out to be one of the best traveller attraction in Sikkim. It is especially famous among Lord Shiva devotees.

Serdup Choling Monastery

Serdup Choling Monastery is Namkhi’s most beautiful place of Buddhist worship. It is located in a picturesque setting on Mount Khangchendzonga surrounded by a quarter of monks. A combined effort of late Serdup Dungzin Jigme Wangchuk Rinpoche and late Khachoed Tulku Dudjom Dorjee was established at the Serdup Choling Monastery in 1967.

Serdup Choling Monastery / Image Credit:

Within the main shrine, a beautiful display of Guru Rimpoche, Santaraksita and Tri Detson’s three statues are seen. It is also decorated with the external prayer flags and Guru Padmasambhava’s wall pictures inside.

Temi Tea Garden

Temi Tea Garden is situated in Ravangla, south of Sikkim, about 18 km from Namchi district. This is Sikkim’s only tea garden and belongs to the state administration. It spread on a gradual hillside from Tendong Hill over a surface of 440 acres. The tea garden produces one of the world’s finest teas and provides a world quality tea variants especially the Kangra Tea.

Temi Tea Garden / Image Credit:

You can visit the industry and observe tea processing procedure and buy packaged tea.

Most suitable season to visit Namchi: Try to tour between March to May and September to November as the temperature remains moderate and comfortable that time in Namchi. There is usually no rains during this time.

Apart from all these locations and tourist attractions of Namchi, you can also visit, Sai Mandir Kitam Bird Sanctuary, Tarey Bhir, Buddha Park in Ravangla, Tendong State Biodiversity Park Namchi etc. Visiting Namchi will definitely fill your soul with spiritually and showcase the best of mother nature!!!

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