India TravelZuluk-Tour Little Heaven Between The Mighty Mountains

Zuluk-Tour Little Heaven Between The Mighty Mountains


How many beautiful locations, Sikkim has hidden in its core, nobody knows. Even many travel and adventure lovers visit popular spots such as Gangtok, Nathang Valley, Thangu valley, Rumtek and Namchi. But they are not aware of Zuluk the milky way to heaven … mighty Himalayan mountains. Yes, this destination is still hidden from many trekkers and mountain lovers.

But not from us, let’s uncover this heavenly destination of Sikkim so that you can add it in your next adventure itinerary. 

Zuluk – An Offbeat Destination of Sikkim

Zuluk is a pristine destination of East Sikkim located at the foothills of the Himalayas at 9,500 ft above sea level. Also spelt as Dzuluk, it is a small region earlier famous for its Sikkim Silk Route from Tibet to India and beautiful valleys. Now, Zuluk is arising as the perfect travel destination as it offers some of the mesmerizing views of Himalayas. This little town of Sikkim is least populated.

Zig Zag Pathways of Zuluk / Image Credit:

But there is also an Indian Army base at Zuluk, which is utilized as a travel camp for the armed force development to the Chinese fringe. Apart from this Zuluk is renowned for its exceptional circles. There are approx. 30 circles in this crisscross way. Zuluk determines its tourism significance because of the great views of the eastern Himalayan Mountain including the Kanchenjunga.

Popular Sightseeing Attraction of Zuluk

Thambi View Point

You have to climb steep mountains to discover Zuluk and the acclaimed Zig Zag Street takes a couple of dozen turns and curves to cover the 14 km separation to Thambi viewpoint. At an elevation of 11,200 feet, you can see an amazing change of colours on the dazzling peaks at dusk and dawn.

Thambi Viewpoint / Image Credit:

The whole eastern Himalaya can be seen from this spot including the Kanchenjunga. You can spot rare feathered creatures such as Satyr Tragopan or the Himalayan Monal. From locals, you can also hear about Yeti stories. This nature’s spectacle alone is good enough a reason to visit Zuluk.

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Lungthung is 5 km away from Zuluk and it is famous because you can full views of the entire range from here. You can also get to see the best sunrise from here along the Silk Route. During your journey, you will also come across two or three beautiful green little tea estates here.

Tulka Valley

Tukla Valley is known for the Battle of Tukla, is about 4 km from Lungthung. In 1903, Tibet was invaded by an unexpected British military force commanded by Lt. Col. Francis Younghusband. They met the Tibetan warriors with fierce opposition and thus started the Tukla battle. During this battle, many Tibetan warriors suffered and died. This is a war memorial designed to honour the deaths of soldiers who died in the Tukla Battle.

Nathang Valley

You can enter the beautiful Nathang Valley after passing 13,500ft, which separates Old Baba Mandir and Tulka. Yak nomads used this valley earlier for the grazing of their yaks. In various seasons, this magnificent valley changes its colours, turning to golden when the grasses dry up in fall, to sparkling snowy white in the winter when it is covered with dense snow, and to a carpet of colours when monsoon flowers bloom.

Nathang Valley Zuluk / Image Credit:

The city has emerged as one of Sikkim’s most popular tourist destinations. A night stay here without accommodation can be dangerous as the place is arranged at a high elevation.

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Kupup is a small valley situated at an altitude of 13900 ft. And Kupup Lake is a sacred lake which provides good ambience for travellers. You can enter Kupup from where the streets of Baba Harbhajan Mandir and Nathang valley connects.

Kupup Valley / Image Credit:

This place is well popular for The Indian Army Yak Golf Course which looks majestic. Kupup Lake is shaped like Hati or the elephant thus it is also known as Hatisur. Also, an Ice Hockey field is here. From Kupup is Tibet is around 520 km away.

Old Baba Mandir

Old Baba Mandir is dedicated to Baba Harbhajan Singh the martyr of 23 regiments of the Indian army. On top of this temple, you will find Harbhajan Singh’s bunker. It is the original bunker of Baba where he stayed during the Indo China War in 1962.

Old Baba Mandir / Image Credit:

The temple is maintained by the Indian army. There is a great history associated with Baba Mandir, all his dresses, bed, even the bunker area is also protected here. Reaching the old baba mandir is quite difficult so a new Baba Mandir is created near Tsomgo Lake.

Menmecho Lake

Menmecho Lake is situated at an altitude of 12500 ft. This lake is located 20 km from Chhangu Lake. This is a stunningly beautiful lake surrounded by rich forest. This lake is famous for its Trout fish.

Experience Amazing Wildlife at Zuluk

Zuluk is still untouched and it is covered by a huge forested area consisting of many rare species. Wild animals including Deer, Wild Dog, Himalayan Bear and Red Panda can be seen here. Besides, some tigers were supposed to be located in the forest of Zuluk.

Monal Pheasant / Image cRedit:

Himalayan Weasel is also can be seen. An abundance of feathered birds, such as Monal Pheasant, Blood Pheasant, Khaleej Pheasant, Snow Pheasant and others, can also be seen here which are on the verge of extinction.

Modes of Reaching Zuluk

You have to start from Siliguri for Zuluk tour. After that Kalimpong – Pedong – Rhenok – Aritar – Lingtam – Zuluk – Old baba Mandir – Nathang Valley – Tukla Valley – Kupup – New Baba Mandir – Tsongo Lake and stop your tour at Gangtok.

Zuluk is around 90km from Gangtok. You may travel from Gangtok to Zuluk through Tsomgo Lake and Baba Harbhajan Mandir But you have to take permit while travelling to this route. Apart from this, you can choose Pakyong and Lingtham route also. Solo travellers from nearby states and towns can plan their trip to Zuluk from East Sikkim neighbouring Bengal district or can travel through Pedong, Reshi and Aritar.

Best Time to Travel Zuluk

Zuluk is soaked in various shades of wild blossoms in mid-August and September. With numerous wildflowers, the whole field looks beautiful. Zuluk experience cold wintery weather from January to April. Although, the period is usually hazy from May to July.

Essential Tips:

  • Brace yourself for a net loss and take permit access before you go to this location. It’s intense to explore here because this position is close to China.
  • To reach Zuluk, both Indians and foreigners need a permit.
  • There isn’t a traditional hotel or resort in Zuluk.

Permit For Zuluk

Zuluk is situated in the Sikkim Restricted Area. So, to enter Zuluk, a special Inner Line Permit is required. All visitors must bring the following things.

  • Adult or solo travellers bring passport or voter ID card.
  • If kids are with you then bring birth certificates for kids below 18, along with one Photo ID card
  • Bring 4 to 5 Passport Size of Photos and prepare xerox sets of above documents.

Share your experience with us if you have visited Zuluk already, if not then it is a must-visit destination for adventure seekers.

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