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Visit Joshimath For Pilgrimage And Trekking


Uttarakhand can be referred to as the land of gods. Joshimath is a holy place for several pilgrimage centres and Hindu temples across the city. This Indian state is gifted with rich natural habitat, environment and nature’s beauty. Tourists across the country visit Uttarakhand to enjoy nature and seek the blessing. However, today at India Imagine we are going to look at one of Uttarakhand’s most charming city – Joshimath.

Joshimath – Sacred Place Of Uttarakhand

Joshimath is a city located in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand. The place is famous as it is here Adi Sankaracharya established the fourth “math” way back in the 8th century. Also famous for the famous Badrinath temple. Joshimath has several temples and holy shrines resting in the heart of the city reckoning it as the holy city of Uttarakhand. The very reason why people live to visit and consider the Uttarakhand state best for spirituality. Now comes the part that pulls tourists and attracts them to come here for vacation. The high Himalayan ranges, mountains for expedition natural beauty and adventure surrounding vicinity. Tourists come here to get a glimpse of the famous trekking destination, the Valley of Flowers. The place also adorns one of the best ski spots in the state.

Places famous for tourists destination in Joshimath


Vishnuprayag / Image credit:

Vishnuprayag is one of nature’s magnificent miracles. The rivers Alaknanda and Dhauliganga river join together to make a holy confluence. The site of the adjoining rivers comprises the best view that a tourist can ever ask for. People gather here to look at the beautiful scenic views and relax for a while. The place is best to rejuvenate and cone out stress-free.

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Nanda Devi National Park

Nanda Devi National Park
Nanda Devi National Park / Image credit:

What is so special about Nanda Devi National Park? The park is entirely connected and grows in the arms of the second largest peak of India, the Nanda Devi Peak. This park has been declared a World UNESCO heritage site. Visit the park to watch the best of nature gift in the form of flora and fauna. Visit with your kids and give them the best of nature’s magic. The ecosystem, the versatile soil and the indispensable climate are the factors that lure tourists to visit this beautiful park.


Kalpavriksha / Image credit:

If you are a firm believer in mythology, then Kalpavriksha is for you. Kalpavriksha is considered as a divine tree in Hindu mythology connecting to various timelines of history and spirituality. The tree is considered 1200 years old and people from different parts of Uttarakhand and other states come here to offer prayers. The great Adi Shankaracharya sat under this tree offering a deep prayer to Lord Shiva. This tree is nearly 21 meters in circumference and almost covers the front side of the temple. The best time to visit the temple and the Kalpavriksha is from March to May and then after rainy seasons.

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Jyotirmath / Image credit:

When Adi Shankaracharya visited this wonderful place, he established math in the place which is called Jyotirmath, and the place was later called Joshimath. The matha or monastery was established for the sole purpose of teaching the importance and essence of monastic life. Tourists visit this beautiful math and sit there to gain inner peace and relax. The beautiful Laxmi Narayan Temple is situated inside the math. Tourists visit the math and temple and enjoy the serenity of the atmosphere.

Outdoor Activities For Adventure Seekers


Apart from the temple visits and expeditions, there are several trekking trails across Joshimath connecting other places throughout the vast mountain range. The valley of flower is where the trekking trails start and go all the way.


Skiing is one of the most sought adventure activities at Joshimath. A cable car is available to take you to Auli Ski Resort, from Joshimath. Professional skiers and amateurs all gather at this resort to enjoy the skiing experience in one of the beautiful places available on earth.

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The smell of pine trees, the starry nights and a perfect bonfire is all you need for great camping. The valleys of Joshimath is a perfect place for day camping as well as night camping. You can see several people going trekking and skiing and finally halting under the starry sky with a tent base.

The best time to visit Joshimath is around the summer and winter season. Avoid monsoon time as the roads will be blocked and there won’t be much to visit.

How to reach?

Air – The nearest airport to Joshimath is the Jolly Grant Airport which is 275 km away and is located in Dehradun. You can hire a cab to reach Joshimath and other places in the vicinity.

Railway– the nearest railway station is 250 km away from the place and is located in Rishikesh.

Tips that tourists should be aware of while visiting Joshimath

  • Before your visit try to book your stay in advance. Also, book the ski resort and Badrinath temple visit prior.
  • Before your tour plan, try to connect with some locals to ensure any uneventful scenarios such as climate issues or roadblocks.
  • Bring approximate clothing keeping climate, trekking and skiing in mind.
  • Even though there are services and facilities for trekkers still it would be a good option to bring your gears with you.

Joshimath is mainly famous for pilgrimage and trekking. People who are thrilled to unleash their love for the mother nature Joshimath of Uttarakhand is a perfect heaven for them.

Bon Voyage.

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