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Take a Adventurous Trip of Hanuwantiya Island – Khandwa


There are many beautiful beaches, Lakeview points, Ghats, waterfalls in various states of India such as Goa, Kerela, Himachal, Lucknow, Rameshwaram etc. Talking about islands, one word which came into every Indian mind is Andaman & Nicobar, Havoc island etc. In all these locations you can enjoy many water adventure sports and fun activities. Have you heard of any such destination in Central India? I think no…!!

One such destination which is still quite underrated and hidden from the eyes of every traveller and adventure seeker is Hanuwantia Island or Hanuwantia Tapu of Khandwa Madhya Pradesh.

Let’s explore this uncovered destination of central India so that in you can begin your year in thrilling mode.

Hanuwantiya Tapu – An Overview

Hanuwantiya island is one of the groups of islands located on the bank of Indira Sagar dam including Sailani islands. Now it has become the most prominent tourist attraction promoted by Madhya Pradesh tourism sector.

Hanuwantiya Tapu – Khandwa

Famous among nature lovers for its panoramic views, among adventure seekers due to the array of water sports and the Jal Mahotsav. Being located at a distance of 47 km from the mainland of Khandwa, reaching Hanuwantiya Tapu is now more accessible with well-developed transportation routes.

Participate In Jal Mahotsav

Hanuwantiya also hosts India’s only and largest water carnival, Jal Mahotsav, every year. This grand event is a paradise for adventure seekers, art enthusiasts, foodies and for those who are tired of there hustling bustle life.

Participate in Jal Mahotsav / Image Credit:

Visiting timings – It is open for visitors from 09:00 am to 06:00 pm

Entry Fee – There are no entry fees to reach Hanuwantiya Tapu. However, you need to pay the respective fees to enjoy cruising or floating fantasy adventure.

Other Attractions near Hanuwantiya Tapu

Hanuwantiya Tapu is located within Khandwa region, which is a beautiful land blessed with many other sightseeing adventures. Here are some of the essential places to stroll after your visit to the Hanuwantiya Tapu –

Indira Sagar Dam – This place is a nature lover’s paradise, where the multipurpose dam serves as an adorable picnic destination. Water activities such as boating and cruising are worthy to enjoy over the backwaters here.

Indra Sagar Dam / Image Credit:

Nagchun Dam – Nagchun Dam is encircled with a lush green forest stretch and a famous weekend spot for all the locals residing in the surrounding region. There’s a hall here where you can participate in many cultural events. This cultural hall is known for the musical events scheduled routinely.

Ghantaghar – Being constructed by the Britishers, Ghantaghar homes to four Kunds signifying the importance of four different directions. These four Kunds – Suraj, Bhima, Padma, and Rameshwar Kunds are worthy of adoring. Besides, there’s a clocktower here known as Northbrook Tower.

Tulja Bhavani Mata Temple – This place is of historical significance as it holds its prestige of standing amidst 51 Shakti Peeth. Chaughada, Abhishek, Shej Aarti are some of the essential and noteworthy rituals performed here daily.

Tulja Bhavani Mata Temple / Image Credit:

Dada Dhuni Wale Darbar – This place is well-known for samadhi of Sree Dadaji. This place holds high importance owing to its sorrow healing feature. Locals of the neighbouring regions believe that the area is highly spiritual to put a permanent end to all your sorrows.

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Adventure & Fun Activities to do in Hanuwantiya Tapu

Tourists come mostly here to enjoy the retreating backwaters of the Indira Sagar Dam. With its sailing, aquatic Adventure, hiking, bird watching, and botanical trail experiences, this island surprises everybody.  A quick walk through the local area will introduce you to the wildlife that flourishes here. For those ardent bird watchers, the peacocks, the black storks, a tiny cormorant, are pure delights. The freshwater island of Hanuwantiya Tapu, filled with tons and tons of rocky slopes, gives an inviting atmosphere to all the trekking lovers. Other activities are you can perform here are –

Water activities at Jal Mahotsav Hanuwantiya Tapu / Image Credit:
  • Volleyball, tug of war, archery, hiking, kite flying, bull carting, and zip liner are some of the land activities to enjoy at Hanuwantiya Tapu.
  • Parasailing, paramotors, and hot air balloon trip are the most enjoyable among air activities to be enjoyed at Hanuwantiya Tapu.
  • Hanuwantiya Tapu is well known for its famous Jal Mahotsav is many water activities are performed here. Some important water sports at Hanuwantiya Tapu are water parasailing, banana riding, cruising, jet-skiing, motorboat riding, speed boat driving, scuba diving, sea window sliding, and full-face snorkelling mask.
  • Here, you will enjoy family gatherings and other important activities on a freshwater Rewa cruise trip. This cruising operation is scheduled by the Madhya Pradesh Tourism Boat Club for a period of 45 minutes. You need to be there by 4 pm to enjoy this activity.
Enjoy Cruise Ride at Hanuwantiya Tapu
  • A dining cum party area shows the upper deck of each houseboat. To accommodate your food needs, you can use their pantry service.
  • Hanuwantiya Island is a haven for bird watchers. Some exotic Central Indian bird species can be witnessed here.

Modes of Reaching Hanuwantiya Tapu

  • Railways – Khandwa Railway Station is the nearest station to reach the Hanuwantiya Tapu. This railway station is well-connected by trains coming from India’s financial capital city. From here, you can get a private cab service or local bus to drop you at the Hanuwantiya Tapu.
  • Roadways – Road connectivity is good for reaching Hanuwantiya Tapu. It is situated around 137 km from Indore. Your drive from Indore to Hanuwantiya Tapu via Khandwa Road which will take around 3.5 hours. Indore provides private and state-run bus services to drop you at the Khandwa Bus Station.

Best time to visit Hanuwantiya Tapu:

Throughout the year, the island of Hanuwantiya is readily available for tourist visit. The key activities to enjoy here are boat sailing, cruising or Floating Fantasy. These practices are only possible if the level of water is at an appropriate level   Thus, peak summers and monsoons should be avoided as far as possible. So, you’d rather visit Hanuwantiya Tapu anywhere from October to April.

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