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Abraj Kudai: The Largest Hotel In The World, All Set To Open In 2020


Have you ever considered visiting the world’s largest hotel? No! Then don’t worry about, it’s still-under-construction but wait, in 2020 it is going to be inaugurated. All the preparations are in full swing, every bit and piece is reaching their desired places. So the hotel which is going to be announced as the largest in the world is Abraj Kudai. The hotel is being developed in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. In 2015 the government has halted the work of the hotel due to some financial issues but restarted in 2017.

Now as Saudi Arabia’s government has started the work again from 2017 so the market of news and rumours has started again but according to the internal news, the hotel is all set to open this year. As per the images that are out on the internet, the look and majesty of the hotel seem tremendous.

However, Saudi Arabia is known for its ultimate and beautiful constructions and it also has the holy place Macca or Makkah, where 2.5 million Muslims visit per year and the number count is increasing day by day. Thus seeing these incredible numbers the government decided to make a giant hotel that can host visitors and also loaded with complete facilities.

About the Hotel Abraj Kudai

If you are a great traveller and loves to stay at expensive and great hotels then you might have stayed at First World Hotel, MGM Grand Las Vegas or The Venetian/Palazzo. If you have not stayed then you have heard about these hotels for sure, these are currently top three hotels in the world. It has all the premium facilities that top-class hotels should have, however, a new hotel is going to lead this chart that is Abraj Kudai.

Here are some of the amazing facts that you all shall see in Abraj Kudai:

  • Gigantic Storey

After a few months, Abraj Kudai will be the greatest hotel in the world, and there are several things that will help to make it great, one of the scenic element is the 45 storeys tall building. Actually, there are 12 towers in which 10 will be providing four-star services to the visitors. It is not pre-defined that it will be for normal visitors or only for Hajj. There will be a four-star level service, in all the 10 towers in terms of hospitality, food, rooms, etc.

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The major difference between towers is their height, the first ten towers will have 30 floors and the rest two towers will consist of 45 storeys. All the towers are filled with high quality of material so that it can last for decades and can even face natural calamities like earthquake, etc. Nevertheless, it is not taller than Burj Khalifa but still marvellous in terms of appearance and gigantic structure. The Abraj Kudai is developed by Saudi Arabia in collaboration with the Saudi Binladin Group (SBL). As the main holder is the Saudi government so they have acquired five floors that will be exclusively for the Royal Family and for their guests.

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  • What’s Inside Abraj Kudai?

What’s Inside the Abraj Kudai? It’s a tough question, basically, there are several things that this hotel is managing. There are rooms, restaurants, spas, helipads, gym, shopping centres and many more attractions. Let’s see what all stuff does this hotel is hiding:

1. Four Helipads

As we all know that many great hotels in the world don’t have helipads this may be due to their hotel’s structural problems. Whereas you will not find this sort of issue in Abraj Kudai, the hotel itself has four personal helipads at the top of the tower. There are twelve towers and the first four towers have the facility of the helipad on the top floor. Thus helipads not provide business to the hotel but give easy facility for the guest to come and enter the hotel directly. This shows that how rich, luxurious and comfortable is Abraj Kudai in terms of hospitality and customer satisfaction.

2. 10,000 Rooms

According to the current updates, the hotel will consist of 10,000 rooms that are integrated with high-end technology. Till now the highest number of rooms in a massive hotel is around 7351 that is in Malaysia.

Rooms of Abraj Kudai
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The main motive to create 10,000 rooms is to supply proper accommodation to all the visitors to Saudi Arabia. Every year millions of people visit the country only for Hajj, so to provide proper and quality accommodation is the responsibility of the government, that is why they developed such huge hotels.

3. Large Parking with Fast & Multiple Elevators

A major issue in any hotel or restaurant is related to parking space, whereas here you will not find any similar issue as the hotel is equipped for handling more than 2500 cars. Wait, this is not the end, the hotel management has also provided a bus facility for the guest that arrived to visit Macca(Holy place for Muslims). This holy place is just 2 km away from the hotel, in Abraj Kudai you can hire a luxury car on rent. Whereas in the entire hotel including the parking space you will find multiple elevators. These elevators are fast and big and can take multiple people at one time. Due to this time and effort are saved, on every corner of the hotel, you will have easy access to the elevator.

4. 70 Restaurants at Abraj Kudai

In Abraj Kudai itself, there are 70 restaurants with a decent carpet area which means that a large number of people can join into the restaurant for lunch and dinner. Even the facility provided by them will be top-notch, a four or five-star rating food will be supplied to the customers.

Restaurant at Abraj Kudai
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Basically restaurants are the core of any hotel if the food facility is on point, then the guest may surely visit again. Here you will find maximum restaurants that will be as luxurious as a five or seven-star hotel and will present your food according to your taste and country like Italian, Indian, Chinese, etc. Even you can order the traditional Saudi cuisines.

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5. Shopping Centre & Free Wi-Fi

Abraj Kudai is spread in 645 830 square feet and you must be thinking about such a big hotel and no shopping centre or mall. So get ready to shop also, there are a number of shopping complexes from where you can shop many things like personal accessories or home decor. Out of twelve towers, some also has a ballroom, where guest can organise a decent party or company meetings. Each tower has at least one shopping centre similarly you will have access to free Wi-Fi everywhere in the mall.

6. Spas

Got tired through roaming around Saudi Arabia or visiting all historic monuments and want a moment of relaxation then again check-in to your hotel, there you will find spas and health club. Here you can relax and also opt for a massage that will surely turn your mind and body into a relaxed state.

About Booking Rooms & Rates

Well the hotel is still in under-construction so when the booking will start is still unclear, but in this tech era, everything is online. So it is pretty sure that booking will start on some top hotel booking websites.

Booking Rooms & Rates of Abraj Kudai
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As it will be the most expensive and luxurious hotel in the world, so it is not easy for everyone to stay at Abraj Kudai. According to the news, the rate is more than $5000 per night for a single room. Hence the facilities and accommodation you will attain will be top-notch.

In the end

So a hotel where around $3.5 million is spent till now on the construction. Yet turning the hotel into a sort of paradise for the guest, is a place where you should visit with your entire family. So I hope this article has helped you in terms of obtaining the correct information on the world’s largest hotel Abraj Kudai. Shortly the hotel will be in full swing, so feel free to comment below and share your experiences. For more travel-related stuff do visit India Imagine.

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