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10 Amazing Family Destinations In Africa


Going on an Family Vacation in Africa with your entire family is a sure way to make memories for a lifetime. Kids will continue to learn about culture and animals which will carry on their studies on a vacation trip, hence resulting in their well balanced growth.

The key thing about going as a family is that you need to discover places with fun activities for everybody. The adventure should be there for every age group in your company, only this way it will be enjoyed by the whole family. African travel destination has a different set of adventures stored for the whole family as it will take you to cultural as well as wildlife aspects of the continent.

1. Mauritius

Mauritius is one of the most preferred family destinations in Africa due to safety, affordability and accessibility, hence no family member will be left behind. The resorts and lodges available here are made keeping in mind the kids requirements, so hence they will surely find enough open spaces to play and run around.

Mauritius a family destination in Africa / Image Credits: Mauritius Attraction

Kids will also enjoy the fun adventures like art and craft lessons, mini golf and tennis, swimming, and other water sport activities. All these kids activities are supervised under experts so as a parents you won’t have to pay extra attention for it.

2. Victoria Falls – Zambia

Victoria Falls is one the best falls on Earth after Nigeria Falls. If you have a preteen or teenagers in your family then this destination is a must visit for them. Here they can actually witness a waterfall that falls from a very good height and feel the adrenaline rush.

Victoria Falls a family destination in Africa / Image Credits: Andbeyond

The adventures that could be done here includes bungee jumping, swinging in between bridges and river rafting. You will find adventure for all age groups here and will remain in your memories forever.

3. Lake Malawi, Mozambique, Africa

This place is one of the popular travel destination not only for tourist but for locals too. Adventure activities that could be carried out here are kayaking, snorkeling and sailing.

Lake Malawi a family destination in Mozambique, Africa / Image Credits: Aardvark Safari

The beauty of the lake is quite mesmerizing and one of the best activities that as a parent you could do is sitting near the shore and enjoying the calmness of the lake.

4. Egypt

The pyramids are one of the famous wonders of the World of Africa. Egypt is famous in the world for pyramids and mummies. The tombs of famous pharaohs are also quite popular among the tourist for a different kind of adventure.

Egypt family ride on camel / Image credits: Stubborn Mule travels

One can experience the mythical but true Egyptian culture while taking a visit here. Kids will get to learn a lot about pyramids and would really expand their thinking capabilities. Shopping in local markets is a adventure in itself. Visiting Egypt is incomplete without visiting Nile river, the line line of this country.

5. Tanzania

It is one of the World’s best safari destinations in Africa. The country has many wildlife parks and different kinds of animals in it. The older kids would really enjoy wildlife safari tours. The popular attraction in the wildlife parks are the tiger and elephants. Kids can learn a lot about the animals they have either read in a book or seen on a Television. While on a safari you will be staying in camps that has basic amenities and hence a night close to nature. Do remember to bring along the camera for some exciting picture of animals and family together.

6. Tunisia

Tunisia is quite popular country of Africa and has featured in many blockbuster films like Star Wars, Bang Bang etc. The city of Tunisia is so beautiful with clean streets and ‘blue and white’ colored walls of the house everywhere that will surely make you click some snaps of them.

Tunisia a family destination in Africa / Image Credits: Lonely Planet

There are many fun activities all around. Historic amphitheaters and golden sand beaches present here are some of the many attractions of this place. Taking a ride along the bazaar and exploring the local goods is a fun in itself. Camping in desert is something new for a regular family, so do enjoy it.

7. Namibia

If you are looking for going on a self drive safari then Namibia is the perfect destination. There are such a large number of fun activities in Namibia that you will cheerfully stretch out your vacation to fit in all the energizing adventures in Africa.

Namibia a family destination in Africa / Image credits: Exodus Travels

Most part of the nation is without malaria mosquito, so that will surely ease your mind in night. You will be amazed by the lovely even sand hills and stunning shorelines. There are tourist friendly Namibians to give you hunting lessons too. Your Namibian occasion isn’t finished without natural life viewings in Etosha.

8. Botswana

Have you ever seen a traditional kayaks? If no then visit Botswana to experience the water safari in traditional kayak which is different to other kayak available in the world. If you want to learn about tracking an animal then local will surely guide you and is a good fun activity for kids.

Botswana a family destination in Africa / Image credits: Uyaphi

Victoria falls are also quite visible from the border. Other places that could be visited here for the whole family included Okavango Delta and Kalahari Desert. Water rafting is quite a big adventure activity here.

9. Morocco

Morocco is famous for lovely sights and sounds. The nation is super family-accommodating! Appreciate the wonderful smell of flavors, crowded markets and beautiful shorelines like Essaouira.

Morocco a family destination in Africa / Image Credits: Thomas cook

A camel trip for desert exploration with whole family is enjoyable. Another brilliant thing about Morocco is the variety of foods available here. Grab some kebabs, baked goods, couscous, new nuts and natural products. Your taste buds will perpetually recall your trip to Morocco.

10. South Africa

At the point when individuals think about a get-away in Africa, the place that usually come to the mind is typically South Africa. Furthermore, the reason is that South Africa is dazzling and has something for everybody.

South Africa family vacation destinations / Image credits: Zicasso

South Africa takes into account everybody whether you’re voyaging solo or going with each individual from your family. You can swim with penguins in Cape Town, go up Table Mountain in a rotating link vehicle, or simply unwind on the absolute most lovely shorelines on the planet. The Cape Winelands offers a wide variety of wines, so take this as an opportunity to take your whole family for a visit and get some fresh and exquisite Wine tasting experiences.

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