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10 Traditional Kashmiri Food Dishes To Try


Kashmir is paradise not only in terms of scenic beauty but also for its Food Culture. While visiting Kashmir, take your time to try Kashmir’s delightful foods. Kashmiri Food has a wide range of dishes and flavours. Mughals and Arab cooking style highly dominate the food culture here, but still you will find the influence of Kashmiri Pandit’s Signature style on many of the dishes. If you are Non-Vegetarian, it will give you an extra advantage because here you can find 30 different styles of meat recipes. But this does not mean that you will starve as a veggie round here.

Below are the 10 famous Kashmiri Food that will make you feel trying them once:

1. Rogan Josh

Rogan Josh is a signature Kashmiri food and is quite famous worldwide. This dish is full of delicious and aromatic adventures. The Rogan Josh is a lamb curry prepared with spices and yogurt.

Rogan Josh a Kashmiri Lamb Dish / Image Credits: Maunika Gowardhan

The browned onions are garnished once the gravy is ready, giving it a mouth-watering taste. It is better served with bread or rice. For every non-veggie lover, it’s a delight to try this dish once in their lifetime.

2. Modur Pulao – A staple Kashmiri Food

Modur Pulao a Kashmiri Pulao dish / Image Credits: Archana Kitchen

The famous Modur Pulao is a special Pulao dish prepared with milk, ghee and saffron. This dish is not any ordinary Pulao dish. This dish’s garnishing is done with dry fruits like almonds, cashew nuts and raisins. Some sugar is also added for sweetness, and surely this feature differentiates this dish from everywhere else. The main ingredient saffron is something that is mainly found in the Kashmir region. The bright golden colour that is visible on the recipe is due to this saffron and is a visual delight.

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3. Yakhni Lamb Curry – Mouth Watering Kashmiri Food

Maximum food in Kashmir is prepared with Yogurt. Yakhni Lamb Curry is also made with this mixture. This dish holds a crucial significance in the food culture of Kashmir.

Yakhni Lamb Curry a Kashmiri Lamb dish / Image Credits: Swati Kitchen

A mixture of Yogurt, Mawal, onion gravy, mint leaves, and cardamons are the main ingredients for the preparation of lamb. The cardamoms aroma is irresistible that will make you feel hungry. This dish’s best company is with rice.

4. Kahva

Kahva Tea a Kashmir’s Special Tea.

Kahva is a special Mughal Style Chai and is a specialty of the Jammu and Kashmir Region. It is customary to have this Tea while visiting any house. The Kahva Tea is a herbal tea that contains spices, saffron, almonds and even walnut in them. If you can’t visit the household, then you can also try this during festivals or feast. There are around 20 or more different varieties of Kahva available in the area.

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5. Shab Deg

Shah Deg is Kashmiri original delicacy that is very close to heart for every local here. The word “Shah” means night and “Deg” refers to a large cooking vessel.

Shah Deg a Kashmiri meat dish / Image Credits: FoodFusion

This dish makes use of spices and herbs. The flavour tends to mix up with the meat and hence giving it a unique and mouth-watering taste. It is a royal dish and makes the plates of guests.

6. Lyader Tschaman

Veggie lovers delight “Lyader Tschaman” is a Kashmiri cheese, that is prepared with creamy rich gravy. The dish is yellowish due to the color of the cottage cheese available here.

Lyader Tschaman A Kashmiri food / Image Credits: Kashmir Business View

This is a regular dish in every house because the cottage cheese is available in bulk quantity here. This dish is a favorite for every foodies and is equally loved by vegetarian and non – vegetarian.

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7. Muji Gaad – A flavourful Kashmir Food

Muji Gaad a Kashmir’s famous recipe / Image Credits: spiceroots

Muji Gaad is a famous Kashmiri special Fish dish and its main ingredients are radish and Nadur. This dish is one of the unique recipes which find its way for special occasions and famous during festive seasons. It has a lot of herbs and spices hence enhancing the flavor. This dish makes your plate after an hour of its preparation. Best enjoyed with rice and Haakh.

8. Kashmiri Style Baingan

Kashmiri Baingan is an Eggplant dish and extremely famous in Kashmir. Its taste is so good that one can’t resist it after feeling the Aroma.

Kashmiri Baingan a veggie delight from Kashmir / Image Credits: Pinterest

This dish is a mix of Eggplant pieces in Yogurt gravy. It serves as the side food for a regular meal and is one of the most loved vegetarian Kashmir Food.

9. Kashmiri Style Rajma- A authentic Kashmiri Food

Kashmiri Rajma a Kashmiri Dish For veggies / Image Credits: Lovelaughmirch

Kashmiri style Rajma is a special Rajma dish of Kashmir and is famous all over North India. Spices mixed with Red Kidney Beans are the main ingredients for this dish. This dish cooks in a homemade tandoor for exquisite flavors. This gives an extra flavour and taste which you will not find anywhere else.

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10. Thenthuk – A Kashmiri Food

Thenthuk is a Leh special noodle soup dish. This dish makes use of uneven noodles mixture with local wheat flour dough.

Thenthuk soup a Kashmiri special soup

Pieces of yak or mutton enhance the flavors and taste of this unique soup dish. This dish will fill your stomach, so it’s better to have this during lunch or dinner time.

Kashmiri food is as heavenly as the scenic beauty found here. The food found here will surely make you feel like a royal person and will surely extend your trip. So do visit Kashmir and try to get the taste onto your taste buds because you may be tasting these for the first time and surely be drooling about it later.

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