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Must Try Konkani Cuisines From India


The Konkan region is the western coastline of India which consists of the coastal areas of Maharashtra, Goa and Karnataka. Konkani Cuisine is a combination of traditions and culture of these three states and thus Konkani region has some of the best seafood cuisines from India. Seafood like prawns, crabs, fish, coconut and local spices are some of the main ingredients used in Konkan Cuisines. So, check out the best Konkani delicacies from India.

1. Konkani Kurle Ambat – A flavored Konkani Cuisines

Kurle Ambat, as known as crab curry in Konkan. This cuisine is prepared in the traditional Konkani style. The crab is gently cleaned and boiled for a few minutes with spices.

Konkani Kurle Ambat, Via:

The gravy for the crab is ready and the whole thing is put together. You can have Kurle Ambat with Rice or chapattis.

2. Chicken Xacuti

Chicken Xacuti is a famous Goan cuisine which holds rich flavours. Xacuti is articulated as Shakuti. It is a special dish that consists of Kashmiri red chillies, coconut, poppy seeds, onion, cinnamon and nutmeg.

Chichen Xacuti, Via:

A beautiful blend of spices and coconut gives this curry a unique taste and rich aroma.

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3. Khatkhate

Khatkhate is a captivating Konkani mixed vegetable curry and is served in all Konkani houses. It is a spiced vegetable gravy.

Konkani Special Khatkhate, Via:

It is prepared with at least five seasonal vegetables, grated coconut, Jaggery, Kokum, Triphala and spices. Of these, Triphala is the main element of this cuisines. This gravy is rich in nutrients and proteins. It is served with rice and chapati.

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4. Clams Gravy

Wheat, Jowar, Rice, Vegetables and Lentils are the essential components of the Maharashtrian diet. Seafood cuisines are prepared from Fish, Crab, Prawns and Clams is highly famous in coastal Maharashtra.

Clams Curry, Via: Youtube

Clams Gravy is one such finger-licking dish of coastal Maharashtra especially Mumbai, in which clams are cooked in spicy gravy.

5. Bharli Vangi

Bharli Vangi is a famous and traditional Maharashtrian dish that consist of stuffed brinjals with the spicy mixture of sesame, dry coconut, & groundnuts.

Maharashtrian Bharli Vngi, Via: Youtube

This vegetarian recipe is top-rated among the Marathi folks for its relish flavour.

6. Bangda Fry

Konkan region is a heaven for seafood lovers. Konkani Cusine has incredible aromas, tastes and textures. The Konkani Fish Fry is a delicious and crunchy cuisine usually made with mackerel or pomfret fish.

Konkani Fish Fry, Via: Pinterest

Cooked in a spicy masala made with red chillies, cloves, coriander seeds, pepper, garlic, fennel seeds, cumin seeds and lemon juice. Frying with sensational spices, it is delicious and goes well with a bowl of rice and some lentil curry.

7. Ghavan

Ghavan is a traditional breakfast cuisine from the Konkan region of Maharashtra which is similar to neer dosa from Mangalore. Ghavan is served during festivals and is filled with coconut and jaggery to make a sweet recipe.

Ghavan, Via: Archana’

Traditionally Ghavan is prepared with rice flour, jeera, a pinch of salt and water to form a batter and these are cooked like dosas.

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8. Vali Randayi

Malabar Spinach Coconut Curry or Vali Randayi Spinach is a very healthy Konkani Cuisine. The Spinach is steamed and the rest ingredients are added.

Malabar Spinach Curry, Via:

It helps in keeping our body away from sickness and is an excellent supplier of Calcium, Vitamin A and Iron.

9. Patholi – A Konkani Cuisines

Patholi is a delicious Konkani Cuisines prepared on the Konkan Coast of India, especially in Mangalore during Ganesh Chaturthi, Gowri Pooja and Naga Panchami.

Konkani Patholi, Via:

Patholi is prepared from rice, grated coconut and jaggery and then steamed in turmeric leaves. The sweet coconut filling makes these rice dumplings delicious.

10. Sol Kadi – A traditional Konkani Cuisines drink

Goan Kokum Curry is also known as Sol Kadi which is most favourite and widely available Konkani Cuisines in Goa. The kokum curry is provided to improve digestion and also as a cold drink.

Goan Kokam Curry, Via:

Sol Kadi is an energising Konkani drink usually eaten with rice or sometimes served as a drink after meals. Also known as Aamsol, made from coconut milk and kokum.

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11. Cucumber Cake

Cucumber cake or Dhondus famous dessert that comes from Goa as a traditional Konkani Cuisines called Tavsali.

Konkani Dessert Cucumber Cake, Via: Youtube

Yellow cucumber is the most preferred for cake. Along with cucumber, coconut and jaggery, semolina is also added and then steamed, making it very nutritious indeed.

12. Bebinca – A Sweet Konkani Cuisines

Bebinca also called as Bibik or Bebinka, is a type of pudding and a traditional Indo-Portuguese dessert. Traditional Bebinca has seven layers. The elements in Bebinca include plain flour, egg yolk, sugar, ghee and coconut milk. It is a traditional dessert and cuisine of Goa.

Bebinca, Via:

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So you must try these Konkani Cuisinesif you are a seafood lover. If not then also we will recommend you that once in your lifetime you should visit the Konkan region and try their best cuisines.

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