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10 Most Luxurious Hotels of the World


The 3 most simple desires of man are food, clothing, and shelter. These are the things that man needs so as to survive. All these basic necessities are needed for survival. Compromising with one or two can be described as an adjusting nature needs.  Whenever we search for a vacation place the things which we look out for are what restaurants are smart and what reasonably whether or not the town has so we will pack clothes accordingly. During holiday tour we always check for reasonable accommodation but you must also check out some Luxurious hotels.

What we’ll discuss long during this article is one amongst those basic desires, place to live or rent. A roof over your head to protect from the rain, a cave for cover against wild animals and inclement weather, a pleasant flat or house with electricity, water, a toilet, a bed, and therefore the neighbour’s free wifi. once traveling, it may well be an honest hostel with clean rooms and cleaner common bathrooms and tub. Or a good hotel with accommodating workers and satisfactory service. Luxurious Hotels have gold-plated furnishings, and bathrooms larger than most flats we’ve lived in, and a bed thus soft and then massive we have a tendency to don’t recognize any longer if it’s a square or an oblong shaped one.

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THE 13, MACAU, CHINA – Luxurious Hotels

THE 13, MACAU, CHINA - Luxurious Hotels

Most hotels have amenities that are meant to create the keep of their guests a lot of convenient and cozy. Well, The 13 went a touch more than simply providing such amenities, they made an arrangement with Rolls-Royce to custom-build thirty Phantoms united of their guest amenities. From personal elevators that receptive your villa’s door, to a 24-hour pantryman service certified by English gild of Butlers, a marble Roman bathtub, and a king-sized bed, guests get a complimentary ride in one amongst their Rolls Royce Phantom luxury cars. Hitching a ride in an $80,000 car, that’s one perk solely The 13 can give. The 13 is found within the Cotai Strip in Macau, China.

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FAENA HOTEL, MIAMI, US – Luxurious Hotels

FAENA HOTEL, MIAMI, US - Luxurious Hotels 

It looks every designer wants to advance in their line of work and attempting their hand at hotel industries. This is the same case as the owner of the Faena building in Miami. This building is one among solely 2 luxury hotels closely-held by the Faena group. The other building is within the home country of Alan Faena, port. The Faena building isn’t some fancy luxury building engineered on metropolis for business reasons, it had been created to revive the recent Saxony building. In fact, there’s a signature suite named after it, known as the Saxony Suite, and priced at $2450 an evening.


Come to new york and experience accommodations within the Four Seasons hotel, situated at 57 East 57th Street. However, don’t go unless you’ve got cash to spend once staying within the Ty Warner apartment Suite. At $50,000 an evening, this most likely is that the costliest suite within the USA. It positively is within the prime five costliest suites within the world. The suite encompasses a 360-degree view of New York City, with four glass balconies, one for every cardinal direction. Don’t worry, though, the Four Seasons in new york has accommodations that begin at $800 per night. It’s not a low cost however, it’s not $50k either.


On the world-famous Champs-Élysées, you will find at the end of the street, a building that’s as marvel as the street itself. Placed at the east end of the Champs-Élysées and on the historic Place de la Concorde. The building was truly a palace. That’s why it provides air of royalty and luxury that matches its surroundings. Recently restored, the building Delaware Crillon is prepared for business yet again. With 170 available accommodations, 124 rooms and forty-six suites, charges will go up to $15,000 per night at this luxury building. Get into one of the suites for a pleasant view of the Champs-Élysées.



Paris, Nice, and Versailles are just a few of the foremost stunning cities in France. Oh, don’t ignore cannes. Home of the world-famous festival and conjointly the house of 1 of the foremost valuable flat suites within the world. The hotel Martinez, situated at 73 street de la Croisette in France, may be a cannes classic structure, as it’s been standing there since 1929. It’s flat suites are a number of the foremost valuable within the world. At $45,000 per night, one will relish the luxurious, the beauty and status, and a good view of the French Riviera from the balcony, all French vogue.


Imagine a sleeping room in the world that take around $80,000 for a night visit. Can’t believe, then you should visit the hotel that is located in Switzerland at 47 Quai Wilson, 1211 in Geneva. The hotel is named after the previous U.S. President Wilson. The luxurious hotel stands on Lake Leman, right where the UN building is built. President Wilson Suites are the costliest suite within the world, the Royal flat Suite of hotel president Wilson is the largest suite in Europe at over 5,500 sq. feet and occupies the total top floor of the hotel. Bill Gates, Michael Jackson, and Rihanna have stayed during this suite within the past.


Castaway Island may be a picturesque island in Fiji that includes a private resort good for honeymoons and family vacations. There are tons of different island resorts like Castaway Island unfold everywhere Fiji, however, there’s no resort which will match Laucala Island Resort. Lush with plants and life, Fijian culture and welcome styles, and Fijian-style villas, of course, inhabit the non-public island. You can enjoy many kinds of sports here or can even calm down at the island’s own 18-hole golf course! Then rest in one in every of its twenty five luxurious and big villas.

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THE MARK, NEW YORK – Luxurious Hotels

THE MARK - Luxurious Hotel at NEW YORK

Another luxury hotel in new york is on this list and it’s situated on Madison Avenue. It’s The Mark hotel, and it’s situated on 25 East 77th Street, right on the higher side of the area of Manhattan. The building was made in 1927, then bought in 2006 and utterly restored by French designer Jacques farm. The hotel’s apartment suites are a number of the foremost pricey in New York. Take a tour to the 5-bedroom Terrace Suite, with a rate of $75,000 per night. It’s built over 10,000 sq. feet and has six loos and four fireplaces.


Magnificent is one adjective we will use to explain the dominion Palace in Rajasthan, India. Placed in the capital town of Jaipur, the Raj Palace is a hotel that’s has recieved a minimum of fourteen awards since 2007, and is a primary example of luxury, culture, and heritage. It’s immersive expertise of India, walls decorated with country’s culture, heritage, and influence, through each fixture, wall, floor, ceiling, and work of art. The Presidential Suite emanates all of those and a lot of. Priced at $45,000 per night, the suite is swimming in luxury, complete with golden furniture. For a worth, folks will expertise living royally and queen within the Raj Palace!


Most people have seen the film Casablanca, it’s a timeless classic featuring Ingrid Bergman and Humphrey DeForest Bogart. Shot in Morocco, a place that’s gotten famous because of the film, however by itself is additionally a magic place. Look more and one can discover one among the foremost luxurious hotels within the world here, the Royal Mansour. A building that provides a spectacular view of the surrounding areas and also has a three-story flat known as a riad. Riads are ancient Moroccan homes with interior gardens. the cheapest riad they provide has the subsequent facilities, an outdoor terrace, a roof terrace, and a small pool. If this can be what the littlest riad offers, then we cannot wait to seek out out what alternative superb things their costlier and bigger riads have future.

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