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Top 7 Coolest Ice Hotels to Visit in Summer Holidays


Summer is approaching and many families and couples want to spend their holidays at cool destinations. During the summers holiday, eventually, resorts and hotels are pre-booked. If you want to try something different for staying at holiday destinations, then you can go for ice hotels to avoid the scorching heat of the sun. But it is confirmed that for experiencing this kind of leisure you have to plan your trip to the coolest destinations.

From Canada to Finland, the Ice Hotel culture has been absorbed in the mind of the world’s pleasure-seeking travellers. Ice hotels are usually dependent on the sub-freezing temperatures of the place for operational purpose. These special hotels in today’s world are constantly evolving in the tourism sector across the world and seeking to provide pleasure and joy to their customers by introducing these unique and adventurous concepts.

So without a second thought, for our prestigious India Imagine Readers, we are going to list a few top ice hotels where you can enjoy with your loved ones… Check out now!!

Kirkenes Snow Hotel – Norway

In Sor – Varanger, northern Norway, Kirkenes Snow hotel is located. Surrounded by snowcapped landscapes, under the northern lights, Kirkenes Snow Hotel give its visitors a unique staying bucket list experience. This dynamic hotel entertains visitors in two seasons, one in summer and the other in winter.

Kirkenes Ice Hotel Norway
Kirkenes Ice Hotel Norway / Image Credit:

There are many excursions and tours arranged by the hotel to treats their visitors. Inside the hotel, you will notice captivating cabins with well-furnished interiors, glossy wood flooring and stunning kitchens. Pick up a husky taxi right from the airport and check out your snowy suite, decorated with the themes of Arctic culture.

Kirkenes Snow Hotel / Image Credit:

A major highlight of this hotel is its snowmobile safaris, reindeer rides and dog sledge outings for watching the Northern Lights. Also outside you can enjoy skiing and deep-sea crab fishing.

Per Night Costing: Double and single rooms for $400 per guest feature a 3-course dinner in our ice lounge, sauna and tea.

Hotel of Ice –  Romania

The Ice Hotel in Romania is set in the middle of the extensive Fagara Mountains. This hotel is constructed every year and gets its compacted shape of ice from the Fagara mountains’ largest glacial lake, Blaea Lac. This venue also boasts wonderful indoor complexes, along with an ice bar, cafeteria and, most importantly, an ice chapel. A year, the hotel attracts nearly 8,000 guests. This hotel is a stylish retreat for couples, especially young people who want to party uniquely.

Ice Hotel of Romania
Inside View of Ice Hotel of Romania / Image Credit:

Since 2005, the hotel has been constructed entirely of ice and snow, with double rooms and igloos accessible for travellers seeking a spectacular view. The Ice Restaurant & Bar serves regional cuisine in a chilly atmosphere, with ice-cold appetisers and desserts.

Per Night Costing: A double room costs EUR 100 while an igloo costs EUR 150.

Snow Village – Finland

Lying in the centre of the Lapland Forest, the snow village of Finland is a tourist spot for many tourists and a fantasy for many couples. Cosy cabins and a great chilly setting are what amaze couples. The snow village gives you the chance to do all of these things. The hotel opens every year in December and offers a range of suites for various groups of people, including ice suites for 2, cabins for four guests.

Snow Village Finland
Snow Village Finland / Image Credit:

Authentic delicacies of Lapland can be enjoyed in ice-cream restaurants and locally made Nordic ingredients are a must-see in these wonderful settings of the bar. Wrap yourself in the blanket and feel the love at night in the Lapland and appreciate the skylight. If you are a game of throne’s fan, Snow Village is your ideal picturesque destination.

Per Night Costing: Single rooms cost $250, while double rooms cost $160 for adults and $90 for children. A double-space suit costs $575 for 4 people. You can get a bed, breakfast and a snowmobile safari for $350 per user.

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Ice Hotel – Japan

Ice Hotel of Japan gives a chilly and luxuriously warm atmosphere to its guests with the use of a single sheet of ice. The hotel also offers cosy and practical sleeping bags that can keep a person warm in temperatures as low as -30°C. Through the production of the Arctic bath, this glistening ice sensation is intensified.

Ice Hotel Japan / Image Credit:

Hoshino Resorts Tomamu runs the Ice Hotel in Hokkaido, Japan. Guests will enjoy a warm night’s sleep in a dome-shaped hotel made entirely of ice! The Ice Lounge’s hot drinks and the hot spring bath contribute to the allure of this amazing encounter. The lounge offers forty distinct whiskeys flavours to keep you cosy while you enjoy the cold. The ice hotel is a sight to behold and an amazing spot to stay in summer.

Per Night Costing: For Adult room rates run about 23,000 yen

Iglu Dorf – Switzerland

Giving an exquisite experience to its visitors from 1995, the beautiful Iglu Dorg ice hotel is located at the base of Switzerland’s Matterhorn Mountain. This hotel leaves a mesmerising imprint on the minds of travellers. The iconic peak towers above the village providing the perfect backdrop.

Iglu Dorf Zermatt Switzerland
Iglu Dorf Zermatt Switzerland / Image Credit:

To take advantage of the beautiful natural surroundings, the Iglu Dorf does a great job of providing open-air spaces and outdoor hot tubs. Our favourite hot tub had igloo sides for privacy and warmth but an open-top to take in the night’s sky. They have several rooms with fireplaces and even some that have clear sunroofs to not only let in light but to gaze up at the stars.

Per Night Costing: For Adult – Standard rooms ∼ $130, Large suites ∼ $400.

Hotel De Glace – Canada

In downtown Quebec City, the Hotel de Glace is situated in the province of Canada. Every year, tourists from all over the world visit this famous ice hotel for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The spaces, as well as the accompanying ice sculptures, were designed purely by Disney artists, giving them a fairy-tale feel.

Hotel De Glace - Canada
Hotel De Glace – Canada / Image Credit:

Some luxury suites have a wood-burning fireplace in the middle of your igloo to keep your fingers and toes warm and the premium deluxe package features a fireplace as well as your own private spa. In all the 44 themed rooms there is a snow art present which fascinates tourists, also the ice bar and the ever-popular Super Slide are special.

Per Night Costing: Ranging from $199. If you are not staying then normal visiting during the day cost $18 or $28 total. 

Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel – Norway

Norway’s Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel is recognised as a natural family legacy. It is a world-class facility that offers optimal living conditions and makes you feel unique. Igloo hotels in Sorrisniva have some of the most exquisitely detailed decor and plush settings. The hotel is well prepared to satisfy its guest’s needs with a package of adventurous, entertaining and fun-filled experiences.

Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel Norway
Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel Norway / image Credit:

There are a variety of cold rooms to choose from, as well as safaris that are visually pleasing. The hotel also provides free Wi-Fi, a morning sauna, a nearby buffet and many more facilities. The events are themed for each season and include a fascinating glimpse at the ice world. Apart from this, many activities such as dog sledging, reindeer and Sami safari, riverboat adventure, ice fishing and snowmobiling etc you can enjoy here.

Per Night Costing: Double room – NOK 2560, Single room – NOK 3080, Family Room NOK 2560

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ICEHOTEL Jukkasjarvi – Sweden

124 miles from the Arctic Circle, beautiful ICEHOTEL is located in the northern Swedish town of Jukkasjarvi. The iconic ICEHOTEL of Jukkasjarvi brings together artists from all over the world to transform tonnes of frozen water from the Torne River. The original Ice Bar dazzling the globe with its mind-blowing creations. Every room has a specific style and the ice sculpting techniques are becoming incredibly complex every year. If you spend the night, you’ll get a guided tour of the hotel, as well as the ability to try your hand at ice sculpting, take a winter wilderness survival lesson, or dine under the stars of the polar sky.

Icehotel Jukkasjarvi-Sweden
Icehotel Jukkasjarvi-Sweden / Image Credit:

Spend days going on sledge rides, admiring ice formations, feeding reindeer and watch the Northern Lights. The hotel’s restaurant and bar are welcoming, offering outstanding opportunities to relax and appreciate the best of Swedish hospitality.

Per Day Costing: For Adults SEK 349, SEK 125 for kids

Concluding here, The only way to get through the summer months is to visit these icy, frosty splendour. In summer spending the night in a man-built crystal palace made entirely of snow and ice is another level of adventure which you must try.

*Disclaimer – We don’t own any image. All the images are taken for references and proper credit has been given from where these are taken.

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