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Explore Cyprus – Amazing Trip to the Jewel of Mediterranean


Have you ever thought any tiny island situated in the gulf of Mediterranean for travel and tour? Do you know about any such unusual island destination in Asia and the Middle East!! If not, then you can think of Cyprus for once as it is an independent country with colourful historical sites located at the easternmost island in the Mediterranean Sea.

For those travellers who don’t like sunkissed beaches and unusual panorama and want to spend some time at offbeat island destination then Cyprus is best for you. It has many archaeological sites, fine Byzantine churches and monasteries, beautiful parks and tranquil ambience. Besides this, the cultural heritage of Greek temples, Roman mosaics and paintings from the 15th century can be found in Cyprus.

Take a look at most familiar attractions of Cyprus –

Tales of Cyprus

Cyprus is a living book of pictures taken from world history. It is said that 10,000 years of civilization gathered together on one island. Cyprus was Aphrodite’s native area and why the ancients wanted to worship the Grecian goddess of love on this beautiful island is easy to understand. Marks of the island’s 10,000 years of history can be seen throughout the island. Over the years, many intruders, immigrants and foreigners have visited this island and also many people from Greeks, Lusignans, Genoese, Romans, Byzantines, Venetians, Ottomans, British and Turks wanted to become the part of Cyprus.

Paphos Archaeological Park

The Kato Paphos Archaeological Park located in the southwestern city of Paphos which displays artefacts dating back to the Prehistoric Era. It is the most remarkable ancient site in entire Cyprus. It is an archaeological treasure trove of ancient monuments, villas and underground tombs.

Paphos Archaeological Park / Image Credit:

The most impressive sites include Roman homes built around the 3rd century A.D. The ancient homes are named after their conserved mosaic floors, which feature picturesque tales of Greek and Roman mythology. With its granite columns, thick walls and corner towers, the Saranta Kolones fortress constructed in the 7th century is worth a visit as well.

Ancient Kourion

In Cyprus, ancient sites are not missing, but Kurion is the galaxy of ancient ruins. This is a beautiful location, situated romantically across a coastline cliff overlooking the countryside and the Mediterranean.

Ancient Kourion / Image Credit:

The entire site is huge, but the theatre and the House of Eustolios are the most famous place and contain fine mosaics that have been preserved. The large Byzantine basil area with its tumbling columns and mosaic floor slices are beautifully beautiful for those who have a longer time.


Larnaca is a seaside resort located on the southeast side of Cyprus. This is by far the most laid-back base for holidaymakers here. All the facilities for the sun- and sand-based fun can be found, but the old crumbling Turkish Quarter and ornate Agios Lazaros give the town an interesting historical edge, while the centre itself has retained the atmosphere of a proper workaday town rather than just a summer resort.

Larnaca Cyprus / Image Credit:

The salt lake, located next to the west of Larnaca is full of flocks of pink flamingos during spring, and plenty of hill villages and cultural tourist attractions lie in the surrounding hinterland.

Saint Hilarion Castle

One of the Mediterranean’s most beautiful castle ruins, St. Hilarion’s is an old Crusader castle and one of the most beautiful castle ruins located in the entire Mediterranean. This castle is associated with many tales and myths out of which one is very common. It is believed that the most famous being that a fairy queen, who spent her time charming local shepherds, built the castle here.

St. Hilarion Castle / Image Credit:

The extensive support walls and chambers rise the mountain and are explorer heaven. For those that climb right to the top, gives phenomenal views of the whole island. If you only have time to see one castle in Cyprus, make it this one.

Karpas Peninsula

The most spectacular place in Cyprus is the isolated and rugged Karpas Peninsula, which spreads out in the northeast of the island in a long finger of golden beaches backed by rocky hills. This is the least trodden area of Cyprus with beautiful biking, charming villages and the abundance of secret historic sites.

Karpas Peninsula / Image Credit:

If you want to explore the undiscovered and undeveloped island life of old, this is the place you need to go. Visit Agia Triada mosaics in the village of Sipahi before going on to the remote village of Dipkarpaz and the small church ruin of Agios Filon. Then move on to the popular Golden Beach in the peninsula, a vast swath of sand that sums up the mountainous charm of the Karpas.

Cape Greco

There are even regions along the buzzing south coast of Cyprus where you can escape the crowds and Cape Greco is one such place. It is an unusual stunning coastal National Park with several walking trails.

Cape Greco / Image Credit:

You can witness an abundance of flora, particularly many of the extinct wild orchids of Cyprus which bloom in early spring but the real highlight is the absolutely beautiful coastal scenery with azure blue sea beyond. The trails stretch to the point of Cape Greco which is the most easterly point in southern Cyprus.

Troodos Villages

Troodos Villages are packed full of pretty villages full of stone-cut traditional houses and cobblestone roads. They’re also home to some of Cyprus most amazing churches and monasteries that hold vibrant frescoes and wall paintings that date from the medieval era.

Troodos Village Cyprus / Image Credit:

The Troodos churches are so important historically that nine of them have been given UNESCO World Heritage status. Hire a car for the day and tick them all off, but if you only have time to view one, make sure it’s the Church of Archangelos Michail in the dinky village of Pedoulas.


Kyrenia which is also recognised as Girne is the prettiest town located in northern Cyprus. This town has stuck to the traditional Ottoman design of its old district at the harborside. The Castle of Kyrenia overlooks the picturesque harbour to the east and climbs onto the castle walls and offers fantastic views of the town.

Kyrenia / Image Credit:

A scribble of narrow lanes meanders backwards from the coastline zone, loaded with wooden-shuttered houses in various disrepair states. It’s a great place to walk and soak up in a great environment and when you feel hungry moves directly towards plenty of cafes overlooking the harbour.

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House of Dionysus

The House of Dionysus in the resort of Paphos which is to an incredibly good mosaic floor collection farmed for its excellent conservation and vibrant colour. The House of Dionysus, part of the larger Paphos Archeological Site, with plenty of Graeco-Roman ruins, is a wonderful example of the intricate art of that time. It’s named after the god Dionysus who shows up in the house in many of the mosaics, often showing Greek mythology scenes.

Besides these sites, you can visit the Cyprus Museum, Kolossi Castle, Ancient Salamis and Nissi Beach which is the most famous sandy beach in Cyprus.

Relish Delicious Cuisine at Cyprus

Mostly at every cuisine which you will taste in Cyprus, you will found a traditional mix of herbs and spices such as olive oil and fresh local ingredients having the essence of Mediterranean. Traditional Cypriot foods include Souvlakia which is actually grilled meat kebabs, Shaftalia a famous sausage, Afella, Fried Halloumi Cheese, Kolokasi and Stifado.

Cypriot Souvlakia / Image Credit:

You will definitely feel captivated by the unique flavours and aromas of cuisines.

Nightlife Scenes at Cyprus

If you want to spend a magical night in Cyprus then there are many clubs offered by this vibrant city making the night more lively. Every corner of this island is loaded with bars and nightclubs that offer guaranteed endless fun. You can visit Ayia Napa which is internationally known as one of the biggest clubbing spots in Cyprus after that you can also pay a visit to Limassol for lively nightlife scenes.

Nightlife at Ayia Napa Cyprus / Image Credit:

Apart from this, you can also consider Paphos, Larnaca, Protaras and Nicosia which are popular in Cyprus for unlimited fun, music, non-stop dancing, exclusively made cocktails, fantastic weather and for meeting beautiful people.

Bottom Line –

Mountain biking and hiking are only offered on the north-eastern side of Mount Olympus throughout the island. Appreciates a pleasant Mediterranean lifestyle, sunshine throughout the year and some of the most welcoming people in the world and gives a perfect recreation between hustling social and city life.

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