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Spend a Fun-Packed Holiday Weekend at Pingtung


Taiwan is a treasure of many hidden gems and one that still needs to be discovered by many travellers is Pingtung. It is a subtropical destination blessed with a lovely climate and offers ideal locations for couples. Postcard worthy beaches, lush green parks with the dramatic cliff-top view, ancient landmarks and striking natural beauty tempts many tourists. Here travellers can watch a plethora of migratory birds. At the night, they can enjoy twinkling stars above the turquoise landscape.

Here adventure seekers will also find countless events and fun activities such as paragliding, reef snorkelling, hiking and loafing in the sun.

I know after getting an overview, you will be more curious about exploring Pingtung. Let’s start discussing its famous attractions so that you can plan what you can do on a fun-filled vacation!!

Famous Attractions To Explore at Pingtung

Kenting National Park

Kenting National Park is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and beachgoers. Kenting National Park rests at the southernmost point of the island the park is a popular tropical destination in Pingtung due to its unique topography, Kenting National Park is surrounded by the sea on three sides and has majestic coastal scenery. Its vibrant flora and fauna, dreamy white-sand beach, warm blue sea and unique rocky terrain are all-natural tourist attractions.

Kenting National Park
Kenting National Park / Image Credit:

This charming destination worth your visit. Many retreats are available there to treat with an ocean view listening to the sound of the gentle waves. Kenting National Park has a wide selection of water-based activities. You can surf, snorkel, dive, swim, ride jet skis or simply soak up the sun.

National Museum of Marine Biology & Aquarium

If you have kids with you then the National Museums of Marine Biology and Aquarium is the best retreat for you. It is actually a huge marine world that promotes the conservation of ocean and marine life. It allows all kind of travellers to learn the marine culture, meet whales, play with dolphins and many aqua animals.

National Museum Marine Biology and Aquarium
National Museum Marine Biology and Aquarium / Image Credit:

Established in Checheng township of Pingtung, this museum marine museum is a famous attraction among kids and teens. You can also indulge your kids in watching exhibitions such as Waters of the World, Waters of Taiwan, Coral Kingdom Pavilion and Whale Explorium, last are major highlights of this museum. There is also an underwater tunnel in the Coral Kingdom Pavilion that is hugely popular, giving you the chance to appreciate the colourful corals.

Bird Watchers Must Visit Cifong Wetland

Cifong Wetland is situated in the Linbian Township of Pingtung. It is a natural basin and an amazing destination to watch birds. If you visit this wetland, you’ll be able to see a lot of unique birds because as it cleans the water and protects the whole ecosystem. Observe Pacific golden Plovers, Great Egrets and black-winged Stilts at Cifong Wetland.

Cifong Wetland, Pingtung / Image Credit:

It provides visitors with an observation platform from where they can enjoy the scenery of Pingtung. To discover the landscape, walk over the nine-turn bridge. Cifong Wetland’s trails are perfect for a leisurely bike ride when taking in the unique tropical scenery.

Visit Dapeng Bay National Scenic Area

Ok, the Cifong wetlands I have stated above is situated in Dapeng Bay National Scenic Area and this whole area belongs to Donggang Township. Dapeng Bay is the largest lagoon in Taiwan. Its biodiverse ecosystem is home to many endangered animal and plant species. This destination is also well worth a visit because of the breathtaking ocean views.

Dapeng Bay National Scenic Area
Dapeng Bay National Scenic Area / Image Credit:

When you arrive at Dapeng Bay National Scenic Area, you’ll be surrounded by thick mangroves and a variety of coastal plants that make up the bay’s diverse ecosystem. The Dapeng Bay Bridge, a modern sea-crossing bridge, is the bay’s main attraction. The raising of the deck on this tall bridge is a spectacular sight to behold and it is one of the most visually appealing structures for travellers. So enjoy this beautiful view by taking boats and cruises.

Pay a Religious Visit to Donglong Temple

Donglong Temple is the religious spot of Donggang Township. The temple houses the great Wen-wang-ye deity. The quarterly ritual sacrifice Donggang King Boat Ceremony is well-known in Taiwan. Furthermore, the giant Pailou in front of Donglong Temple’s main entrance, made of pure gold foil is also a major attraction.

Donglong Temple / Image Credit:

The hull is slowly burnt to ashes amidst firecrackers and blazing fires, making a breathtaking scene. Now this temple and its rituals are recognized as a sign of cultural heritage. If you are a religious person or not, visiting Donglong Temple will give you utter peace.

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Explore Little Liuqiu

Little Liuqiu is a tiny island off the coast of Pingtung’s Donggang. It is a coral island with many natural attractions and unique landscapes that draws many visitors to spend their vacations here. The coastline of Little Liuqiu is exceptional. Mouse Rock, Guanyin Rock and Indian Rock are all unusually formed rocks that will intrigue your interest.

Little Liuqiu
Little Liuqiu / Image Credit:

On Little Liuqiu, you’ll find a wide range of convenient hotels, many of which offer holiday packages. Snorkelling, tidal zone trips, night tours allowing you to fully appreciate Little Liuqiu’s ocean appeal.

Eluanbi Lighthouse

Pingtung is a coastal destination and Eluanbi Lighthouse is the local landmark this county. This iconic structure has become the key symbol of Pingtung County’s emblem. The lighthouse at Eluanbi was installed in 1883. In the sunlight, this white structure is particularly striking.

Eluanbi Lighthouse
Eluanbi Lighthouse / Image Credit:

It was constructed as a fortification with fortifications on both the inside and outside. There were even trenches around it, making it the world’s only armed lighthouse. Don’t leave Pingtung without taking a picture with Eluanbi Lighthouse.

Admire the Majestic Liangshan Waterfall

Liangshan Waterfall is situated in Majia Township’s Liangshan Recreation Area. This 1.5-km long trail is suitable for adventure seekers. There are three levels to Liangshan Waterfall. The waterfall’s highest tier is by far the most beautiful. The gushing sound of the waterfall can be heard from the distance.

Liangshan waterfall Pingtung
Liangshan waterfall Pingtung / Image Credit:

The top-level demands rock climbing so you need to be careful but when you reach you will witness the natural beauty of Pingtung encircled with lush forest. In the summer, you’ll see a lot of birds and colourful butterflies fluttering around you. It’s a great place to visit on a half-day tour in Pingtung. Swimming is not permitted in this pool because it is extremely deep.

Shop Bluefin Tuna at Donggang Fishery Port

Donggang Fishery Port is located in Pingtung’s Gaoping River harbour. The bluefin tuna sold here has made this location a tourist destination. The Bluefin Tuna Cultural Festival is also organised from May to July which boosts Pingtung tourism.

Donggang Fishery Port / Imgae Credit:

This port with a bluefin tuna theme is clean and fun to visit. In the evening travellers can enjoy a spectacular light show that takes place at the Marine Product Direct Sale Centre and flashing LED lights that illuminate the entire Donggang Fishery Port, transforming it into a gleaming jewel.

Pingtung has many spots especially parks and offers a coastal view due to its location. Thus it is also rich in flora and fauna. It’s a great spot to view migratory birds. In total this a family-friendly destination. Few places are couple oriented but it’s a complete package for those travellers who have kids with them. So plan accordingly your itinerary of Pingtung.

Till then stay connected and read our fresh travel blogs.

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