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Taiwan – Delightful Place to Appreciate Nature, History & Architecture


For your holiday trip will you consider a tiny island country who fulfils all your trip requirements like high mountains, serene beaches, relishing food, extravagant shopping stuff and culturally rich in all aspects? If you are looking for one such destination than planning a holiday trip to Taiwan is really not a bad idea!!!

Here find out why it could be appropriate for your next holiday vacation.

Experience Best of Taiwan With Us

Known as the “heart of Asia,” Taiwan is one of the most populated parts of the world and yet it has vast desert stretches. It is just as popular for its walking and outdoor activities, but it is also a great destination for fashion and shopping. Taiwan is full of fun things to do, amazing places to visit, festivals to enjoy and nice people to meet all year long.

Must-see Attractions and culture of all cities of Taiwan are special in their own terms.  Usually, Taipei has the most lively and cosmopolitan atmosphere, whereas a visit to Nantou will help you in learning the most interesting historical facts. If you travel Yilan will meet has most generous people and Hsinchu trip will give you artistic vibes. Taiwan is incredibly green. No matter where you are, there is always a lush tropical forest around the corner. Therefore, the amazing sceneries are definitely a reason to visit Taiwan.

Taipei – Most Vibrant & Colorful City

The meaning of Taipei depicts ‘North Taiwan’. This city is flourished with well-known attractions, offer bustling nightlife, excellent dining restaurants and extensive shopping opportunities for its travellers. The town also provides an amazing mix of history and culture and contemporary buildings. It’s a city of many aspects and is a place where you can explore little more with every corner. Taipei has an impressive collection of temples, shrines, mosques and churches to see, particularly around Xinsheng South Road known as the ‘Road to Heaven’.

Taipei 101 tower / Image Credit:

Popular Attractions of Taipei –

  • Enjoy the view from the top of Taipei 101
  • Four Beasts Mountains / Elephant Mountain
  • Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall
  • Longshan Temple
  • Beitou Hot Springs

Food & Cuisine – Taipei is also the food capital of Taiwan, you can

Must-tries for travellers include Din Tai Fung’s famous xiaolongbao which is a kind of steamed soup dumpling, crispy roast duck, Shenkeng stinky tofu, and Gongguan pork belly bun and other. Must-tries for travellers include Din Tai Fung’s famous xiaolongbao which is a kind of steamed soup dumpling, crispy roast duck, Shenkeng stinky tofu, and Gongguan pork belly bun and other. Be sure to taste the local speciality deep-fried tofu stuffed with noodles and stewed ground pork before you leave Taipei. For dessert, try mango shaved ice on Yongkang Street and drink Taipei’s famous pearl milk tea.

Kaohsiung – Hub for Island Lovers

Kaohsiung is one of the most prominent and busiest cities of Taiwan and popular among island lovers. This city is established around the port, offers great shopping and dining destination to rival Taipei. The skyscrapers in the city centre are reaching higher and higher and more and more people are discovering the historical and cultural gems in the area. The main attraction in Kaohsiung is the Love River – also called the ‘Thames of Kaohsiung’. The town has several great cafes, shopping areas and sightseeing localities along the Love River. There is a lot to do here, ranging from shopping and adventure trips to try out the interesting cuisine.

Popular Attractions of Kaohsiung –

  • Visit 85 Sky Tower
  • Cijin Island
  • For cultural & historical experience visit Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, Old City of Zuoying
  • Manmade Marvel- Lotus Lake
Pagodas at Lotus Pond – Kaohsiung / Image Credit:

Food & Cuisine: Local dishes in Kaohsiung that represent the generous nature of Kaohsiung’s people. The best cuisine which you must include in your trip is Milkfish congee, Fishball soup, Duck rice, Scallion pancake with pork and Deep-fried egg crisp.

Tainan – The City of the Phoenix

Tainan is one of the older cities in Taiwan, located in the southern portion of the island, and is a great place to live and visit. The reason behind its name ‘City of the Phoenix’ is its eternal history of comebacks and redefinitions. Tainan was known in the previous era as Taoyuan, which is considered to be the origin of the Taiwan name. Tainan was founded in 1665, considered as the cultural capital of Taiwan for its old Confucian temple. There are also several other historic buildings in the town, including the remains of the old city gates.

Guang Shan Buddha Museum – Tainan / Image Credit:

Places Which You Should Not Miss in Tainan: 

  • Visit the oldest fort of Tainan – Anping Fort
  • Beiji Temple
  • Confucius Temple
  • Guang Shan Buddha Museum
  • Koxinga Ancestral Shrine

Food & Cuisine Tainan is also renowned for its night markets and local snack food. The dan noodles, oysters and thin noodles, oyster omelettes, elite cakes, and Tainan’s ‘coffin’ toast, are some of the food items that you’ll remember forever.

Taitung – Rejuvenate yourself in Farmlands

Taitung offers a heady blend of Japanese, Chinese and aboriginal influences, making it something of a bohemian oasis amid the rice fields and farmland of the East Rift Valley. Perched between the mountains and the ocean, Taitung is a spot where you can just relax and unwind, the nightlife is mainly made up of picturesque coffee shops and the serene rhythms of local life. With its old train station serving as an art venue filled with cafes, pop-up shops and galleries, Taitung is not short on culture and creativity. Its lack of modernisation is part of its charm, and there’s no better way to explore than with a cycle ride along the beaches of Taitung Seashore Park.

Mr. Brown Avenue Taitung / Image Credit:

Places Which You Should Not Miss in Taitung

  • Mr Brown Avenue
  • Sanxiantai scenic area
  • Jialulan Recreation Area
  • Doliang Train Station
  • Lisong Hot Spring

Food & Cuisine – You don’t have to worry about finding good food while visiting Taitung. Locals servers many delicious foods by using regional ingredients, such as stone-grilled meat, wild boar meat, bitter melon, deep-fried frogs, fern salad, fried bird’s nest fern, Formosan fig tree pork rib soup and salted fish rice.

Pingtung – Best Kept Secret of Taiwan

Pingtung is one of the hidden jewels of Taiwan, offering miles of beaches, parks, historical landmarks and awe-inspiring beauty. The area is noteworthy because of the overall lack of industrial revolution and light pollution, making it an ideal place for migration enthusiasts and beach-lovers to snuggle in the stars over the lush agricultural lands. Hengchun Old Town is Taiwan’s only old city and while it is now located on a busy roundabout, it still provides a rare view of Taiwan’s old-world.

Taiwu Bike Station – Pingtung / Image Credit:

Places Which You Should Not Miss in Pingtung –

  • Liutui Hakka Cultural Park showcasing Hakka culture
  • Taiwu Bike Station
  • The Bridge of Siadanshui River
  • Wutai Presbyterian church
  • Wetlands Ecological Park
  • Bible Museum

Food & Cuisine: The local people use this richness in many of the delicious foods including soups of sweet mung beans, wax apple, Hengchun onion cakes, and wutai coffee. The dishes of Wandan beans are also delicious and must be tasted when you are in Pingtang.

Hsinchu – Oldest City of Taiwan

Hsinchu has a certain charm that is simply enchanting to many travellers. This oldest city of Taiwan is also popular being the core of innovation in science and technology. From the past, this city was initially occupied 400 years ago by a tribe known as the Taoka and named it as “Chuchang,”. In the present era, Hsinchu has become quite a busy city, but it remains compact and retains its mountainside location’s charms and scenery. Beside convenient modern facilities, as well as cultural attractions alongside natural ones, you will find beautiful historical landmarks. Hsinchu has a certain charm that many travellers find simply bewitching.

Hsinchu City God Temple (Chenghuang Temple) / Image Credit:

Popular Attractions of Hsinchu –

  • Chenghuang Temple
  • Gangnan Coastal Area and Canal
  • Green Grass Lake
  • Gaofeng Botanical Garden
  • Hsinchu Zoo
  • Image Museum of Hsinchu City

Food & Cuisine: Hsinchu restaurant gives you the opportunity to try some really interesting, unique dishes. The town is renowned for its culture, with a food scene that stands out with the local damp cakes and peanut butter. It’s also worth seeing the local noodle soup. The best places to sample local delicacies are the night market – especially the Chenghuang Temple Night Market.

Yilan – Perfect Blend of Modern & Medieval Era

Yilan is an amazing destination that is an authentic mixture of ancient and contemporary times. The county on Taiwan’s north-eastern coast has surfer-friendly harbours and lagoons. It is also popular as well as hiking trails, waterfalls, mountain peaks, pristine vast stretches of land, and beautiful islands. Yilan is also famous for its many art galleries, museums, and cultural centres. The locals are warm and tourist-friendly, making the entire trip a pleasant experience. With its amazing environment and scenery, you can get a lot of good food and the scenery is spread over with gardens.

Langyag – Museum Yilan / Image Credit:

Popular Attractions of Yilan –

  • Yilan Riverside Park
  • Taipingshan- a primaeval forest in Yilan with a rich forest landscape
  • Luodong Sports Park in Luodong Township
  • Dongao Bay in Suao
  • The most famous landmark, Langyang Museum

Food & Cuisine – Yilan is the birthplace of fine food. At any given time, you can enjoy lots of delicious food here. Spring onion pancake, thick rice noodle soup, meat fritters, sausage and deep-fried Tofu skin roll filled with pork all display the pleasant taste of fresh farms product. Thick pork sauce can also be tried with garlic, and red yeast slices certainly delight you.

Night Markets scene in Taiwan: Taiwan has definitely many markets for the night, estimated at 300 around the country. Such open-air bazaars, called local xiao-chi, are especially popular for street food. Perennial favourites include oyster omelette, tofu and a wide variety of snacks on the barbecue.

Outdoor Activities: There are many hiking opportunities you will get with scenic cycling routes. As for water sports, there’s scuba diving, river tracing, surfing and one breezy archipelago for world-class windsurfing.

Concluding here, but we can say that it’s very easy and affordable to reach this amazing island in Asia so that you can enjoy all of these various destinations in one journey. Mountains, valleys, islands and exquisite food – this lovely island has it all. Get ready to embark on your journey to Taiwan and discover this beautiful East Asian destination.

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