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Top Attractions to Include in Travel Bucket List of Israel


With its eternal natural landscape, exquisite beaches, interesting history, world-class culture and amazing hospitality, Israel gives its travel guests a wide variety of sightseer locations and unusual tour experiences. The Biblical holy land and a Middle Eastern Country – Israel holds numerous sacred sites which are renowned all over the world.

Israel definitely worth your time as it has breathtaking Biblical ruins to Crusader forts which tempt many history buffs, WWII memorials to lavish metropolitan cities for young explorers. Apart from all these, there are plenty of other things to at Israel.

Let’s take a look to the top attraction so that you can include Isreal in your next travel bucket list.

Tel Aviv – Culturally the Heart of Israel

Correctly acknowledged as the Mediterranean Capital of Cool by the New York Times, Tel Aviv is the most vibrant city of Isreal loaded with buzzing culture, events, sandy Mediterranean beaches and more. It offers an amazing nightlife which is unbeaten anywhere in the world and offers travellers, extraordinary architecture relishing food options, a great ambience, and grand experiences.

Tel Aviv Israel / Image Credit:

Yes, Tel Aviv, Israel is the country’s financial hub but it also houses national opera, a philharmonic orchestra, several outstanding museums, including Beth Hatefulsoth.

Dead Sea – A Bizarre Natural Wonder

Have you seen any sea where people cannot sink in… they are actually floating above the surface of the sea. Yes, that’s the Dead Sea for you, it is the lowest place on Earth but is also unique as a tourist can actually float in it. The famous pictures of people floating in the waters are true, it’s amazing!

Dead Sea Israel / Image Credit:

You can enjoy the body spa at the mud of the Dead Sea as it has medicinal properties and good for skincare. Also, from decades its salts and minerals are used in many cosmetics products as water and mud have medically proven benefits, putting severe skin diseases and joint problems vanish soon. So, visiting the Dead Sea is quite beneficial for you!!

Jerusalem – Take a Tour of the Holiest City of World

Jerusalem is the oldest and holiest city in the world; especially it is highly divine for Jews, Christians, and Muslims. Jerusalem was formerly settled by the Jebusite people, situated in the Judean Mountains until 3000 years ago, King David of the Israelites conquered it and made it capital. It has many historic sites remain well preserved, making it one of the most fascinating cities in the world.

Jerusalem Israel / Image Credit:

The Old City of Jerusalem has Western Wall where you can feel sacredness, visit the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and the Al-Aqsa Mosque, walk-in Jesus footsteps on the Via Dolorosa, and voyage the Tower of David which is a medieval citadel. Apart from it, you can visit Dome of the Rock, Garden Tomb, Hezekiah’s Tunnels, Jerusalem Botanical Gardens and the Biblical Zoo.

Galilee – Tour the land of Historical sites

Galilee is one of Israel’s loveliest places. Located in the north of the country, it is characterized by its beautiful lush countryside with farming, spectacular natural land, historic sites and charming rural villages. Israel’s North is the popular Galilee, a lush green countryside full of outdoor activities and historic sites.

Galilee Israel / Image Credit:

If you’re here to visit Tabgha churches, where Jesus delivered the Sermon on the Mount and conducted most of his preaching, or just want to soak up in the hot pools near Tiberias and do some hiking, this beautiful area is a big highlight of any journey. Don’t miss taking a dive in the sea itself and soaking up the views on a hillside walk around the bay.

Explore the Bustling Port Town of Haifa

This bustling city of Haifa has a major attraction for its visitors and act as the is that it’s the perfect base to explore northern Israel. When you start strolling, you will witness the landscape of steep cliffs rolling down to the shore giving a perfect sight to behold. Other major highlighted is the is magnificent Bahai Gardens, which overlook the central city in a series of cascading terraces and is the town’s number one tourist attraction.

Bahai Gardens Haifa Israel / Image Credit:

Other noted attractions which you can include in your trip to this port town are Stella Maris Carmelite Monastery, Akko, Caesarea, Nazareth and Megiddo. You can get excellent panoramic vistas of the town via cable car ride. Haifa is the most laid-back city in the country and should not be missed.

Jaffa – Most Instagrammed Place of Israel

The ancient port city of Jaffa is a paradise for all social media influencers as it holds numerous beautiful spots. From the flea market to the ancient buildings and curved alleyways and cobblestone streets which make every snap of you worthy. It’s musical ambience, amazing fragrance and vibrant shades tempt tourists to wander throughout Jaffa.

Jaffa Israel / Image Credit:

From the antique furniture shops to carpet vendors, the region is brimming with creativity and cool vibes. You must explore Jaffa’s harbour, clock tower and old town, for a beautiful view of the city’s beach.

Masada – A Symbol of Ancient Israel

Massada was the last Jewish Holdout to collapse in Rome at the end of the First Jewry and Roman War on a high plateau of Southern Israel overlooking the Dead Sea. In the late 1st century BC Masada was first fortified by Herod the Great. In 66 AD, Jewish patriots from Sicarii took the fortress from the Romans, who tried to take it back seven years later.

Masada Israel / Image Credit:

The 900 Sicarii opted for mass suicide, rather than live under Roman law. Masada represents the best remaining examples of Roman fortifications. For those who are not prepared to take one of the many paths leading up the hill is a cable car.

Adore Beautiful Landscapes of Negev Desert

Israel is like pure light in the Negev desert. It is a magnificent region that occupies over half of the total territory of Israel. This desert is an enchanting place especially for those who are new with the desert.

Negev Desert / Image Credit:

Its beautiful landscape is full of physical and active adventures, historic and archaeological sites such as Masada, cities, such as Beer Sheva, and wonders of nature such as the Ramon Crater and the Dead Sea, the lowest place on earth.

Delicacy to Savour at Isreal 

Another amazing way to capture Israel is through the food and as you eat your way through the city enjoying fresh falafel, cold-pressed juices, and frozen yoghurt or spend an evening at rooftop restaurants enjoying some cocktails.

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