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Visit Most Glamorous City of Asia – Hong Kong


Hong Kong is popular as the culinary city of Asia and offers a vibrant atmosphere for every travel enthusiast. This city has an impressive skyline and amazing cultural spots to get amazed during your holiday trip. Hong Kong is known as Special Administrative Region of China and is popular for amazing beaches, beautiful landmarks, adventurous theme parks, zoological gardens and many outlying islands to explore. Hong Kong offers mouth-watering Dim Sum that enhances the mood of every traveller. This city is also famous in the world as Shopping Mecca; there is a Ladies Market, which is worth visiting.

Every corner of Hong Kong has something unique. Besides the tourist spots, there are many hiking trails, ancient temples and traditional fishing villages. Hong Kong also depicts the ancient Chinese culture and history. The nightlife rich in glamour and bars makes Hong Kong a renowned tourist attraction of Asia.

Hong Kong is mostly popular among honeymoon couples due to its sun-kissed beaches. You and your partner will definitely enjoy this place.

In our blog, we will discuss the top attractions and places to visit in Hong Kong. 

1. Adore Hong Kong Skyline

Just like Dubai, Hong Kong is famous in the world for its magnificent skyline. These skyscrapers enhance the beauty of the city which are located on both sides of Hong Kong Island and “Kowloon” with a panoramic view of the mountains. You can watch this terrific view from various locations like Victoria Harbour Peak, Sky 100 Observation Deck and the Kowloon Waterfront.

Adore Hong Kong Skyline
Enjoy Hong Kong Skyscrapers from Sky 100 Observation Deck, Via:

Sky 100 Observation Deck is the tallest building of Hongkong, reach the 100th floor by a high-speed lift to enjoy the city view. Also, you can view the 360° view of “Kowloon” from the deck. Moreover, you can learn about the history, culture and artifacts of Hong Kong from the observation deck. Selfie lovers and photography freaks can capture amazing views of the beautiful skyline.

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2. Enjoy Junk Boat Ride at Victoria Harbour

Victoria Harbour is a natural harbour, situated between Hong Kong and the Kowloon Peninsula and considered as the lifeline of Hong Kong. The major highlight of this natural harbour is the ride of traditional Chinese Junk Boat and Star Ferry Pier. Apart from this, the striking coastline and mesmerizing view of the city make Victoria Harbour very famous.

Chinese Junk Boat at Victoria Harbor, Via:

Enjoy the constant parade of vessels and a leisurely harbour cruise ride. The famous show: The Symphony of Lights is quite popular at night on Victoria Harbour, to attend this light show you have to visit exactly at 8 pm. Besides this, the Hong Kong Cultural Centre, Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade and Golden Bauhinia Square are popular spots there. Enjoy the complete view of the city and skyscrapers via Junk Boat Ride.

3. Walk Leisurely at Victoria Peak, Hong Kong

The highest point of Hong Island is popularly known as “The Peak”. Get mesmerized by the scenic beauty of the city by visiting Victoria Peak. Take the tram to reach on the top of the viewpoint to see skyscrapers, harbour and nearby islands.

Walk Leisurely at Victoria Peak, Hong Kong
Victoria Peak, Via:

To get the best possible views at the top, we suggest you head to the viewing platforms at the anvil-shaped Peak Tower. A large park covers most of “The Peak” with lush greenery, nature trails, and more beautiful lookouts with views over the thriving metropolis below. Visit in the evening to view the spectacular skyline lit against the night sky. This is one of the best aspects of Hong Kong at night.

4. Family-Friendly Trip to Disneyland

One of the most beautiful tourist destinations of Hong Kong and is loved by kids. Spend a day full of fun and adventure and embark on the magical ride of Disneyland. Disneyland has located on Lantau Island & offers something special for every age group. You can meet your favorite Disney Characters, sing along popular Disney Songs, watch fantasy parades and enjoy Broadway musical shows.


This Disneyland partitioned in 7 regions namely, Adventureland, Fantasyland, Tomorrowland, Mystic Point, Toy Storyland, Grizzly Gulch and Main Street. If possible, then visit all the lands and attend performances and shows. You can enjoy the trip to Tarzan’s Treehouse via Jungle Cruises.

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5. Stroll on the Seashore of Repulse Bay

Repulse Bay is the most popular beach bay in Hong Kong. This soft sandy beach attracts many tourists to visit the bay. Repulse Bay is the perfect place for an early morning stroll, daytime sunbathing and watching the sunset in the evening. Enjoy a lazy day in a resort at one of the most beautiful beaches of Hong Kong.

Mesmerizing View of Repulse Bay, Via:

Repulse Bay is fully developed and has malls and big buildings near its shoreline. You can opt for Amalfitana for the best dining options which are an open-air Italian pizzeria. Similar to Repulse Bay you can also check out Big Wave Bay and Shek O Beach.

6. Tai Kwun Centre for Heritage and Art, Hong Kong

Tai Kwun is the biggest art and creative hub and the largest conservation project in Hong Kong. The center consists of 16 heritage buildings and two open spaces for housing art galleries, a large auditorium and various restaurants and pubs. It can host 6 to 8 art exhibitions annually and daily interactive tours are organized for exploring the heritage of the site.

Tai Kwun Centre for Heritage and Art, Hong Kong
Old Hong Kong Police station- Tai Kwun, Via:

Tai Kwun is now a tourist place that showcases the rich heritage of the historic Central Police Station. More than 170 years of history will unfold through interactive tours, heritage storytelling spaces, diverse education programs.

7. Enjoy Thrilling Rides at Ocean Park

Ocean Park is a marine-life theme park in Hong Kong opened in 1977. It is stretched in an area of more than 915,000m² and features animals, thrill water rides and host fabulous shows. The two major attractions areas, the Waterfront and the Summit are connected by the Cable Car and Ocean Express. The major attractions of Ocean theme park include:

Polar Adventure at Ocean park, Via:
  • Adventures in Australia: You can meet vibrant and captivating Australian animals like Koalas, Wallabies and Kookaburras in Hong Kong.
  • Shark Mystique: A journey deep underwater to meet over a hundred sharks and rays that shatters the myths surrounding them, including the sawfish with a saw-like rostrum, and the zebra shark with leopard-like spots.
  • Polar Adventure: Try to explore the North and South poles on a single day. Watch long-tusked Pacific walruses, arctic foxes, snowy owls, seals and other animals.
  • Aqua City: It is the world’s largest aquarium featuring 360º water-screen and watches Symbio.
  • Other popular attractions include the Rainforest, Thrill mountains, Sea Jelly Spectacular, The Abyss turbo drop, the Mine Train roller coaster and the show at Ocean Theatre.

Visiting time: 10 am – 6 pm

8. Relax at Stanley

Stanley is a small town full of mountains, hills, lush greenery and majestic beaches. A perfect place to relax and to spend some quality time with your loved ones. The reason behind Stanley’s popularity is its serene beaches, there you can enjoy swimming, boating and also can go for picnics. Experience water sports like windsurfing on the St. Stephens’s beach.


The calm vibes and cool atmosphere makes Stanley a must-visit place for tourists in Hong Kong. The other highlight of this place is the Stanley Market, Plaza Pat Kan Uk and Victorian Style Murray. Murray House is an important landmark and has historical significance. Overall, we can say that it is an exotic place for couples, family people, foodies and shopaholics.

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9. Tian Tan Buddha

It is located in Lantau Island which took almost 12 years in completion and later it is erected in 1993. Tian Tan Buddha is the iconic and religious landmark of Hong Kong. It is renowned as Big Buddha all over the world for an impressive giant Buddha statue hidden at the lush mountains of Hong Kong.

Big Buddha Statue, Via: Pinterest

The Statue of Buddha is made fully of Bronze with a height of 34m. Big Buddha has a religious significance and Buddhist pilgrims from all over the world visit this place. You have to climb 268 stairs to witness the beauty of this statue. Besides the Buddha Statue, Po Lin Monastery is located. This monastery is a Buddhist sanctum and ranks among the most important institutions.

Visiting Time: 10 am to 5:30 pm

10. Visit Man Mo Temple

The oldest and most important temple of Hong Kong is Man Mo temple. A historical building constructed in the middle of the 19th century was declared as a National Monument on Hollywood Road. It is dedicated to two deities- Man Cheong, the God of Literature and Mo Tai, the God of War. The main highlights of this temple are the huge incense spirals hanging from the temple’s ceiling.

Inside view of Man Mo Temple, Via:

Devotees lit these bell-shaped incense coils in hopes of fulfilling their wishes and seeking blessings from the gods. A large number of fortune-teller stalls are present near the temple. Both locals and visitors stop by to check out their chances for good luck in the future. Its calm atmosphere makes it a good excursion for travelers.

Visiting time: 8 am – 6 pm

11. Other Places to Visit

  • Lamma Island: This place is located on the southwest coast of Hong Kong. Also, Lamma Island is an ideal place to unwind from a busy social and city life. It is a popular getaway for tourists. You can explore this gateway via bike. Discover traditional Chinese fishing village and offbeat beaches. Lamma island is also famous for its Bohemian culture and scrumptious seafood in Hong Kong.
  • Ladies Market and Temple Street Night market: Shop trinkets, electronics, taste delicious food, buy Jade jewelry and traditional Chinese craft items. Stroll around hundreds of stalls, this place is only meant for shopaholics.
Ladies Market View, Via:

In fact, you can also visit some beautiful places, for instance, Tsim Sha Tsui Clock Tower, Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery, Avenue of stars, Wong Tai Sin Temple, Hong Kong Space Museum and Science Museum.

In short, we can say that there are many things to do in Hong Kong. Visit above all mentioned places during your holiday vacation and tell us how much you are impressed by Hong Kong.

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