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Best Tourist Places to Visit in Darwin – Australia


Darwin is the capital of the Northern Territory and it is situated on the traditional land of Larrakia, Australia. It is the most tropical & multicultural city with richness in tribal heritage and is popular for its wide tropical regions, waterfront areas, outdoor adventures, national parks and lush botanical gardens. Moreover, Darwin is famous for the abundance of crocodiles, especially the saltwater ones, art galleries and museums. Thrilling wildlife adventure is the top attraction that you can experience here.

By taking inspiration from its neighbour Asia, Darwin food is prepared by a mixture of various cuisines. Taste the freshly prepared seafood and street style mix dishes inspired by Indonesia, with exotic wine at Darwin. Apart from its travel attractions and food, the night markets are also quite popular in Darwin. It is renowned all over the world for safaris to Litchfield and Nitmiluk National Park, as well as the spectacular World Heritage-listed wilderness of Kakadu National Park. The best time to visit Darwin is in the months of autumn that is the dry season which starts from mid-Jan to mid-august.

Your holiday trip to Darwin gonna is as exciting as hell. In our blog, discover the best places and top attractions that everyone should keep in mind before visiting Darwin.

Museum and Art Gallery of Northern Territory

The Museum and Art Gallery of the Nothern Territory provides an excellent dose of historical and cultural knowledge. It is a cluster of seven related museums located in the tropical gardens of Darwin Harbour. The main highlight of this museum is the Aboriginal (Tribal) art and culture. The gallery consists of a wide collection of Aboriginal, Oceanic and Southeast Asian art, carvings from the Tiwi Islands, bark paintings from Arnhem Land and dot paintings from the desert as well as works by Australian painters also illustrated in this museum.

Depicting Aboriginal art and culture at MAGNT-Darwin, Via:

Learn the whole overview of Darwin’s history here in this museum. You will find a single room dedicated to ‘Cyclone Tacy’ which reflects the after and before pictures of the disaster. There is a natural history room that gives an insight into the ecology, mangroves, wetlands of the region. Visiting this museum is one of the best free things to do in Darwin.

Adventure at Crocosaurus Cove – Darwin

Crocosaurus Cove is situated in the Heart Of Darwin and it houses the most popular— ‘Cage of Death’. This is the only place that allows visitors a unique, up close and personal view of Australia’s iconic Saltwater Crocodiles. If you are brave enough, pop into the Crocosaurus cove and be ready for an eye to eye encounter with the crocodile, but be careful!

Adventure at Crocosaurus Cove - Darwin
Experience the cage of death at Crocosaurus Cove, Via:

It claims to have the largest display of Australian reptiles in the world. You can always feed the crocs, can hold a baby croc and can hang out with the Barramundi and Sawfish in the aquarium. This urban wildlife adventure is a top spot for those who can’t make it out into the real wilderness.

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Wander Around Mindil Beach Market – Darwin

Is it possible for you to hold the hands of your loved ones and staring into the eyes of each other sitting in front of the sunset? You will experience the same feeling at Mindil Beach Sunset Market where you can relax and have picturesque memories for the future with your partner. The whole area is a full package of entertainment and cultural activity at Darwin.

Wander Around Mindil Beach Market - Darwin
Enjoy sunset at Mindil Beach, Via:

There are around 60 food stalls from different countries, such as Greek, Chinese, Indian, Malaysian, etc. So savour some of the best finger-licking traditional cuisines at Mindil Beach Market. Attend a relaxing session of Thai massage and then at night enjoy ear-pleasing contemporary aboriginal rock bands and cabaret singers.

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Berry Springs Nature Park – Darwin

Berry Springs Nature Park is one of the most picturesque areas located in the south of Darwin. This park is popular among youngsters and travelers for providing picnic spots with numerous pools, for swimming under a small waterfall fed by crystal clear spring water. This park was earlier used by armed forces as a recreation center during world war II for 1 Lakh personnel. But now it is the best place for relaxing, enjoying and swimming.

Berry Springs Nature Park - Darwin
Enjoy swimming at Berry Springs Nature Park, Via:

Moreover, you can also explore wildlife and can view the excellent marine life of the park. At the park’s lawn enjoy sunbaking, bushwalking and bird-watching. If you have time, visit the mango farm and try homemade ice creams prepared by local mango farmers.

Darwin Military Museum

If you are a history buff and desire to learn more about the Northern Territory’s military past, then Darwin Military Museum will be worth your visit. The Military Museum is discovered in the middle of 1960 during the annihilation of East Point fort. It contains the treasure related to the war memorial and other parts of Australia. This museum is operated by the Royal Australian Artillery Association (RAAA).

Showing Bunkers at Military Museum, Via:

The museum tells an interesting range of artefacts using storytelling, animations and multimedia. The most striking display is of the port city during World War II and the experience of Darwin’s defence and the story of the Japanese attack on Darwin harbor when they dropped bombs on 19 Feb 1942. Besides this, there is a display of various military stuff such as armoured vehicles, oil storage tanks, gas masks, replicas of 9.2-inch guns. Also explore war tunnels, bunkers and visit the Australian Aviation Heritage museum too.

Bicentennial Park

Darwin is best known for its parks and gardens in which Bicentennial Park is popular among tourists, situated along with the Esplanade Darwin’s CBD. Bicentennial Park is an excellent place for strolling as this park is shadowed by tropical trees. There are various cultural events and programs held at this Bicentennial Park like the Greek Glenti concert and festival of Darwin.

Kids Playing at Bicentennial Park, Via:

If you are a sports lover then you can join the rugby match played by locals there. Walk along the magnificent tree-lined path of the park and enjoy a close encounter with many native plant displays including the Leaf Tree and White Siris. Bicentennial Park is a great place to hang out with kids.

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Visit Kakadu National Park

Kakadu National Park is the largest National Park of Australia and it is listed among the World Heritage Site. This park is filled with lush green rainforest and rock art of Aboriginals preserved from 20,000 years. Kakadu National Park is stretched in an area of 20,000 km² and consist of monsoon forest, mangroves, rivers, woodlands and an astonishing range of wildlife.

Kakadu National Park, Via:

You can drive by yourself from Darwin to reach this amazing National Park. Apart from the wildlife tour, you can book cruises through the wetlands. Popular adventurous things which you can do at Kakadu National Park include fishing, boating, birding, croc-spotting, hiking, swimming and camping. A tour of this national park is a must while visiting Darwin.

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Litchfield National Park – Darwin

Alluring landscape, the plethora of thundering waterfalls, natural pools and tropical forest temp many visitors to Litchfield National Park. A 2-hour drive to the south of Darwin, Litchfield National Park is located, covering an area of 1,500 km². If you want to take a break from the hustle and bustle free urban life you need an escape to Litchfield National Park. Visit historic ruins, wander at monsoon forest, staring in surprise at huge termite mounds which are enhancing the beauty of National Park.

We recommend you not to miss a swim beneath the waterfall, mesmerizing view of Lost City by helicopter ride. In addition to this, explore a landscape of ancient rock formations and take a dip in natural swimming holes. Certainly visit several popular spots including Florence Falls, Wangi Falls and Tolmer Falls.

Feed Fishes at Aquascene

Built around a natural phenomenon i.e. Doctor Gully, Aquascene is a fish feeding sanctuary located in Darwin. At Doctors Gully, high tides occur where thousands of fish show up in shallow waters and can be fed by hand. According to experts, this phenomenon dates back nearly 60 years when wild fish have been pooling to shallow waters during high tide to grab a free meal. The huge tides at Darwin’s Harbour bring a school of fish to shallow water every few hours.

Feed fishes at Aquascene-Darwin, Via:

Aquascene has created a shallow platform that is stingray free. So that you can dip your hand inside and feed the beautiful fish without any fear or risk. There are a variety of fishes available for feeding which includes Milkfish, Mullet, Catfish, Batfish, Bream and Barramundi. Bring your swimsuit to dive in with fish at Aquascene.

Explore the Crocodylus Park

Crocodylus Park is the ultimate place in Australia to come face to face with the largest reptiles on the earth. Home to thousands of crocodiles from 30 cm long hatchlings to massive adults measuring over 4.8m. Crocodylus Park has a diverse array of wildlife which includes Meerkats, Lions, Tigers, Monkeys, tortoises, Blue Tongue Lizard, birds and other reptiles.

Saltwater Crocodile at Crocodylus Park, Via:

The air-conditioned crocodile museum is the main highlight of this park with some fascinating crocodile. In fact, you can learn about the origin and different species of reptiles here in this museum.

Many other places are equally famous at Darwin which include George Brown Botanic Gardens, Aviation Heritage Centre Museum, Stokes Hill Wharf, Charles Darwin National Park and East Point Reserve & Lake Alexander.

I can only say that once in a lifetime if you get the opportunity to visit Darwin, don’t step back, visit this amazing capital city of Australia and let us know what you like the most.

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