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15 Best Cold Weather Destinations to Travel With Your Partner Across The World


Are you searching for the least known cold-weather destinations across the globe? We are here to make your valentine more romantic and special with the best snowy lands of the world which are still to be discovered but super amazing to explore with your partner.

So this valentine plan with your loved one to haunt the treasures in the snowy mountains, alpine trees, and best cold festivals on the various wonderland of the earth that will make you blow your feet feels like you are above heaven.

1. Whitefish – Montana, USA

According to National Geographic, Whitefish was included among “ Top 25 Ski Towns in the world”. Whitefish, Montana has all you’re searching for in a mountain town—a star-like shining lake, high pinnacles, trails toward each path, and a fun and out of control town focus. An amazing gateway cutting through the glacier-carved valleys, rugged pinnacles, and lakes.

Whitefish Montana USA
Whitefish River / Image credit:

Best time to visit Whitefish

The best time to enjoy this snowy land is during Christmas celebrations i.e. December and January.

Things to do in Whitefish

Whitefish is additionally the most tourist-friendly of the towns close to Glacier National Park. There are wonderful boat launches and picnic areas on Whitefish lake at Sandy City Beach. Mainly Whitefish is famous for Skiing activity but apart from that tourist can enjoy, climbing, snowboarding, sailing, trekking and live proficient theater with heavenly feasting.

2. Kirkjufell, Iceland

Are you a fan of the famous HBO Game of Thrones series, so you can recognize this beautiful mountain? Kirkjufell is also known as Church Mountain, with a height of 463 meters and is visible from all angles in the region. This delightful milestone is the most shot mountain in Iceland. Its secluded position sticking out into the ocean makes it a point of convergence for sightseers and sailors the same.

Are you looking for an isolated place in winter to travel along with your loved one? So this place is a perfect place for couples to explore the secret spaces in the mountain with mesmerizing photogenic beauty.

Kirkjufell, Iceland
Kirkjufell, Iceland / Image credit:

Best time visit Kirkjufell

Iceland is famous for one of the natural phenomena Northern lights. The best months in a year to visit here are December, January, and February. However, if you are more interested to see the melting glaciers from the top of the hill, so one can plan in springtime also.

Things to do in Kirkjufell

Iceland just gets around four hours of sunshine around Christmas. The roads in the towns glint with the flame lights and the shine of the Northern Lights. For over 1,000 years Viking celebration has been commended across Iceland. Conventional Viking nourishments (for those courageous enough to attempt them) including salted smash’s balls, Hakarl (festered shark), and heated up sheep’s head are frequently shared around enormous public huge fires, and customary Icelandic melodies are sung.

Conventional Viking nourishments (for those courageous enough to attempt them) including salted smash’s balls, Hakarl (festered shark), and heated up sheep’s head are frequently shared around enormous public bonfires, and customary Icelandic melodies are sung. The Tþorrablót celebration offers an understanding of the remarkable tradition of this colder time of year wonderland. The whole month of March is celebrated as the Beer Month of the year in Iceland. You can enjoy an unlimited beer at some café resorts also.

3. Curacao, Venezuela

Curacao is one of the islands among the ABC islands in the Caribbean Islands. This island is situated at the Shoreline of Venezuela on the South Caribbean western side. Curaçao likewise has the greatest populace and probably the best quality of living in the Caribbean because of its very much created oil refining business and different ventures. If you are a party animal and looking for the beach to Booz so it’s the perfect place for boozers to hang on with your friends and family.

Curacao, Venezuela
Bonaire / Image credit:

Best time to visit Curacao

The most favorable month to visit Curacao island are February to June. It’s one of the favorite times for the tourist to visit here just because it’s the region’s annual hurricane season.

Things to do in Curacao

Any evening of the week and any season, you can discover a type of nightlife vibe in Curacao. Nightlife is probably the best activity in Curacao, with yearly celebrations like Carnival and King’s Day among the biggest and generally fun.

Performances go to the island habitually, and a significant number of the seashores transform into mainstream bars and clubs around evening time with DJ sets. There are a lot of serene bars as well, particularly in the in vogue Peterman territory.

With a lot of wrecks in the sea, jumping and swimming are the absolute most mainstream activities in  Curacao. Regardless of whether you’re a beginner jumper or have a vast water declaration, you’ll discover a plunge site ideal for your level. The Tugboat wreck and plunge site is only five meters underneath ocean level and is possible as a jumper or swimmer; you can likewise do a divider plunge here, and investigate a submerged precipice face.

4. Quebec City, Canada

Québec City has an old-world heritage and appeal. It is the last walled city in North America north of Mexico and was perceived as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1985.

The city’s astonishing perspectives on the encompassing scene and special character were noted as right on time as 1842 during a visit by Charles Dickens, who called Québec the “Gibraltar of North America.” notwithstanding being a significant vacationer location, Québec is a managerial focus and a port city for transoceanic exchange.

Quebec City
Older part of Quebec City / Image credit:

Best time to visit Quebec City

From late November to the furthest limit of December, appreciate the German Christmas Market and Christmas lights before celebrating the night away on New Year’s Eve. In January and February, you can spare the lovely time at Québec Winter Carnival, visiting the Ice Hotel, tubing at Village Vacancies Val Cartier, or getting a charge out of one of the entertaining winter sports.

Things to do in Quebec City

The city is well known for its street beauty. You can explore the city with different art and culture. If you like the outdoors, you’ll be glad to realize that there are various comfortable camping areas where you can set up a shelter for the evening. You can likewise remain in a perpetual tent, yurt, or little wood lodge.

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5. Lake Bled, Slovenia

Being a photographic artist’s heaven and travel beautiful sight, Bled has all the elements of a fabulous location. While Lake Bled might be Slovenia’s most popular milestone, there are significantly more places to visit around the places. You can opt for going through the day swimming and sunbathing at Lake Bohinj or as extreme as going for a climb to the Triglav Peak. For something in the middle, a short journey to visit the Savica Waterfalls or a comfortable stroll along the Vintgar Gorge is an extraordinary method to see Slovenia’s characteristic miracles very close.

Lake Bled, Slovenia
Lake Bled / Image Credit:

Best time to visit Lake Bled

Though people visit during summers mostly, however the best months to visit lake bled are September, October, April, and May.

Things to do in Lake Bled

Following the inceptions back to the Ice Age, and the site of the Bohinj Glacier, the lake is taken care of by mellow, warm springs. There are swimming zones on the northern and western banks, and you can appreciate kayaking, paddling, and stand-up paddleboarding. Drained Castle, roosted on a rough cliff above Lake Bled is more than 1000 years of age. And keeping in mind that it’s generally acclaimed for its sensational area, a wine sampling experience in the stronghold basement is an outright feature.

6. Seville, Spain

Seville incapacitates and seduces you for sure. Historically, reigned over by a huge Gothic house of prayer, is an inebriating blend of brilliant Mudéjar castles, ornate chapels, and winding archaic paths. Flamenco clubs make the close and power of this exceptionally old convention alive while distinguished chateaus review the city’s past as an exhibit Moorish capital and, later, a sixteenth-century city rich on the rear of New World exchange. Regardless of whether you’re keen on tapas or history, there’s no possibility you’ll get exhausted in this Andalusian city.

Seville Spain
Plaza de España in the Maria Luisa Park / Image credit:

Best time to visit Seville

If you are looking to enjoy chilled winters somewhere between springtime so March to May is the most favorable month to explore this most romantic city of Spain.

Things to do in Seville

One of the oldest markets i.e 150 years old worked over the remnants of St. George’s Castle (central command of the Spanish Inquisition), this customary market has slowed down selling new, neighborhood produce, fish, meat, cheddar, and bread. It’s the ideal spot to load up for an excursion along the waterway or sink into one of the market’s little bistros, where you can be certain all that you’re eating is a new as this present morning’s catch.

This is the city’s most notable late-night bar. Celebrated for its silly, just-in-Seville style, which highlights Semana Santa (Holy Week) craftsmanship and a canvas of the Duquesa de Alba, liquor loaded creation that conveys an underhanded headache.

7. Abisko, Sweden

Many individuals fantasy about seeing the Northern Lights and an excursion up north to see them is somewhat the most otherworldly thing ever, however, I additionally realize that many individuals are put off by the cost. Abisko is the best place in Sweden for watching Aurora lights.

Abisko is at the northern finish of the epic strolling trail called Kungsleden (the King’s Trail), which snakes through the wild territory for some 450km in transit to Hemavan, another minuscule Swedish town.

Abisko Sweden
Aurora near Abisko / Image Credit :

Best time to visit Abisko

The best months to visit Abisko National Park are December, January, February, and March, Aurora Borealis stays the most noteworthy, and remarkable snow cover heightens the experience in these months.

Best things to do in Abisko

Abisko is known to be a prime climbing country, with enormous skies, gleaming lakes, and sections of land of secured wild.

Abisko Ostra has the greatest selection of spots to remain, in addition to a little grocery store and a fine bar. This large structure likewise fills in as the beginning stage for a wide scope of summer and winter exercises.

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8. Hanoi (Vietnam Capital)

Hanoi, situated on the shores of the Red River, is perhaps the most antiquated capital on the planet, where voyagers can discover very much protected provincial structures and extraordinary galleries inside the downtown area. An incredible spot to investigate by walking, this French-influenced city is additionally known for its delicious cooking style, dynamic nightlife on streets, artistic silks, and painstaking work, just as a multi-social local area that is comprised of Chinese, French and Russian impacts.

Hanoi proceeds to attempt to hold conventional Vietnamese culture on all sides of the city and thus you will get a more legitimate feel while you’re here.

Hanoi Vietnam
Halong bay vietnam / Image

Best time to visit Hanoi

Pre-winter (around September to November) and Spring (March and April) are the two best seasons to visit Hanoi when the climate is chilled for travel purposes.

Best things to do in Hanoi

In case you’re a first-time guest to the Vietnamese capital, our Hanoi travel control has all you require to know for a satisfying occasion, including the best convenience, cafes, attractions, shopping, and transport choices.

This city is highlighting lavish parks, verdant mountains, and customary towns, and not failing to remember, in amazing Ha Long Bay.

9. Harbin City, China

Harbin, whose name was initially a Manchu word signifying “a spot for drying fishing nets”. Harbin is currently a huge, open city, affected profoundly by Russian, European, and Japanese culture in its way of life, design, and way of life.

Harbin is perhaps the biggest city in Northeast China. Called “the Ice City”, Harbin is quite possibly the most well-known tourist place for winter visits, facilitating the world’s greatest ice and snow celebration which is remarkable for its icy form celebration.

Harbin China
Snow and Ice World festival in Harbin, China / Image credit:

Best time to Visit Harbin

The best time to visit Harbin city is the month of January when you can enjoy an ice festival complete month with amazing multi-cuisine foods.

Things to do in Harbin

The whole winter city is so cool with a cold breeze blowing most of the time, life nearly detonates, and individuals crowdy the streets until late around evening time eating kabobs, playing poker, and drinking Harbin Beer. This beer is specially made from fruits and nuts which is only available in the Chinese region will blow your mind for sure.

10. Costa Rica

Looking for a place of purity so this place is perfect for you to explore once in a lifetime. Costa Rica is also known as the pure Vida which means “pure life”.

With abundant wildlife and biodiversity, this place is situated in the mid skirts of the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. For the last few decades, Costa Rica is attracting thousands of eco-friendly tourists.

Costa Rica
Costa Rica Playa Tamarindo and Grande / Image credit:

Best time to visit

From December to April is the best timing to visit Costa Rica. It’s an amazing time to explore rainforests and beaches.

Things to do in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is famous for spring waterfalls, wildlife, and natural beaches. This place is perfect for natural sports and adventures.

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11. Rio de Janeiro

City of Golden beaches and thriving mountains, not only this, Rio de Janeiro is world-famous for its Samba nightlife culture.

Rio is popular for its stunning scenery, its laid-back seashore culture, and its yearly festival. Richly forested mountains periphery the city, gleaming sea shores follow the shoreline and a line of little islands lie dispersed along the seafront.

Rio de Janerio
Christ on Corcovado Mountain / Image credit:

Best time to visit Rio de Janeiro

The best time to visit Rio is between December and March when the climate is warm and radiant enough to hit the seashores. The city’s sensuous samba beat and mind-blowing all-encompassing views can be seen a year ago round, yet show up in February to enjoy the Carnival.

Things to do in Rio de Janeiro

A long way from being a simple truth to life background, this oceanside magnificence has extraordinary outside experiences: climbing in the Tijuca rainforest, cycling close by the lake and seashores, cruising across Guanabara Bay, and surfing, rock climbing, and drape floating in the midst of one of the world’s most shocking metropolitan scenes.

Rio’s terrace – a jungle gym that is free and open to all, offering unending delight as football, volleyball, surfing, nibbling, drinking, or unwinding amid the passing motorcade of individuals.

On the other hand, Rio is a party freak place. One can feel perfect lust for life over here. Gift your soul the combination of Carnival for which Rio has numerous different events for the party: festivities after a major Flamengo (or Vasco, Fluminense or Botafogo) soccer coordinate; end of the week samba parties in and out of town and boat parties on the bayside.

12. Zermatt, Switzerland

In the world of luxury cars, can you imagine a place without a car? Yes, there is still a place which exists without cars and one of the most beautiful cities you had ever seen.

Zermatt is one of the car-free town located in the upper Valais, one of the high cantons of Switzerland. Sometime in the distant past, this spot was popular for the Alpine mountains in 1865. Zermatt is sited in the most elevated scope of Switzerland. If you are a cab seeker as a tourist in a place so this place will amaze you.

Horse vehicles are outfitted with ringing bells and many frightened people on foot may well wish taxis were correspondingly given. For cyclists and pedestrians, it is a safe place to travel around the town.

Zermatt, Switzerland
Matterhorn view on the 5-Seenweg hiking trail near Zermatt, Switzerland / Image credit:

Best time to visit Zermatt

The best time to visit Zermatt is from June to September. September is for the most part magnificent for climbing and trekking, with daytime highs averaging 15 degrees Celsius. It is likewise a good time for skiing and other experiential exercises.

Things to do in Zermatt

It’s likely most popular as a stage for skiing and mountaineering, particularly on the mountain which overshadows the town, the Matterhorn. Zermatt is acclaimed for its magnificent long ski runs, with the territory for all ability levels, however, it likewise offers outside games for different seasons.

Heli-skiing, high-height ski-visits, Nordic path, and night skiing are different choices, yet you don’t have to ski to appreciate winter sports here. There are normal ice-skating arenas, snowshoe trails, and a few twisting arenas.

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13. Lapland, Finland

The magic corner of Finland is Lapland. It is the part of the Arctic region full of variances. The Arctic Circle crosses Lapland, so polar marvels, for example, the Midnight Sun and Polar night can be found in Lapland.

Each season in Finnish Lapland is remarkably not quite the same as one another. The localities say that Lapland has 8 seasons rather than 4. In the wintertime, Lapland is pretty much as close as reality gets to the individuals who long for a colder time of year wonderland. Spring brings along light that follows the long period of ‘Kaamos’ known to be icy night in Finnish.

Lapland, Finland
Lapland, Finland – panoramic / Image credit:

Best time to visit Lapland

The best time to visit Lapland for a snow-cleaned escape is between November and March. Throughout these cold weather months, the scenes are covered by the thickest covering of snow you’ll see the entire year.

Things to in Lapland

It is to be sure fixed by the “Aurora Borealis Belt”, the area with the most active on the northern side of the equator. For something a bit more truly testing, you could attempt cross-country skiing or snowshoeing.

Imposing and reindeer rides can take from a couple of moments to days long safaris. The primary draws for guests are Santa exercises in Lapland joined with the forsaken at this point magnificent nature.

14. Abashiri Drift, Japan

Abashiri is a little city on the north-east bank of Hokkaido, Japan. It’s an island known for its volcanoes, common underground aquifers (onsen), and ski regions.

Float ice touring “ ice-breaking transport Aurora takes you out amid the stunning splendor ” whiteness of the ice that spreads South around the Amur waterway in midwinter.

An assortment of wild creatures can be seen with the happening to float ice season. As the floating ice shows up, so do the Clione or Sea Angels. Seals and other marine untamed life and winged animals can likewise be seen laying on the ice.

Abashiri Drift, Japan
Abashiri Drift ice / Image credit:

Best time to visit Abashiri Drift

The best time to view it is normally around February and March. While drift ice can be seen along the whole Sea of Okhotsk coast from Wakkanai to the Shiretoko Peninsula, it gets thickest around Abashiri.

Things to do in Abashiri Drift

If your dream is to walk on the ice with no worries so this place is not less than a winter wonderland.

Wearing an exceptional dry suit, you can stroll on the ice, lay on it, and take a gander at the brief looks adrift between the icy grounds. In Abashiri, you can voyage through the unfathomable frosty view on the Aurora touring icebreaker transport. In Mombetsu, you can take a voyage on the Garinko-go II, which has two monster drills on the bow of the boat. You can feel the boat vibrating as it powers through the huge floes of float ice.

In the cold weather months, you can appreciate snow adventure like ice fishing and ride on an astounding icebreaker boat.

This piece of Japan is additionally canvassed in the scope of moving slopes and fields which are loaded up with blossoms of each tint, and you can see these on a cycling outing of Abashiri or a sentimental horseback ride. This comprises making an opening in the ice on one of the many frozen lakes around Abashiri and afterward fishing straightforwardly through the opening.

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15. Mammoth Cave, USA

Moving slopes, profound waterway valleys, and the universe’s longest known cavern framework. Mammoth Cave National Park is home to millennia of mankind’s set of experiences and a rich variety of plant and creature life, acquiring it the title of UNESCO World Heritage Site and International Biosphere Reserve.

the adventure lovers can explore an isolated cave so this place is best for the people who are always looking for treasure unseen spaces.

Mammoth Cave
Mammoth Cave Western Australia / Image credit:

Things to do in Mammoth Cave

An expense is charged for outdoors and cavern visits. Exercises incorporate cavern visits, climbing, horseback riding, trekking, picnicking, outdoors, backwoods outdoors, kayaking, fishing, and probably the most pleasurable driving in Kentucky. Mammoth Cave National Park’s for the time being facilities incorporate campsites and lodges.

Hoping you will like the above-listed world’s less known winter destinations. Explore these mesmerizing places with your loved one. The time to relax, chill and have fun on the coat of icy lands. Just roll your woolens and fly off to your favorite snowy wonderland across the globe.

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