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Caves Around the World Where You Can Stay


To feed your adventurous soul, you need much more than just four boring walls, a bed, and a mini-bar fridge! Don’t you? How about staying in a cave with walls that tells a unique story and takes you back in time? Excited already? Well, there is much more to it. You will find yourself amidst serenity and far away from the crowd and loud noises. You can choose the luxury or can stay in the basic one, but the majestic past of any cave will leave you awestruck. Check out some of the caves around the world where you can stay.

Corte San Pietro, Italy – Caves Around the World

Corte San Pietro, Italy - Caves Around the World

The beautiful interior of this exquisite cave in Italy is carved out from the tufa stone and soft local sedimentary limestone. If you are planning a comfortable and intimate vacation, then this is a perfect place to stay. The cave is designed with passion by a couple to serve people with the best. The stylish lodging where the walls are made of stones and adorned with scented candles, exclusive bed, and all other facilities. The historical structure of the place enhances the beauty and the tufa stone featured by niches and old-aged fronts are highly celebrated by the visitors. The large vaults add architectural value to the cave.

Grand Canyon Caverns, Arizona

Are you willing to try the deepest, oldest, darkest and largest cave suite in the world? Well, head to Grand Canyon Caverns in Arizona! 200 feet by 400 feet with 70-foot ceilings which make sure that you don’t feel claustrophobic was formed more than 65 million years ago and is located 220 feet below the surface. This is a completely furnished cavern with all the amenities you may need like the bed, sofa, bathroom, kitchen and much more. Want to set out on an adventure this year? Don’t miss this amazing cave!

Desert Cave Hotel, Australia – Caves Around the World

Desert Cave Hotel, Australia - Caves Around the World

Want to try the dug-out style living? Stay in the Desert Cave Hotel and feel the difference of trying the new! The underground rooms of this Cave Hotel will leave you awestruck!  The spacious, quiet, and airy style of the place tends to enhance your staying experience.  The driver over to Lake Eyre, the lowest natural point in Australia at approx. 50 feet below sea level will satisfy your adventurous soul.

Cappadocian Cave Hotels, Turkey

Situated in the semi-arid region in Central Turkey, Cappadocia is famous for its old rock formations which are clustered in the Monks Valley. The tourists who are into history loves to explore Bronze age homes which are carved into beautiful valley walls by cave dwellers. There are various adventure activities in the area that you can try like horseback riding, hiking. Hot air balloon tours and scenic bike tours. The colorful cozy rooms with local folk and handicraft décor make it highly preferable among the tourists. Some of the exclusive rooms here have a Jacuzzi, so, what are you waiting for?

Sala Silvermine, Sweden – Caves Around the World

Sala Silvermine, Sweden - Caves Around the World

Accessed through a mine lift shaft, Sala Silvermine is known for its deepest hotel room in the world at 500 feet underground. Enjoy the exceptional beauty of this hotel with the champagne platter. This Sala Silvermine is highly known for its production of 3 tons of silver every year which was mostly used for coins. The stay might be basic, but your experience would be classic! Add this adventure stay to your list, you surely won’t regret!

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Cuevas el Guindas, Spain –

Stay in the caves that were created between 1900 and 1300 BC and were the first home to the prehistoric dwellers! What a classic adventure, isn’t it? Don’t miss out on these caves with a self-catering kitchen, rocky bathrooms, and a beautiful pool terrace. About 260 abandoned caves in Almeria Province, Spain were inhabited during the silver rush and now have been converted into homes and tourist lodgings.

Beckham Creek Cave Lodge, Arkansas

Imagine living in a cave with all the modern amenities and classic decorative walls of rock, yes, that’s what you get at Beckham Creek Cave lodge in Arkansas! This exclusive and incredible is situated in Ozark Mountains that is just a few minutes away from Buffalo National River. The cavernous ceilings, luxurious facilities, and great hospitality will enhance your staycation experience in a cave! The 6000 sq. ft. lodge won’t make you feel claustrophobic! And what’s more exciting is the natural waterfall in the center of the main room! Can you stop yourself from booking this adventure stay? I guess not!

Many of the caves in this list have been used to shoot many famous movies. If you are an adrenaline seeker, then, it is time to serve your soul with some adventure like never before!

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