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Attain Inner Peace By Visiting The Most Spiritual Places Around The Globe


Spirituality doesn’t always have to do with religion sometimes its just means attaining sanity. People go from place to place in search for the most spiritual places for peacefulness and wellness of mind. And looking at the current scenario the places for spiritual attainment will be in demand in the coming years. Also, it is said that considering last decade there has been a rise in tourists going to places that are more into spiritual and mindfulness. Many famous places across the world are well known for giving positive vibes and energy to the tourist.
How do you select such places?

Well, here in India Imagine today we will look into the top most spiritual places across the globe.

Bali – One of the most spiritual places

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Bali is an island in Indonesia, abundantly gifted with nature. With mountains, beaches and wonderful coral reefs, the place is a spiritual one in itself. However, places like Ubud retains the perfect essence of positivity to the tourist who travels in seek solace. The place is well known for places that give you well-being in terms of mind and body. With yoga, meditation and vegan food you can spend perfect days in Bali that will help you attain inner peace.

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Thailand- Spirituality in Ruins

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Thailand is well known for its ancient ruins. And when you say ancient ruins we know it will be temples, palaces and monuments that implicit the past and history of the place.
The people of Thailand find solace and sanity in Buddhism. There are many Buddhist temples where you can just sit and enjoy the silence and peace. Also, there are places and cities like Srithanu that can give you a world experience. Srithanu is an utterly small village on the coast of an Island. They celebrate a full moon party every month which is a major attraction among the people who visit Thailand to attain spirituality.

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India- Spirituality in Diversity

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India is the land of God and Goddess. Every place or city you explore there will be an impressively large number of temples and shrines to visit. Apart from that India stands tall in diversity hence you will not fall sort of other religious, spiritual and mindful well-being place around the country. And for those who love to go a bit beyond just religion, Goa is the place for you! People across the globe visit Goa every year, it is not only one of the most happening places on earth but also one of the best places to attain serenity and keep a slow phase in life!
And don’t forget to visit the Varanasi and the Ganga Ghats too.

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Spain- Finding Spirituality in Art

Spain-Spiritual travel
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We know Spain is all about art and Culture! The very famous artists are born here, including Antoni Gaudi. Thus we can only assume the level of art therapy the place will help you to indulge in. there are places like Ibiza that are pure soul soother, with limestone mountains and lakes and the mesmerizing view you need not look for any other source to attain spirituality.

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Arizona- Spirituality in Cathedrals and landscapes

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Arizona stands amidst cathedrals and churches and a mesmerizing landscape. The place is already famous for its Grand Canyon. Bit do you know Arizona is equally well known for spiritual attainment? Places like Sedona have energy points all over the place. People come here every year
seeking inner peace and dealing with the stress and distress.

Hawaii- An Ultimate Place for Spiritual travel

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People often go to Hawaii Island for summer vacation. Is it because of the cool island ambiance? Yes, that is for sure but the spiritual connection of the place is undeniably strong too. The entire atmosphere of the place and people in particularly the locals are warm and affectionate. The overall trip to Hawaii will be a lifetime worth, both in terms of spiritual and leisure trips. Also, don’t forget to attend the yoga retreats and the meditation practice happens there regular way.

Cambodia- Human-made Spiritual heaven

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Cambodia is a place for real spiritual affairs. With Angkor Wat, we don’t have to think twice. Angkor Wat is the World’s largest and most famous Spiritual complex. It was built in the 12 century that turned into a historically significant place over centuries. Tourists come here indeed to attain spiritual sanity and the place stands true to what it is. If you feel low any time of your life pack your backs to Cambodia to visit the Angkor Wat, humankind best of construction ever!

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Sri Lanka- Adam Stepped here!

Sri Lanka
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Sri Lanka is known for spirituality. The Adam’s Peak that stands tall 7,500 feet is a perfect example of it. People across all the religion have a story connected to their religion about Adam’s peak. And that makes the place universally diverse. People trek to the mountain to touch the peak and sit there a while to attain inner silence and sanity. Well, not to say the Sri Lankan cuisine is all about health and it won’t be a bit exaggerating if we say that the food there connects directly to the mind.

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There are more several places that famous for a spiritual visit, however, we have tried to pick up the most spiritual places visited frequently and the gem of places mostly touched by the people’s hearts. With so many things happening around us, visiting a place that will keep your mind and heart at ease is what you will be looking for. And hopefully, we have chalked out few places that will give you that feeling of solace and sanity!

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