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Cheapest Countries To Explore Without Having To Worry About Your Pocket!


Pack your bags and get ready to explore different countries this season. What’s stopping you? The fear of a hefty amount that would drain your pocket? Don’t worry, we are chalking out top cheapest countries to explore that you could explore without having to worry about finance.

Pick up any one of these places this year to make your wish come true…

Sri Lanka: The Land of Century-Old History and Tradition

Sri Lanka is one of the most affordable countries and tourists across the globe pour in here every year to enjoy the best of climate, sightseeing ad food! The country is a collection of exquisite hill stations, beaches bustling cities ad mouth-watering Sri Lankan cuisine.
If you are wondering where to go? Sri Lanka has a history of 3000 years old heritage sites that can captivate you, with century-old cities like Anuradhapura and Digamadulla are worth a visit. Sigiriya is a fortress that was built around the fifth century is a symbol that is an epitome of tradition ad culture.

Visit Pidurangala Rock, Sigiriya-Sri Lanka, Via:

For adventure, scenic views you must visit Kandy and Nuwara Eliya which are the best with waterfalls, tea plantation and many other attractions. Sri Lankan food is very unique and an important part of their culture. Particularly seafood, Fish curry is very famous and irresistible for a food lover in you.

Apart from hotel booking the total expenses may go up to 2500 Sri Lankan Rupee per day including travel and food expenses which is worth when considering the beauty of the land!

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Nepal: Land of Nature and Himalayas

Nepal is a hub to all the things a tourist can ask for, Mountains and valleys, Colourful festivals, Architectural epitomes and not to mention tasty food. Nepal is best for the people who love trekking and mountaineering which may cost around 3000 RS per person. Four giant peaks of the world including the Mt Everest is coincidently owned by this fabulous country. Apart from that, you can’t miss the Buddhist Monasteries that are part of Nepal’s culture and tradition.

Go for hiking the Himalayas during Nepal travel, Via:

The total expenses about a day shouldn’t exceed 3000 if you are just into traveling and food. Trekking, wildlife, and shopping will have different price tags that you need to take care of.

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Malaysia: The Land of Skyscrapers

One place that comes into mind while planning a trip abroad in Malaysia and the reason is but obvious. The tropical climate, the alluring natural beauty, and Thai or Malay cuisines are some factors that attract tourists worldwide. The breath-taking tea plantation is one of the main attractions. One can experience traditional island life that is a part and parcel of Malaysian life for ages.

Malaysia: The Land of Skyscrapers, Via:

The cities like Kuala Lumpur, George Town depicts the city life as fabulous cityscapes spread across. You can’t ignore the skyscrapers that touch the sky and your wonders at the same time. people across the world are in love with Thai or Malay cuisine, people enjoy various cuisines and indulge in food like never before. Don’t forget to gorge onto mouth-watering street food at George Town!

Daily expenses can go about 5000 Rs per day including food and accommodation for a single person.

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Indonesia: The Emerald of the Equator

The natural beauty is one of the main enticements that captivates tourists all over the world to visit this place at least once in a lifetime. There is a fascinating number of islands, with almost 17000 within is a hub for water adventures like scuba diving, underwater experiences and many more…Komodo national park, Bada valley, and Gili Island are centers of the world’s most wonderful natural beauty!

Explore Indonesia best travel attractions, Via:

The tourist coming here, enjoy bliss and tranquillity while enjoying nature, water, under the bright sun. Indonesia is quite popular among the Honeymooners who love the beautiful resorts in Bali that are the most romantic places.

Expenses can draw up to Rs 6000 particularly for a day for a couple. Don’t hesitate to book your ticket to visit the most wonderful place on the face of the earth.

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Bhutan: The land of Mountain, Monasteries, and Mystery

Bhutan may be small, but not an ordinary place. The land is a powerhouse of Buddhist tradition that has a grip on global development. If you are looking for peace and tranquillity, Bhutan is heaven! Here, the growth in happiness is considered more important than economic growth.

Visit Bhutan, Via:

The monasteries located in different parts are worth a visit. Don’t miss the Tiger Nest Monastery, one of Himalaya’s most incredible sight that makes the place out of the world. a monastery is a scared place hence make it a point to keep up with the rules.

The expenses for travel, food, and living will wind up to a maximum of 2000 Rs only.

China: Visit the Red Dragon

The first thing that comes to your mind when thinking about China is “ the Great Wall of China” one of the seven wonders of the world for centuries. However, there are a lot more here, in this place that attracts people all over the world. It might be the majestic buildings, the forbidden city of the world-famous Chinese cuisines.

Visit Most Famous Black Dragon Pool Lijiang Yunnan-China, Via:

This country is also the most affordable place that travel lovers are looking for to explore. The climate is quite pleasant throughout the year making it feasible for the tourist to come down to visit the place any time. This year visit the land of dragons and walk across the Great Wall of China and get mesmerized for a lifetime.

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Thailand: Let’s Smile from the Land of Smiles

Most loved and visited places on the earth, budget-friendly and enjoy the blast of time is none other but the beautiful and friendly Thailand. The place is also known for the people with a friendly gesture that makes the place more attractive to the tourist. Outdoor activities like clubbing, diving and sightseeing are things people normally indulge in.

Enjoy at exotic beaches of Thailand, Via:

Thai cuisine particularly traditional street food is also popular among the people who come to visit the place. The most interesting is the Thailand market, crowded with people who love shopping.

Thailand with around 3000 RS on travel, living, and food is one of the cheapest countries to explore and quench the travel enthusiast in you.

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Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, UAE are some other countries that you could consider in your travel list if you are easier on your pockets. Pick your place without a second thought, don’t hesitate to fulfill your dream to explore various countries and enjoy the exquisite beauty and listen to the stories each place has to say!

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