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10 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Thailand


Thailand is popular for ‘ Land of Smiles’ and a gem of Southeast Asia. Thailand is a nation, ready with an open door for a lifetime travel experience. Despite everything you begin with the world-class beaches in the south or the mountain towns in the north, Thailand won’t disappoint you. Travelling in Thailand will leave you speechless and turns you into a guide with exciting stories. So let’s start the discussion about the ten most amazing places you should visit in Thailand.

1. Railay Beach-Krabi

Krabi is home to a portion of Thailand’s most famous destination for shoreline goals, and Railay Beach is the cherry on the cream. Generally the best seashore in the nation, Railay beach gives you white sand shorelines, clear crystal blue water, and an inclination like you’ve discovered heaven. You have to take a boat for reaching the island getaway, with services available from Krabi town and Ao Nang.

Railay Beach, Krabi-Thailand

The beaches are the fundamental motives to visit Railay, but at the same time, it’s a stone climbing hotspot. Railay’s karst peak draw adventurers both experienced and beginners to try their hand at climbing the towering limestone rocks. Among the various activities, you can go for trekking, white water boating, kayaking, and swimming, or cooking classes and enjoying a back rub massage.

2. Koh Phi Phi

The Phi Phi island present in Krabi is one of Thailand’s most famous resort areas for a reason. Only Phi Phi Don is colonised, with day trips accessible to the nearby islands. One of the popular spots on Koh Phi Phi is Monkey Beach, where you’ll meet with the namesake animals.

Koh Phi Phi- Thailand, Via:

Please hire a guide to take you out on a small wooden boat or rent your kayak. There’s a little stand where you can buy snacks and fruit shakes, but hang onto your treats. Long Beach is another beautiful spot on the island; it’s not a concealed place, but it is excellent for viewing the sunset.

3. Bankok-The Grand Palace

Regardless of whether your arrangements for Thailand principally include skipping on a shoreline, eating as much Massaman curry and Tom Ka Gai as possible. There is plenty to view and do in the capital, however, it’s maybe best, to begin with, the Grand Palace. This is the leading tourist destination in the city. The grounds are made of royal halls, temples, and ancient relics, the most important being Wat Phra Kaeo a Temple of the Emerald Buddha.

The residues inside this temple are said to be a bit of bone or hair from the enlightened Buddha himself. The famous Wat Po & Wat Arun, the Temple of the Dawn (an excellent spot to watch the nightfall), are additionally close-by. Bangkok is the primary centre for global travel, and it’s an incredible beginning stage for journeys all through the nation.

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4. Chiang Mai-Sunday Night Walking Street

Each Thailand guest anticipates cheap and delicious food, and it can be found in abundance at Chiang Mai Sunday Walking Streets. Vendors are selling a wide range of treats: cushion Thai, chicken satay, samosas, crab cakes, broiled bananas, sweet courses, and crisp natural product shakes – often for under $2 each. When you’ve filled culinary desires. You can examine many stalls selling a variety of novel products, for example, every single regular cleanser, hand-coloured materials bearing the exceptional cases of neighbourhood slope clans, incense, and necessary oils, melodic instruments, works of art, inside decorations.

Chiang Mai-Sunday Night Walking Street,

The market gets populous every week without fail, no matter what time of year you are visiting, so brace yourself and enjoy being part of Thailand. This is a must in Chiang Mai and is an essential part of the Thailand experience.

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5. Pai Canyon

Thailand’s reputation for being a nation of lovely landscapes and friendly people thanks primarily to the world-renowned southern beaches. Many people don’t understand that the vast north is likewise home to stunning views. However, these are of the other sort altogether. Northern Thailand, especially the western district close to the Burmese fringe, is set apart by rocky wilderness landscape that is both tough and delightful.

Pai Canyon, Thailand, Via: flicker

Pai, in Mae Hong Son territory, is an ideal spot from which to appreciate the nation’s characteristic excellence just as the famous Thai accommodation and cooking. There is a little daily strolling road showcase, an assortment of neighborhood and Western nourishments, and simple access to close-by temples, waterfalls, and the grand Pai gulch. There is a manner of gladness and unwinding as you go for a walk through the modest town, and it is this vibe that keeps on drawing crowds season after season.

6. Phuket

Coming to Thailand means going to the exotic places that have all the charm and all the heat within it. Almost all the places in Thailand are beautiful, and therefore it is said that the whole country is beauty personified. So, among every other beautiful city that Thailand has, Phuket is the most popular one. This is the most visited place in Thailand. Phuket is known for the incredible nightlife that it offers to its tourists. 1-2 days are not enough for anyone to have a complete tour of this beautiful place. If you are coming to this place, then you will have to go with a full proof plan and a list of places and things that you want to explore and do respectively.

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7. Koh Tao

The smallest island of Thailand, Koh Tao, the best places to visit in Thailand. Tooks its name from copious sea turtles. Drifting tranquillity in the Gulf of Thailand, this island is famed for its laid- back nature. Its got several diving sites off its shores.

Snorkelling in Koh Tao, Via:

Do dance with sharks and raise a toast to Thailand on its white beaches. Ko Tao is also called the Turtle Island and is considered as one of those places that are a must-visit in Thailand.

8. Historic City of Ayutthaya

Ramble around the Thai capital for 417 years, and you will get the feel of an open-air museum. This is the best places to see in Thailand to learn about the country’s glorious past. This place is ideal for those who have some interest in the history of a particular country. Each monument situated at this place tells us about the past of Thailand. This place comes under the world heritage site and has been protected by the UNESCO.

Ayutthaya Thailand Via:

Most of the things that were built here no longer sustain, and what we see here is the remains of it. Whatever is left and is recognised by people was recollected by the UNESCO. Most of the idols that we see here are of Buddha, but they are not in good condition at all. Some do not have their heads and others do not have some other parts of the idol. One can come here by any of the local transport services and can spend the whole day watching these amazing and beautiful art forms.

9. Koh Chang

It is said that it is the most delightful and the most visited Island of the nation and the idiom is right. You will likewise feel the equivalent when you will visit the spot. Arranged in the north of Thailand, this island has turned into the passage of island bouncing. There are white sands all finished, and these add the appeal to the excellence of this spot.

Elephant trekking in Koh Chang, Via:

Additionally, due to these great reasons, this island happens to be the most jam-packed island of all. Aside from the magnificence and group, this additionally has an incredible hotel, where one can genuinely invest some quality energy.

10. Floating Markets

Visiting floating markets is a fun method to do some shopping and eating while at the same time supporting neighbourhood sellers and watching nearby trade in real life. Some appear to provide food more to the traveller crowd than to be a piece of the texture of nearby Thais’ day by day lives. However, others make for a pleasant legitimate travel understanding.

Floating Market Of Bangkok, Thailand Image Via:

There are various floating markets near Bangkok, Amphawa, and Damnoen Saduak being among the most popular. You can go to this place by yourself or join a tour, which can include visits to local houses and shops.

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