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Discover The Historical Monuments of Russia


As we know that Russia is the biggest country in the world in terms of landmass. It is a country in Eastern Europe with a huge landmass that stretches around Northern Asia and if someone calculates it then it might be covering one-eighth of the earth’s inhabited land area. So through this, you might understand the scope and wideness of Russia. The country has been through a long and rough history, however, you would not believe that the country can be so beautiful and amazing. There are many historical monuments of Russia which one much visit.

In Russia, there are numerous places where you can plan to visit, many people think that Russia is famous for vodka, bears and especially for its cold climate but these all aspects are false the country is also famous for amazing places, gigantic structures and old or historical monuments. Many tourists visit these historical places, some of the most visited places are Kremlin and Peter, Paul Fortress, etc. Tourism in Russian is increased drastically after the soviet period and now according to numbers 28.4 million tourists are visiting per year and it is a ninth most visited country in the world.

Read below to find the most visited monuments in Russia:

1. ST Basil’s Cathedral, Historical Monuments of Russia

The Cathedral of Vasily the blessed is commonly known as Saint Basil Cathedral. It is a church in Red Square which is in Moscow. It is constructed with a red brick building which looks like a tomb shaped structure covered in red colour which looks marvellous. This church was constructed in 1555 and the reason to construct this monument is the celebration of a victory in the Russo-Kazan War. The layout has 8 smaller churches surrounding the central 9th church.

ST Basil's Cathedral, Historical Monuments of Russia
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The cathedral was initially built in the white, but was painted in dazzling colours and patterns as we see it is of 17th century. The church has been the part of Moscow Kremlin and the Red Square and it is also under the UNESCO World Heritage Site. However, the architectural layout and design are very unique in its own style. For so many years this place is a good spot for visitors to come and see and grab the knowledge about this historical monument.

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2. The Kremlin, Historical Monuments of Russia

If you are someone who likes to visit places like the Buckingham Palace, White House or someplace like an official residence then Moscow Kremlin is the correct place for you. Basically, Kremlin is a place where Russian government officials sit and most of the government decisions are taken there.

The Kremlin, Historical Monuments of Russia
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But Kremlin is a place where rulers live, however, it is more than that, it is a sort of fortified complex that consists of four palaces and four cathedrals. The place sits near to the Moskva river that is dated as old as 14th century. Due to its scenic view, like the tallest one is Troizkaya which is 73 meters high. The place is hugely popular amongst the tourist.

3. Red Square, Historical Monuments of Russia

One of the most popular tourist attractions in Russia is Red Square. This is a place that holds various attractions like Kremlin, St. Basil’s Cathedral, Lenin’s Mausoleum, State Historical Museum, GUM shopping mall and the Kazan Cathedral. The place has an old history to it and considered as the centre of Moscow since a majority of Moscow’s major streets originate here. Even the place is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site along with the Kremlin building.

Red Square, Historical Monuments of Russia
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Red Square is the most popular area in Moscow as it even has many attractive places to visit. From here you can visit some of the places like The Kremlin, that is the house of the President of Russia, with cathedrals, palaces and towers which is in the west of the Square. The State Historical Museum stands at the opposite end from the St. Basil’s Cathedral to complete the most famous attractions around Red Square. So these awesome places can be visited in Red Square.

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4. The Hermitage Museum

If you are a person who loves to visit museums than this might be your place to visit. One of the best things about The Hermitage Museum is that it is one of the largest and oldest museums in the world which hosts approx 3 million items related to art and culture of world history. It is one of Russia’s most important museums & it is home to one of the biggest collections of artifacts in the world and has a long history since it was established in 1764 by Catherine the Great.

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The Hermitage museum has several displays dedicated to various styles and periods, such as the Italian Renaissance, the Italian and Spanish fine arts, and so on. The museum has obtained several paintings of great artists like Rembrandt, Raphael, Anthony van Dyck, Pablo Picasso, and several others. The museum’s collection is so big that it is spread across 6 buildings on the Palace, of which 5 are always open for the public. And even then, it is only a small part of the collection that is displayed at any given time. This place is an absolute must, regardless of whether art is your thing or not. So you should definitely visit this historical museum.

5. State Russian Museum

Another historical museum in Russia is the State Russian Museum which is one of the biggest collections of Russian fine arts in the entire world, challenging the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow. This museum was founded in 1895 by Nicholas II in memory of his father, Tsar Alexander III. Then after three years, it was opened for the public in 1898. Mikhailovskiy Palace was used as the main building of the museum, so therefore the museum today is the guardian of many other imperial buildings in the city. And the buildings are St. Michael’s Castle of Emperor Paul, the Rastrelliesque Stroganov Palace the Summer Palace of Peter I, Marble Palace of Count Orlov, and these sites are regularly used for various temporary exhibitions.

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It displays one of the finest collection of Russian artwork, which is dated back to the 11th century. These museum’s collection was boosted by the time of the revolution, when several paintings from personal collections and other museums were transferred to here. There are many museums where you may find different rooms for different items or artifacts but in this museum, you will not find different rooms dedicated to different time periods or for items. All the artworks and different artifacts are displayed here for the public so that people can view and take the experience of their historical monuments.

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So these were the historical monument that is pretty famous in Russia. If you are a travel blogger or thinking to visit some historical places so that you can earn fruitful knowledge regarding Russia then this article might help you. For more travel, related articles do visit IndiaImagine.

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