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Explore 20 Best Museums In Europe


Everyone is aware of the best travel destinations across the globe, but very few peoples are aware of the best museums in the world. Europe is one of the travel destinations which is popular among tourists and its museum lovers. A large number of museums are present in Europe which depicts the culture, architecture, archaeological status, artwork and present the history of Europe. There are several Best Museums In Europe, however, we pick the best out of it.

We are going to explore the 20 most visited museums in Europe, which are as follows:

1. British Museum, London

British Museum is located in London. It is famous for its fantastic collection of artifacts from all over the world. The British Museum was founded in 1753, which receives the most annual visitors of 6 million, the largest in London.

British Museum, Via:

In 1802, the Rosetta Stone was added to the British Museum dates back to 196 BC is Best Museums In Europe.

2. Louvre Museum, France

Louvre is one of the Best Museums In Europe which is situated in Paris, France. Louvre museum is best known for Leonardo da Vinci’s famous painting, Mona Lisa, which is one of the most significant art collections in the world.

Louvre Museum, Via:

This museum was opened in 1793. Egyptian collection and Renaissance art are the highlights of this museum.

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3. Vatican Museums, Vatican City

The Vatican Museums are the Christian art museum situated in Vatican City. These museums are the largest in the world whose art galleries are spread over in the range of 7 km.

Vatican Museum,

You can explore most renowned Roman Sculptures, an essential masterpiece of Renaissance art and an immense collection by popes. Recently it has 20,000 artwork on display.

4. Tate Modern, London

The Tate Modern is the modern art gallery and free museum in London. It is the 5th most visited museum in Europe and the largest museum of modern and contemporary art in the world.

Tate Modern, Via:

It holds British art from 1900 till present. It is based on the former Bankside Power Station.

5. Musee Orsay, France

The Musee Orsay is situated in an old train station in the heart of Paris. This museum of France was established in 1986 and is one of the Best Museums In Europe.

Musee de Orsay, Via:

It’s perhaps the best exhibition hall of modern artistry indeed. Besides artwork, it is home to a famous Edouard Manet’s The Luncheon on the grass.

6. Uffizi Gallery, Itlay

Visiting the Uffizi Gallery is considered one of the first things to do in Florence. The Uffizi Gallery exhibits Western art, paintings and sculpture, from both the Middle Ages and Modern period.

Uffizi Gallery, Via:

The 14th-century art collection and renaissance paintings are the attraction in Uffizi Gallery. Leonardo da Vinci first significant painting Annunciation is a must-see.

7. Rijksmuseum, Netherlands

Rijksmuseum or the Royal Museum in Amsterdam, Netherlands is best known for Rembrandts ‘Night Watch’ and Vermeer’s ‘Milkmaid’ and Dutch Golden Ages paintings.

Rijksmuseum, Via:

The only museum in the world with a road going through it. 800 years of Dutch art and history of 8,000 exhibits are on display in the Rijksmuseum.

8. Guggenheim Museum, Spain

This museum consists of modern and contemporary art designed by Canadian-American architect Frank Gehry, located in Bilbao, Spain.

Guggenheim Museum, Via:

The museum building has been hailed as a signal moment in the architectural culture.

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9. Hermitage Museum, Russia

The State Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg is located in Winter Palace. This museum of Russia is the second-largest in the world with a collection of 3 million objects.

Hermitage Museum, Via:

It was founded by Russian queen Catherine the Great. The museum is famous for revival paintings and one of the best collections of Dutch Golden Ages pieces.

10. National Gallery, London

National Gallery Of London is the fourth most visited art gallery in the world. This Gallery is an art museum located in Trafalgar Square in the city of Westminister.

National Gallery, Via:

Till now it has 2300 art pieces. Founded in the year 1824.

11. Museum Island, Germany

Museum Island of Berlin is a unique group of five museums, including the Pergamon Museum, built on a small island in Spree River in Berlin, Germany known as Best Museums In Europe.

Museum Island, Via: Pinterest

The museum complex was listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 1999.

12. State Historical Museum, Russia

State Historical Museum exhibits Russian history pointed between Red Square and Magnet Square in Moscow.

State Historical Museum, Via:

You will find relics of prehistoric tribes that lived in the past age Of Russia. The total number of artwork collection in the museum comes to millions.

13. Acropolis Museum, Athens

Acropolis Museum in Athens is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the best museum in Greece. It is the prime religious spot in Greece for over 3000 years and most famous for Parthenon.

Acropolis Museum-Parthenon Greece, Via: Vimal.S.Rawat

In this museum, visitors can learn about Greece’s history and view the extensive collection of exhibits, including bronze figurines, carved statues, painted vases.

14. Egyptian Museum, Italy

It is the most ancient museum in the world dedicated to Egyptian Culture which is located in Italy.

Egyptian Museum, Via:

Egyptian Museum is the archaeological museum which has the largest collections of Egyptian antiquities, with more than 30,000 artifacts. It is also known as Museo Egizio.

15. Belvedere Museum, Austria

The Belvedere Museum Of Vienna, Austria once was the palace Of Prince Eugene. It is so beautiful that in 1907, it is converted into a museum.

Belvedere Museum, Via:

The Belvedere Museum is listed as a World Heritage site at UNESCO. This museum contains the world’s most extensive collection of Austrian Gustav Klimt’s Paintings and art.

16. Magritte Museum, Belgium

Magritte Museum is one of the Royal Museums of fine arts at Brussels, Belgium. This museum is dedicated to Belgian surrealist artist, Rene Magritte, and their work.

Magritte Museum, Via:

Paintings, drawings, photographs, sculptures, films and more than 200 artworks done by esteemed artists have been on display since the museum opened in 2009.

17. Victoria & Albert Museum, London- One of Best Museums In Europe

Victoria & Albert Museum of London, Englan is considered as the largest museum in the world. It has 145 galleries and span across 12.5 acres.

Victoria&Albert Museum, Via:

Museum was opened in 1852 and named after King Albert and Queen Victoria. It holds 2.2 million artworks till now. One most talked art item is Tippoo’s Tiger.

18. Kunsthaus Zurich- Best Museums In Europe

Kunsthaus Zurich is Switzerland’s most significant art collection museum. It broadly emphasizes on Swiss art from middle age to the modern era.

Kunsthaus Zurich, Via:

This museum is most famous for Alberto Giacometti Sculptures. Pablo Picasso, Marc Chagall and Claude Monet also prominently featured.

19. Museo del Prado, Spain

Museo del Prado is the Spanish national art museum situated in Madrid. This museum is known for the world’s most exquisite collection of European art and the single best collection of Spanish art.

Museo del Pardo, Via:

Currently, it has around 8200 drawings, and This impressive art museum consists of 8600 paintings and 700 sculptures. Italian and Flemish collection also available in Prado Museum.

20. Hagia Sophia Museum, Turkey

Hagia Sophia is the most iconic building in Istanbul, Turkey since 537 AD. Hagia Sophia features the collection of Tombs, Church and Stone objects. It is also called the 8th wonder of the world.

Hagia Sophia, Via:

The museum structure contains 104 columns, some are brought in from the Temple of Artemis and features magnificent marble and mosaics tiles.

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So, the above mentioned are the Best Museums In Europe according to us. There are other museums also which are popular in their ways. Lets us know in the comment section, which one is your favorite and why?

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