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Exotic Getaway to Ibiza: The Balearic Islands in Spain


Ibiza is one of the Balearic Islands, an archipelago of Spain in the Mediterranean Sea. It’s well known for the lively nightlife in Ibiza Town and Sant Antoni, where major European nightclubs have summer outposts. It has been at the lead island of Europe’s dance music and clubbing scene for at least 25 years and till now they are running. There are many other places in Ibiza which need to be discovered by every traveller.

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Ibiza: A Throbbing Island in Spain

One of the most remarkable, picturesque and familiar of the Balearic Islands is Ibiza. From the history of Ibiza Town to the sandy beaches of Cala Llenya, Ibiza is an island that is well worth a visit. Some jaw-dropping beaches offer lively nightlife scenes to its young visitors. There are many bizarre attractions and beautiful town, most popular one is the Dalt Vila in Ibiza Town which a UNESCO World or take a tour of the beautiful whitewashed villages in Ibiza’s quiet and rural interior. It’s also home to tranquil villages, luxurious retreats for couples and serene beaches which are lined with hotels, bars and shops.

Let’s explore well-known and appealing places to visit in Ibiza:

Ibiza Town: Prettiest Destination on the Island

Overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, this port city is known as Ibiza Town is the largest and most amazing destination to visit. This town is also popular among locals as Eivissa and it features beautifully walled houses, forts and cobblestone streets. Locals call the city Eivissa.

Ibiza Town / Image Credit:

The whole town is distributed into two portions Dalt Vila which is the old town of Ibiza which is dotted with world-class restaurants of bars and Eixample is blessed with some fine architectural building. In Ibiza town, one must visit the Our Lady of the Snows Cathedral which is conceivably the best designs in the entire town.

Es Vedra: Most Magnetic Spot on Earth

Ibiza is known to be the island of mysteries and one of the perfect examples for this is the enchanting island of Es Vedra. Settled just off the coast of Cala d’Hort on the western coast of Ibiza. This island of abandoned rock is considered the third most magnetic spot on earth. Es Vedra is surrounded by mysteries and myths that are sure to lure the traveller to check out this place.

Es Verda Island / Image Credit:

Legends link Es Vedra to Tanit, the universal goddess of the Phoenicians. The island was also where the famed sirens attempted in Homer’s odyssey to lure Odysseus from their boats. You can take Cruises which will bring you up close to Es Vedra and offer wonderful views of the surrounding countryside.

Dalt Vila: Must Visit the UNESCO Heritage site

The highest and oldest part of Ibiza Town is guarded by powerful renaissance castles built by Charles V in the 16th century. The walls were constructed to fend off the threat of attacks by Berber pirates as well as invasion by sovereign forces like the French.

Dalt Villa Ibiza/ Image Credit:

It’s well worth taking a little tour of the fort walls to check out the seven bastions which depict different stories. One of the popular is the Santa Lucia bastion which houses an 18th-century powder magazine and tells marvellous vistas over the old fishing district and the harbour.

Playa d’en Bossa: Longest Beach of Ibiza

In Ibiza maybe there is no better place to visit than Playa den Bossa. This coastal resort spot is extremely appealing for those who want a beachfront all-inclusive holiday. If you come to Ibiza to spend the nightlife, then Playa d’en Bossa is perfect. The area is full of late-night bars and clubs, some of which are right on the beach.

Playa d’en Bossa / Image Credit:

It’s a paradise for the teenage club scene on summer days; you can sleep off the night before under a beach umbrella as soothing, low-tempo music wafts over the shore from beachfront DJs. If you can build up the energy jet skis and paddleboats can be hired next to the beach, and when you get starving there are a lot of places to pick up the food.

Atlantis: Trek to the Mysterious Cove

Atlantis is located in the popular tourist area opposite Es Vedra. Hundreds of years ago the rock was quarried from this place and used to build houses, watch walls and Ibiza towers. When you hit one here you can find various fascinating rock formations. Atlantis is one mysterious cove worth the one-hour long trek that is required to get there.

Atlantis Ibiza / Image Credit:

The abandoned city of Atlantis is also believed to be. There are a large number of caves, cliffs, holes and pools at sea and it’s really something beautiful. After trekking up to the Torre des Savinar pirate watchtower there is a small hike that gives you brilliant rock formation views. At a certain point, the sea flows inside the sand-coloured rocks which create an amazing swimming pool.

Sant Antony de Portmany

Sant Antony de Portmany is one of Ibiza’s most famous towns and it is located on the island’s west coast. It’s one of the most popular tourist resorts in Europe thanks to the brilliant Bay and the spectacular sunsets on the coast of Ses Variades. The part of the harbour promenade of Sant Antoni is the town centre, the Passeig de ses Fonts.

Sant Antony de Portmany / Image Credit:

Here you will witness are big buildings such as the city hall and visitor offices developed around the coast of the beach. The place is lined with trees and fountains that are beautiful in the dark. You can also find several restaurants and cafés that give you a spectacular view of Sant Antoni Bay.

Santa Eulalia del Rio

Santa Eulalia del Rio I lies on the eastern coast of the island. It’s just a quick drive from Ibiza’s main airport and it’s the place for those who want culture and cuisine, besides beaches and scenery. The long promenade that runs along the coast is one of the key attractions to Santa Eulalia del Rio.

Santa Eulalia del Rio / Image Credit:

Lined with palm trees, the promenade allows you to stroll alongside the water and take in views of the beach for miles. In this coastal resort, shopping and cooking facilities prevail over nightlife.

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Las Salinas: Most Iconic Beach in Ibiza

Las Salinas was named after the salt lakes located in the southern part of Ibiza. The crescent of sand and small pine forest lures many travellers towards it. Yes, white-sand beaches, clear waters, good people and great ambience creates amazing vibes for travellers with some and the best beach bars. This ultra-cool beach is for people to chill and the perfect destination for hippies and party lovers.

Las Salinas / Image Credit:

The water is crystal clear, more like the colour of turquoise, and is the best body surfing spot. There are small catamarans where one can relax and enjoy the scenario on the beach. It has a string of restaurants and bars. In the surrounding places, there are some adventure walks too. This is a great place for travellers of all ages.

Cava de Can Marca

Can de Marca caves are located in the northern region of Ibiza island and they are magnificent. It is hidden within a cliff in Port de Sant Miquel de Balansat. Telluric conditions resulted in the making of these caves. Shortly after entering the cave, you can get stunning views. The caves have a golden yellow interior consisting of stalagmites and stalactites after the sunlight has been shining in them.

Cava-d’en-Marca / Image Credit:

The centre is full of water and a regular show of music and light. Two odd colours of caves make it a great tourist destination: the absolute combination of beauty, scariness and colour. From the cave openings, tourists can also see the sea.


Formentera is located just 9 km away from Ibiza and it is known as the Caribbean Island of the Mediterranean Sea. The clearest and most crystalline beaches with the whitest sand and waters will hope that you have described it as one of the most idyllic places in the Balearic Islands.

Formentera Ibiza / Image Credit:

Many think Formentera’s beaches are among the best in the world and when you get there, you’ll think so too. Not only is Formentera perfect for relaxing on the beach and enjoying the sunshine, but it’s also a great place to take a stroll and explore the island. You can find spectacular views from the fields and tops of the cliffs.

Ibiza Cathedral

Ibiza Cathedral is must for everyone Inside the walls is a steep warren of alleys that you’ll have a lot of fun exploring. These are packed with galleries, boutiques, bakeries and local amenities. Charming old squares, such as Plaza de Sa Carrosa & Plaza de la Vila, sometimes. The cathedral, which sits next to a spectacular view over the harbour, is at the very top of the old town. See the gothic intinction of gold and silver dating back to 1399 and the gothic panel paintings of the 14th and 15th centuries.

Relish Delicious Cuisine of Ibiza

The Cuisine of Ibiza is highly influenced by Spanish and Mediterranean flavours. The Mediterranean flavours include a wide range of fish dishes such as Bacalao, hake, swordfish and sole fish which are served with some salads or potatoes commonly. While traditional dishes like gazpacho and paella are totally inspired by Spanish flavours.

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