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Prague – Architectural Beauty of Europe


The capital of the Czech Republic, located in the heart of Europe-Prague is one of the most popular travel destinations. The City of Hundred Spires is the nickname given to this most charming and photogenic city. When compared to other European cities, Prague dominates every city in terms of sheer beauty, architectural and cultural history. Bohemian art, colorful Baroque buildings, ancient sculptures, historical palaces, Gothic churches, bridges and museums make Prague one of the world’s architectural gems.

Dream of every architecture lover, Prague is a complete package for travellers. Divided By the Vltava River, this medieval city offers world-class dining options for every traveller, fantastic beer and top-class shopping centre. Narrow laneways of Prague, Charles bridge on the Vltava river, Prague Castle The climate of Prague in summer and autumn is best to attract tourists towards it.

Prague has many impressive ancient buildings around the city. Our article will guide you through the best which this amazing city has to offer.

So, let’s discover the best places to visit in this enchanting city with some top attractions in Prague.

Discover Most Popular Prague Castle

Renowned all over the world and the city’s most popular tourist attraction in Prague castle. It is the largest ancient castle in the world, as well as one of the most gorgeous. Located at Hradcany, Prague Castle is the official residence of the Czech Republic president. Furthermore, it has been home to all the different Czech heads of state ever since the 9th century.

Discover Most Popular Prague Castle
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Inside the castle premises, there are several of Prague’s most popular tourist sites such as St. Vitus Cathedral, St. George’s Basilica, Old Royal Palace, the Powder Tower, and the Golden Lane. The main highlights of Prague Castle include the main hall of Old Royal Palace, the Vladislav Hall, Royal Garden, the Ball Game Pavilion, the Royal Summer House with its Singing Fountain, and the Lion’s Court. You can also join the classical music concert and workshops held at Prague castle.

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Explore The Old Town Square

Untouched from the 10th century, the Old Town Square is the historical centre of Prague. Europe’s most beautiful sight is Old Town Square. One should start exploring the whole city of Prague from here. Tyn Chruch, the Clementium, Jewish Quarter, Josefov and the National Library are the centre of attraction for tourists visiting this destination.

Old Town Square - Prague

Many architectural buildings and ancient churches belong to the 11th century. Established in 1338, Old Town Hall is located there, which has 5 buildings. The highlights include the Gothic Tower and the ancient Astronomical Building.

Stroll Across Famous Charles Bridge – Prague

Magnificent Charles Bridge is one of the most famous old bridges in Europe. Commissioned in 1357, Charles Bridge is popular for its history, 600 old construction and beautiful ancient statues. The spectacular views over the River Vltava and the structure’s superb Gothic gates are the highlights of the bridge.

Stroll Across Famous Charles Bridge - Prague

Charles IV, the Former Czech king laid the first stone of the bridge at precisely 5.31 am on July 9, 1357. It is believed that Charles IV was so into astrology and numerology that he chose this date because of its written form 135797531 (year, day, month, time). For a memorable experience, we recommend you to visit early morning or late at night to witness the beauty of the bridge.

Get Amaze By Astronomical Clock

The most eye-catching point of Old town Square and the pride of Prague is the ancient Astronomical clock. Placed in 1410 and is now considered the best-preserved medieval mechanical clock in the world. Located on the southern side of the Old Town Hall Tower.


The astronomical clock consists of various parts such as a calendar and astronomical desk for the mechanism of 12 Apostles, which sets them in motion. Each hour, Apostles start the parade when the other placed figures on the side of the clock set in motion. The skeleton rings rotate an hourglass to show the Turk that his lifetime is at the end.

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Romance With Bae At Kampa Island

Located between Prague Castle and Charles Bridge, Kampa Island is best known for its romantic atmosphere. The most beautiful island in the world, Kampa is located in the Malá Strana, i.e., the Lesser Town. The enchanting vibe and best view of many monuments will make you crazy. At Kampa Island, you can visit the museum of modern art- Museum Kampa and you can go for a picnic with friends. Apart from this, You can also go across a small bridge lock your love site popular among lovers. Walk hand in hand with your bae on romantic lanes of Kampa island. Visit the Lennon Wall, a graffiti wall dedicated to the famous Beatles singer, John Lennon. The canal that flows under the Charles Bridge and through Kampa is known as Devil’s Stream.

Witness Wenceslas Square – Prague

People visit Wenceslas Square to get the best nightlife experiences, unlimited alcohol, and to attend fun parties at the club. But there is much more than this, Wenceslas Square has a National Museum and numerous other architectural sites. Created during the reign of Charles IV in the 14th century and also known as Vaclavske Namesti.

Witness Wenceslas Square - Prague

Named after the saint of Bohemia, you can see their statue at Square. Indeed, one of the top free things to do in Prague. You will find the best dining options as well as a great shopping centre at Wenceslas Square.

Admire St. Vitus Cathedral

The most beautiful and largest church of the Czech Republic, St. Vitus Cathedral is a famous Christian Shrine. Located on the grounds of Prague Castle, Saint Vitus is an impressive Gothic architecture built in 1344. It took almost 525 years to complete.

Saint Vitus Cathedral, Via:

Thus it is a mixture of modern Neo-Gothic and 14th-century Gothic styles, along with the Baroque and Renaissance influences. In the past, it was one of the tallest buildings in Prague. The main tower of Cathedral is of height 96.5m. It is home to the tombs of numerous saints and three Bohemian kings.

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Shockingly Look At The Dancing House

Dancing House is the most amazing modern architectural creation of Prague. Nationale Nederlanden is the official name of Dancing House. Designed by Frank Gehry in the new Baroque style and became one of the most photographed buildings of the city. Dancing House consists of two towers that resemble two dancers.


The male tower is a cement tower that connects to an oscillating section and is headed by a metal structure. On the other hand, the female tower is made of glass and carved pillars. The top floor consists of Ginger & Fred restaurant from there; you can witness the magnificent view of Vltava River.

National Theatre For Art Freaks

Prime theatre stage of the Czech Republic, the National Theater, is a must-visit for art lovers and performers. This theatre is the best example of Neo-Renaissance architecture in Prague. Established in 1881 and designed by a Czech architect for promoting the Czech culture and language.


Perched on the bank of Vltava river, National Theatre has magnificent exterior and interior carved with Bohemian crystals and central stage of black marble. Furthermore, this stunning theatre exhibits the country’s top opera, ballet, drama and dance performances. Tourists will get to know the cultural significance by visiting this theatre.

Explore Prague Zoo

Ranks among the top zoological park in the world, Prague Zoo is one of the top tourist attractions of the city. Opened in 1931, this Zoo is famous for a family outings, especially with kids. As younger kids can play in large playgrounds, take pony rides and can feed the animal.

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Prague Zoo has more than 4,200 animals of which 650 species are close to extinction. Also, many endangered animals like Przewalski’s horse were saved here. The other highlights include a chairlift ride, a huge giraffe exhibition and the steamy tropical forest. If you want, you can join the educational workshop too at Zoo.

So if you are seriously planning for a Europe visit please come here and must visit all the above places.

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