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Explore Lviv- The Oldest City in Ukraine


Visiting Ukraine is one of the exciting trips you can plan. You can begin with Lviv, which happens to be the country’s cultural capital. One of the interesting facts you can find out about Lviv. You can see people speak more of the national language here than in the rest of Ukraine. The vibes of this place are like any other European city. You could expect the place filled with history, amazing architecture, among the numerous things. You will find to do so many things in Lviv when you visit Ukraine.

The best part of visiting this region is getting to check out the interesting places without spending much. It’s a great place to explore for backpackers because of the excellent facilities for sightseeing. You could avoid the crowded months. If you like to enjoy your time around the place without bustling tourists all around. There are several reasons people love to visit Ukraine. It is a nondescript city because most tourist attractions are concentrated in one area, within walking distance of each other. You need not have hire transportation or tire yourself to reach them. Thus making a very suitable location for family trips.

When you visit Ukraine in Lviv, some places that may need transport and reaching them using tram lines is possible. You can punch your location and stamp your ticket on an age-old machine. It is still found in Lviv with the lever in the middle of the tram. Those who want better modes of travel could hire a taxi and reach your place of destination.

Museum of Folk Architecture and Lebensunterhalt

It is one of the most enthralling ballet theatres in Europe when you visit Ukraine, designed by the most talented architect Zygmunt Gorgolewski. The structure got made of limestone and sandstone with a solid concrete foundation to prevent any damage caused by the frequent flooding in the region. The seating seems divided into parterre, theatre loges and three balconies. The theatre has an extraordinary repertoire of  46 operettes, 43 operas and dramatic play that gave great impetus to art.

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The ‘Glory’ statue has a story of its own, which states that a well-known gynecologist and obstetrician passed by the statue and stated the sculpture represented a pregnant woman in her fourth month of pregnancy. There seemed a bet placed on the fact, and it turned out there that the model the sculptor used was actually pregnant at that time and was four months due.

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The Potocki Palace

Suppose you want to check out the neo-renaissance architecture of the late 19th century when you visit Ukraine. In that case, this is the place to be, as you will see, that not only the palace’s entrance mesmerizes the visitors with its ornamental metal gate, but the structure beholds the majestic grandeur of yesteryears till date. With its unique name, the Potocki place has fascinating reliefs, mouldings, murals, and stained glass windows, which are an architectural marvel.

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The interiors are equally charming, with artificial marble usage and gilded bronze used for the fireplace. The palace houses a chapel with Virgin Mary on the first floor. The second floor seems explicitly dedicated to the Lviv art gallery when you visit Ukraine, wherein you can see the best works of the 14th to 18th century.

The Armenian Quarter

The Armenians got constantly attacked by several invaders, making them flee to a safer haven, one of them being Lviv in Ukraine. Naming their new home as the Armenian quarter brought their rich culture and Christian tradition with them. They tried to revive their lost inheritance in the new homeland by recreating the Armenian Cathedral in Lviv when you visit Ukraine, symbolizing their love for the historic Ani in Armenia. The cathedral got made from cut stone modeled after a famous cathedral from their hometown Ani.

It has an arcaded gallery with a dome held together by hollow ribs made from earthenware jugs. In the later years, the cathedral has had significant changes with a revision in the decore, which now has elaborate neo-baroque decorative elements. When you visit this beautifully crafted cathedral, you will get to admire the one and only eastern sacral architecture fused with gothic inspiration.

Lychakiv cemetery

Visitors won’t be visiting a typical cemetery with graves of people dead and gone. But you will find monumental sculptures guarding several graves, which turns a somber place into an open-air art exhibition. The life-like statues have gotten crafted with painstaking details. It was the resting place which you get to see when you visit Ukraine for the upper-middle class in the 17th century.

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many eminent personalities’ dead remains seem found in the cemetery viz. poets, scientists, artists, etc., many of these sculptures were destroyed by the Soviet Union after the second world war. A few remain untouched and perhaps remain so after the place got declared as a historical monument when you visit Ukraine. The graves of modest people also seem dotted within the prominent ones, and you will even find a place dedicated to war memorials.

Italian Courtyard

Now that you want to move around the famous Rynok square in Lviv when you visit Ukraine, you surely come across the Italian Courtyard. The structure pays homage to the Italian renaissance, wherein you capture the beauty of the three tiers in the arches. You get to view the massive columns holding onto the slender ones giving it a graceful appearance.  The structure has three floors with an open terrace. It has a great history attached to it, making it all the more interesting to pay a visit. The entire Courtyard is a part of the elaborate Kornyyakt house by a wealthy Greek merchant.

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You will be fascinated to know that the most famous resident of the house, Jan III Sobieski was the famous personality who swore an eternal peace allegiance when there was a division of Ukraine, Poland and Russia in this very building which now bears historical significance. There are different sculptures in the Courtyard with various amusing stories behind them. When you visit Ukraine, check out the Italian Courtyard, you can gorge on the finest Italian dishes relaxing on antique furniture.

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Lviv is known to be a city of legends. You can find out why when visiting this amazing place that houses 60 museums and 104 cathedrals. Every place you check in Lviv has the old world charm with its winding cobbled streets and tiny courtyards. The entire town looks to have kept centuries-old secrets within its medieval walls when you visit Ukraine. The place leaves an enchanting spell on you before you say goodbye!

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