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Ukraine – The Largest European Country With An Unique Past


European countries are known for splendid tourist destinations. Majestic architectures of Cathedrals and Churches, Monastery and tombs have a thousand stories to unravel. There will be fewer people that we know who aren’t keen on going for a vacation to one of the European countries.
We have already covered a lot among them, but Ukraine is the one on our plate this time. Today at India Imagine we will be discussing the best travel destinations across Ukraine.

Kyiv – The capital city

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Kyiv is the capital city of Ukraine and also a prominent pilgrimage center to many people. The 11th century St. Sophia’s Cathedral and St. Andrew’s Church are the finest examples of architectural eminence. The Motherland monument is one place that tourists visit to pay tribute to the history of Ukraine and the
Second World War memorial. The Golden Gate and Kyiv-Caves are the epitome to know more about the past of the country, probably going way back to the medieval period.

Destination in a nutshell: Museum, historical places and Cathedrals

Lviv – The city with historical significance

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Lviv is also a place that showcases the history of Ukraine to its utmost prominence. With a renowned Renaissance Square, a castle that lures, and Cathedrals marking back to the medieval periods, the city has a long story to tell. The Lviv National Academia Opera is located at the heart of the Old City. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Lychakiv Cemetery is filled with greenery and gives a close connection to nature.

Destinations in a nutshell: Renaissance Square, Castle and Opera house.

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Odesa – The port city of Ukraine

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Odesa is the quite popular port city of Ukraine and knows for more famous tourist destinations. The catacombs and beaches are also the main sources of attraction in the city. Potemkin Stairs is a city symbol built in the year 1841. There are cafes and restaurants at Derybasivska street for hang-out parties. And if you are into a serious shopping mode, then you better get straight to Privoz Market as there is a general market to take care of your shopping instinct.

Destination in a nutshell: Market, cafes, port and landmarks.

Kharkiv – The city of art and culture

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This is a perfect spot for spending quality time with family. The city has everything that needs a family vacation. There are the Main Square and Natural fountain called Mirror Stream that gets to know the architectural explorations. There are two major parks and a zoo to spend some fun time with kids. The Feldman Eco park is entry fee-free and the water park has a minimal amount of entry fee to go with.

Destination in a nutshell: Parks and cultural places.

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Chernivtsi – Western Ukraine City

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This city is growing in a fast-forward phase. Chernivtsi is the hub of education as the main National University is located at the heart of the city. The city has the best Museum to feast the art lovers in you. The best part is the Sun Valley, a ski resort that is quite family-friendly with a good dining area and several things for entertainment. Tourists often visit the Jewish Cemetery that looks nothing like any normal cemetery.

Destination in nutshell: Ski resort, Jewish Cemetery and museums.

Dnipro – The city that looks into the future

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Dnipro is a city that is quite developed. The major attraction that makes tourists rush here is Rocket park. This city has everything for everyone, museums and monuments for art and culture lovers, scenic parks and zoo for family historical significance fortress and buildings for history lovers. This place is perfect if you want to know about traditional Ukraine in a close way.

Destination in a nutshell: Menorah Center, History Museum and Missiles.

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Uzhhorod – The city of Castle and Folklore

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Uzhhorod is mainly known for Castles and giant buildings. There is quite a fascinating botanical garden in the center of the city. Also, the Bozdish park has trails for walking and jogging amidst the green nature. The Museum of folk architecture gives you an avid experience from the open-air museum. The city is calm and surreal and it can be better to collect your thoughts and get back to a stress buster way of tourism.

Destination in a nutshell: Castles and greenery

Chernobyl – A city with a painful past

Chernobyl Monument
Chernobyl Monument: Image Credit/

Is there anyone out there who has no idea of the Chernobyl disaster, the catastrophic that hit in form of a nuclear accident? There is a monument in Chernobyl that is completely dedicated to “those who saved the world”. The heroes literally gave up their lives to save the world from further disaster. So it will be a noble act to visit the site a pay tribute to the people.

Destination in a nutshell: The monument dedicated for the heroes.

Ukraine is a place safe for tourists that lists 11th in rank in terms of peace and calm. People often love the versatility of the country and the uniqueness of the people. In the future whenever you are looking for a unique European country to look upon, Ukraine is the one!

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