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Explore Sintra to Experience the Fairyland of Portugal


Sintra isn’t only a romantic destination to explore the fairyland of Portugal but it’s one of the world’s most charming towns. Sintra is one of the cities of Portugal which is brimming with wizardry and magnificence. It resembles entering a heartfelt domain where glorious royal residences, a fantasy palace and superb chateaus rise out of the lavish slopes and lush green mountains.

Let’s dive into the romantic fairyland of Portugal with this article. Here is the list of top tourist attractions of Sintra for you to guide for your travel journey.

1. Praia da Ursa emerges as the fairyland of Portugal

Romantic elopement destination Praia da Ursa, Sintra
Romantic elopement destination Praia da Ursa, Sintra / Image credit:

Praia da Ursa is the most tremendous seashores you’ll at any point visit and is on that indented shoreline you can see from the cape. Ursa (bear) seashore is found 1 km north of Cape Roca. The name is because of two stone architecture which is naturally existed in the water, called Bear and Giant. You can likewise enjoy a cascade and a little cavern at Ursa Creek. Ursa creek is another add-on topping to this fairyland of Portugal.

2. Initiation well

Sintra is roosted on the property of Quinta da Regaleira, the Initiation Well is such a lot of like-covered pinnacles that are covered up underground. You will feel so unique to see the fairyland of Portugal comprises so many hidden gems and this Initiation Well is one of the beautiful pieces of art which define the real romantic feeling of Portugal.

Initiation Well, Sintra
Initiation Well, Sintra / Image credit:

It is one of its most captivating highlights is situated underneath the ground with a couple of wells spiraling profoundly inside the earth. The wells were rarely utilized, nor expected for water assortment. Close to the manicured nurseries and ridge manors of Sintra, Portugal, lies the fantasy home of Quinta da Regaleira. Ensured inside a Unesco World Heritage scene, Quinta da Regaleira is a postcard-ideal blend of Gothic, Egyptian, Moorish and Renaissance design. Once you will visit here, you can’t stop your feet to move and explore more about this place.

3. Park and National Palace of Pena

The National Palace of Pena stands apart as the prestigious gem in the crown of the Sintra Hills. The encompassing park, the enchanted character of the royal residence, triggers feelings of secret romanticism of this fairyland of Portugal. This is one of the illustrations of nineteenth-century Romanticism and the main component in the Cultural Landscape of the Sintra World Heritage Site.

Alyson Haley travel blogger Sintra Portugal Pena palace
Alyson Haley travel blogger Sintra Portugal Pena palace / Image credit:

As though having gotten out of a fantasy, this has been the spot of dreams for all the age who have passed here and looked at its wonderfulness. In 1995, the royal residence and the remainder of the Cultural Landscape of Sintra were included in a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

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4. Quinta da Regaleira

Staggering heartfelt style castle and sanctuary set in parkland will blow your mind once you visit this amazing fairyland of Portugal. This is one of the happening places of Sintra which includes lakes, grottoes, wells and wellsprings. Quinta da Regaleira is a blend of extravagant, gothic-style houses and a set of similarly interesting grounds which is the center point of Sintra. With the guidance of famous Italian planner Luigi Manini, he designed the manor and encompassing home into the charming spot we see today.

Quinta da regaleira, Sintra
Quinta da regaleira, Sintra / Image credit:

Quinta da Regaleira is a royal residence in Sintra that was underlying the twentieth century. It is additionally one of the many UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Portugal. So don’t miss the chance to visit this place and spend some relaxing moments with your loved one. 

5. Praia Grande

Praia Grande is likely the nearest seashore from Sintra. The name signifies as  “Huge seashore” and while the seashore isn’t huge, it is the greatest on the Sintra on  Cascais coast, equaled exclusively by Guincho as far as size.

Aschaaa photography destination wedding photographer Portugal
Aschaaa photography destination wedding photographer Portugal / Image credit:

One of the interesting facts about this seashore is  Praia Grande is one of the biggest saltwater pools in Europe at more than 100 meters long and possessed by the Hotel das Arribas. Another fact of fascination is that you will see dinosaur fossils which are found on the Beach’s south precipice. It is rarely found on the earth. This is the beach is not just to relax but also to explore more scientifically with ancient proof of existence. Your body and mind will get a chance to discover more about this beach once you hit the land. Sintra is not only a romantic land but also comprises lots of fossils to discover.

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6. Ancient Duck Houses at Park of Pena

Pena Palace is one of those objections which existing as a  supernatural to even consider trusting it’s genuine. Ruler Ferdinand had designed this remarkable palace that was so overflowing and fantastical he presented the architecture which suits environmental factors. This place is separated into a few gardens and finished zones passing structures, little enriching structures, water highlights like cascades, lakes, and wellsprings.

Ancient Duck Houses
Ancient Duck Houses / Image credit:

Strolling on cobblestone makes you feel like you’re strolling into a fantasy, but you can smell the blossoms and contact those ethereal subtleties. In case you’re anyplace near Sintra in your movements through this fairyland of Portugal, don’t pass up visiting this unimaginable spot.

7. Sintra Mountain

Sintra Mountains are also known to be Portuguese Serra De Sintra is situated at the side of western Portugal. If you are a mountain lover these mountains of Sintra will catch your heart to hike once in a lifetime. The region on the mountain is brimming with tidal ponds and lush green forests.

Sintra Mountain
Sintra Mountain / Image credit:

Arriving near the Sintra Mountain is a Feeling like a fantasy world the entirety of its own. Your experience to visit this amazing fairyland of Portugal is incomplete without exploring Sintra Mountain.

8. Portugal nature trail

Discover this amazing fairyland of Portugal through hiking and cycling in Sintra. Sintra is yet another destination of Europe for adventure lovers which magnetizes many tourists to visit every year. This place is not only encompassed with natural lush green beauty but also with royal residences shrouded at Coastal Trails.

Portugal nature trail
Portugal nature trail / Image credit:

Check out the valleys full of restaurants where you can delight your smell with perfect dine and wines. The grape manure is the most acclaimed wine district of Portugal with Douro Vineyards Hike. What else any adventure lover needs after enjoying hiking will get some delicious food to taste.

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9. Sintra Tram

The old streetcars are as heartfelt and exquisite as anyone might think possible and the plunge from the slopes gives a chance to photographers to capture this authentic beauty of this fairyland of Portugal. Sintra trams join Sintra to Colares, through the Serra, along a quiet course finishing at Praia das Maçãs.

Sintra Tram
Sintra Tram / Image credit:

If you’re in Sintra try these trams that will take around 45 minutes, with stops at six objections along the way.  Although there are some fascinating spots along the path this will make you feel like traveling through ancient times. At last, your travel experience to Sintra would not complete without these trams.


There is maybe no place in Sintra which has caught the minds of tourists, artists and rulers for this mysterious fairyland of Portugal. For Romans Sintra was known to be Mountains of the Moon and scenes of this place are unquestionably powerful. Thus, Sintra is the junction of amazing ley lines where this land is designed with exceptional attractive palaces, trails and beaches.

I hope you loved this article on Sintra, Portugal.

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