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Some of The Most Scenic Valleys of The World You Need to Visit


When you climb atop snow-clad mountains glistening in the snow or their rocky counterparts or the slopes with terraced peaks sure have a tale to tell. The valley below with rivers making their way in snake-like fashion or winding their way up in gorge wherein beautiful waterfalls making rainbows in the distance. These amazing natural wonders are scattered worldwide, some of which happen to be the most visited valleys that have caught the fascination of every tourist.

The valley of ten peaks in Canada

The valley has two beautiful glacier lakes that happen to flow from the middle of the continental divide. You could go hiking on this route which has distinctly marked signs and maps, to get into the Larch valley trail leading towards the Eiffel lake. Hikers who want to continue can go on to Moraine Lake as you pass the stunning ten peaks.

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The Valley of Ten Peaks in Canada/Image Credit:

The Wenkchemna pass trail also goes through the Yoho national park. You could get a certified mountain guide and plan an exploration trip of the ten peaks. You could also opt for a privately guided tour and get an opportunity to see nature’s marvel while hiking through the mixed terrain.

Lotschental Valley in Switzerland

The untouched valley is known for certain myths and legends that the indigenous people still believe in and the folklore continues as long as the valley lives. You could plan for a mountain tour or get on a hiking trail through the pristine valley. For those into adventure can try their hand at skiing as well on the Lauchern Alp.

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Lotschental Valley in Switzerland/Image Credit:

A tourist could get a bird’s view of the glaciers and the valley below when using the cable car, two chair lifts to get to the Lauchemalp, giving you the scope to check 40 mountain summits ranging 4000 meters. You still find the authentic villages in the valley that are a big draw for visitors.

Kalalau Valley of USA

It is a pristine hideaway that can blow your mind. The valley has fluted peaks known as the Kaua’i’s cathedral surrounding by the world’s greatest wonders. Those who love to hike can pick the beginning point from Ke’e Beach. You can camp in the valley to get a real-life adventure and check out the hidden paths in the rainforest. Lying on the oceanside, hearing the waves crash on the beach is another option.

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Kalalau Valley of USA One of The Hardest Hiking Trails in The World/ Image Credit:

If you are taking the hiking route to the Hanakapi beach, check out the weather, avoid the rapids raising the water levels, be careful especially on the Crawler’s Ledge, which is an extremely narrow path hugging the mountains and dropping off steeply to the tumultuous see below. You could either check out the landscape by boat or helicopter. You could check out nature’s glory from different perspectives.

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Jiuzhaigou Valley in China

You might get the most fairytale-like feeling as you enter Jiuzhaigou valley. The karst formations in the valley have given birth to a spectacular jagged mountain range below that making blue, purple-hued pools, lakes and waterfalls. These get particularly found on limestone terraces and caves in the valley.

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Jiuzhaigou Valley in China/ Image Credit:

The region hosts ecosystems that inhabit old forest growth, also home to Panda and Takin. The mountains also provide a scenic view of the quaternary glacial remnants. Autumn is the best time to visit the valley. You get to see the mixed forest in palettes of green, yellow, orange and red, making the landscape look like a colorful canvas.

Romsdalen Valley in Norway

As you reach the Romsdalen valley, you will be engulfed by the towering mountains, majestically standing tall on the valley floor where the Rauma river flows, which eventually runs into a deep gorge resulting in a Slettafossen waterfall. Many rock-climbing enthusiasts have tried their hand at Romsdal mountains.

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Romsdalen Valley in Norway/Image Credit:

These valleys have some of the world’s challenging climbs, especially the Trollvegggan, which happens to be Europe’s tallest vertical, overhanging rock face being the main tourist attraction. Since Norway is known for the aurora, this is the best place to view it, especially on a starry night.

Valley of Geysers in Russia

For those travelers who love to hike, these valleys provide the right avenue to test your skills. It is the most compact territory compared to other valleys, with 50 thermal springs and 40 geysers found in the world. There is a Troynoy waterfall  and Verkhny geyer on the riverbed. The Geysemoy lake found on this protected site has the concretion of geysers and thermal springs.

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Valley of Geysers in Russia/ Image Credit:

This amazing feature allows you to observe the high-temperature water, which is boiling at different levels as it flows. This has led to hot mud pots, stream vents and geysers. You actually get to see a river valley with two thermal fields containing pulsating springs to large geysers.

Douro River Valley in Portugal

An amazing place for curious travelers’ bucket list popular for being the oldest demarcated wine region. The valley has breathtaking views of the terraced vineyards with the curvy river on one side. The unique landscape is considered one of the ‘crowned jewels’ of Portugal. The green hilltops serve as excellent viewpoints. Those who want to go on a romantic boat ride on the Duro river can get to enjoy the scenic beauty better. If you stay back, you could even try a hand at canoeing and kayaking. The picturesque background is like thousand pictures in one place with beautiful birds for a company like the black stork, Egyptian Vulture, Griffon Vulture and many others.

La Gran Sabana in Venezuela

When traveling to this region, you will be fascinated to find out that it has the most unusual landscapes in the world, known for its highest waterfalls, such as the Angel Falls and Salto Kukenam. There are deep gorges and fast-flowing rivers found in Gran Sabana. The valleys are deep and vast, with impenetrable jungles and savannas—home to a diverse set of animals and vegetation.

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La Gran Sabana in Venezuela/ Image Credit: outsider. ie

You could find an isolated tabletop mesa called Tepuis. The savannas have rocky and sandy soil, whereas the higher elevated valley dense jungle vegetation. The Gran Sabana has randomly distributed ancient massifs eroded in tabular form. The plateaus of the Gran Sabana have a maximum height of more than 9000 ft above sea level.

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Picking some of the best valleys could be heartbreaking because every one of the valleys is a natural wonder which has some amazing scenic value that is hard to describe. The valleys mentioned above are the most captivating and one of the incredible places one could visit. So plan your next vacay on a valley trip.

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