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Plan a Trip of Seville, Spain This Valentine Season


Romantic ambience, doing Flamenco dance with your partner, holding hand in hand and strolling on the European street while admiring the Moorish Buildings is the dream of many couples. You and your bae want to undergo the same experience this Valentine season? Then Europe is calling you and if you are from Europe then a small trip of Seville, Spain is must this time. Seville is a hidden gem of Spain.

Know more about Seville and learn why couples should visit once this exquisite location in their lifetime.

A Quick Overview of Seville

Welcome to one of the most charming & largest cities in Spain. Seville is the capital of the Andalusia region. What made it famous is its dance Flamenco from where it gets highlighted across the world. But apart from it, this Spanish capital is also globally renowned for its Mudejar, Gothic and Renaissance architecture, its culture, folklore.

Seville City Top view, Spain / Image Credit:

It inventive heritage such as the awesome cathedral, the Giralda tower, the magical Barrio of Santa Cruz with its narrow streets, the Maestranza bullfighting ring and the fragrance of orange blossoms on every corner, amazing food options, good ambience for relaxation has made Seville an exotic honeymoon location. So couples, when you visit in this, is sun-soaked Spanish city get lost wandering the tiny streets of Barrio Santa Cruz which are dotted with orange trees filled plazas.

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Then admire the largest Gothic cathedral in the world and its Moorish-Christian tower from a terrace bar. There is so much to adore and cherish here that single trip won’t be sufficient for you!

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Let’s check out some of the things which you can do at Seville with your bae and also check out popular destination which you can visit during your trip.

Popular Things to do & Top Attractions to Visit at Seville

Tour Iconic Seville Cathedral

No trip to Seville is complete without visiting the Cathedral. Seville Cathedral is often known as the Cathedral of Saint Mary of the See. This Cathedral is one of the city’s most beloved landmarks. The tomb of Christopher Columbus and several past royals can also be seen here.

Seville Cathedral / Image Credit:

This Roman Catholic cathedral is listed under the UNESCO World Heritage site and is the world’s largest Gothic cathedral. You can visit any day as the cathedral is open every day for tourist activities.

Explore Plaza de Espana

The Plaza de Espana is another magnificent landmark which you must visit. It is located in central Seville and established in the 20th century. The Plaza Espana reflect the best architectural design in the city. This square’s scale impresses every traveller. A water feature with fountains and shaded pavilions run through the square which is the highlight for couples here.

Plaza Espana Seville / Image Credit:

You have seen Plaza de Espana in many Hollywood movies such as Star Wars. You can attend many live shows here for some entertainment. So sit down calmly and or stand near the railing and enjoy the light performances and music shows organised in the evening.

Dine With Bae at Barrio Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz is probably the heart core of the whole trip to Seville. It is one of the most beautiful ‘Barrios’ in the whole of Spain. We mentioned above the Cathedral and the Real Alcazar, a palace with gardens is situated here only.

Barrio Santa Cruz / Image Credit:

You need many hours to stroll and to explore this beautiful neighbourhood. Also, you can visit many bars or hop many shops too and purchase handicrafts and ceramic stuff to collect as a memory with you.

Snap Pictures at Royal Real Alcazar

If you’re a fan of “Game of Thrones,” you’ll immediately recognize the Real Alcázar de Sevilla. This Mudejar jewel of Seville is a UNESCO-listed palace which is mostly on the to-do list of every Game of Throne Lovers. Constructed in the 7th century for the King Peter of Castile, a Christian king. Some position of this Royal Alcazar complex is still in use by the Spanish Royal family. The coffered ceilings, ornate archways and stunning gardens capture a feeling of opulence that is only slightly ruined by the bustling crowds. This incredible royal palace is worth a visit. You can still see blends of the unique cultures and design here.

Adore City Views From the Giralda Tower

The Giralda was once a minaret of a mosque that stood on the site of the Seville Cathedral, but now it’s cathedral’s bell tower and it’s open to you to climb. In addition to the stunning views from the tower, the Giralda is also an excellent example of Seville’s unique architectural styles: You can spot Moorish, Spanish, and even Roman influences. Admission to the tower is included as part of your ticket to visit the cathedral.

Enjoy Boating at Parque de Maria Luisa

Maria Luisa is the largest park of Seville and popular among couples for a perfect romantic stroll, boating with bae, and clicking snaps with the majestic building. Parque de Maria Luisa is a huge area of nature in Seville.

Maria Luísa Seville / Image Credit:

You can find an aquarium around it and the Museum of Famous Art and Traditions. Large sculptures and mosaics, with plenty of benches shaded by large trees, are scattered around the park. In cafes and bars along the main road through the park, you may often pause for enjoying a delightful drink.

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Admire the Magnificient Metropol Parasol

Metropol Parasol is a wooden modern architectural landmark that looks majestic in Seville’s Old Town. Built like a series of giant treehouses in the form of mushrooms, you can walk over them and get some classic city views, particularly at night. You still feel linked to the city at a height of 30 metres.

Metropol Parasol Seville / Image Credit:

During the building of Metropol Parasol, as well as a nice little market selling fresh produce, head down to the basement level to explore ancient Roman and Moorish remains found. Located in Regina, with lots of tapas bars and trendy restaurants nearby, the whole area is perfect for dining.

Food to Relish Here at Seville

Savour tapas at Alameda de Hercules at Seville which is quite popular here. You can enjoy delicious food at Mercado Lonja del Barranco which is a casual dining spot on Seville’s riverside. You’ll find a full range of Spanish seafood, cured meats and tapas, along with Japanese noodles and Italian pasta.

Connectivity of Sevilla

Sevilla is well connected to Madrid by the Spanish high-speed train AVE. The city also has an international airport and you can hire cars at Seville airport to visit other cities. Enjoy your visit to Seville.

When to visit: Seville is known for its steamy-hot summers and mild winters thus it is essential to check the conditions. But in February, couples can enjoy the cold weather.

Bottom Line

So your virtual journey comes to an end. Yes, it quite offbeat but the trip of this city is must till when you will close beach locations. There’s no chance of you getting bored in this Andalusian city. It is a city full of life and possibilities. exotic flamenco rhythms never fail to charm and seduce.

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